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Happy Day Before Independence Day! · 1:11am Jul 4th, 2019

Happy 3rd of July! I hope you enjoy tomorrow's festivities.
But in the midst of your celebrations, don't forget what that day represents. In 1776, there were people who stood up for economic freedom, social freedom and religious freedom, and took up arms against a tyrannical monarchy. Because of their bravery, America is one of the freest nations in the world.
So please, enjoy the 4th of July. But don't forget the people that made it possible. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡²

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Yes. Under the name 'A Cold Heart'

Are you still interested in being an Editor? But not for MLP Fan fictions. I'm working on a large TF2 Fan fiction and I desperately need an Editor.

Comment posted by UndeadSketches deleted Jul 18th, 2017
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