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Welcome to the group for heterosexual shipfics and clopfics.

I'm going to be blunt and point out this group is not intended to be homophobic, and it shouldn't be interpreted as such.

All stories submitted must be a fiction where the main focus is of a romantic and/or sexual relationship between two characters of the opposite gender. Other shipping / romance (including F/F and M/M) can be present, as long as the spotlight of the fic is on the F/M pair.
-Group Rules

This group is a place where readers and authors alike can gather to submit and share fictions which involve M/F shipping. We welcome all fictions which are focused on a male & female pairing, and we would love to see more on Fimfiction. If you want to suggest ideas, discuss your favorite pairing, or just say "Hey!" then feel free to use the forums. Anyone can start a thread, and all you need to get started is to take a quick gander at the rules which are linked below.

Please note the Group Rules

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I'm kind of surprised there isn't a folder for Brad

Have you considered creating a folder for Zecora?

How come you don't have a folder for Cheerilee?

Wait question does it have to full on romance story?

Late to the party here, but to be honest I have never been into romance in any form of media, I don't mind a story having a romantic arc as long as it is not the main focus of the story or the story can still work without the arc. However if I am going to read one, I would rather it be straight romance and on top of that, it has to be well written, nothing like Fifty Shades of Grey or the Twilight saga. Now I have nothing against gays myself, but I am so sick of seeing all of main six with mane six shipping and f/f shipping, mostly because it is all you ever see in some cases. As everyone else has said, it is overused and I find it rather lazy. I am also not crazy about it because I am sure that the show is not going to highlight it on very much,

Wait... Can it be straight shipping, but with a human male and pony female???

I appreciate this very much. Rainbow Dash has suffered enough, being shipped with all her friends, poor girl :heart:

I'm so glad that this exists

388654 Same for me. I have nothing against gays but I am not interested in reading stories with LGBT themes.

400459 I know what you mean.


Hey guys and gals, there's a new group that needs members!
Who to Ship is a small group (at the moment) but it is devoted to ship experimentation.
Check it out and get involved! :rainbowwild:

In case any of you have a skype, I opened a Flash Sentry fan group on it.

If you wish to join copy and paste this link skype:?chat&blob=kQQXh_16GNi_bFSio22ELYPCnigpb7IUJ9BPB1BU4l19OetR1YoBAjKmABIdaX6Q0zVPjRhrBcdi On the skype text bar and click it.
Also, I have an ask blog for Vinyl and Flash which can be found here

388661 To each his own, but the whole mare x mare (Especially M6 x M6) thing is getting extraordinarily cliche. I try to avoid those kind of fics because I'm somewhat tired of them showing up on the 'new stories' list and such.

Again, to each his own, but it's definitely not my slice of cake if you know what I mean. :applejackunsure:

This group is great! I'll add my CheesePie and SoarinDash fics in here :twilightsmile:

I view yuri shipping in the MLP fandom the same way I view yaoi shipping in Kingdom Hearts; I acknowledge it’s there and good majority of the fandom ships it…But it has no effect on me. I do not care about it in any way. And to be perfectly honest…a lot of ships in both categories are overrated and kind of boring in my less than humble opinion.

So, yeah. Kudos to all you guys.

I hate the fact that, just because a new stallion is cute,that mean , must be gay :ajbemused:.
The same with the mares.If one of them is a tomboy,she's automatically lesbian.This isn't just annoying,but also an insult to the straight tomboys girls :trixieshiftleft:.
I'm not against gay or lesbians ,i just can't understand the fact that people ,before, ship them for make understand to the others that a lesbian/gay couple is the same love of a straight couple and now is because it is mainstream and because the straight ship are hated :facehoof:

388661 I can understand you, I wasn't too found it it either just a few weeks ago.

388589 Fair point. Because of that, gay shipping actually doesn't bother me that much. I still hold no interest in homosexual shipping, however, so I won't be reading any of those fics.

I appreciate this club you know that?:twilightsmile: Gay shipping is fine for those who enjoy it but....I don't:scootangel:

So thank you:yay:

  • Viewing 184 - 203 of 203