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Flash Sentry, whether human or pony, is far from a lot of people's favorite character. Among tons of background and side character in the wide cast of Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls he's gotten some of the worst treatment for flaws visible in other characters, too. Despite this, his canonical character is one of a friendly high schooler and young stallion serving in an empire out of time.

This is a group for stories that show Flash Sentry being a decent human being or equine. He doesn't have to be perfect or heroic, just having him as a primary or secondary character being a chill guy works. Stories where Flash learns to better himself, reflects upon meta-flaws, and does his best to be there for his magical horse girl friends are all welcome in this group.

Anyone and everyone who just wants a collection of stories ultimately about Flash Sentry being a decent human being (because I guess there really wasn't a group for that) might want to check something in here out!

Here's a similar group about Flash Sentry being treated decently.


  1. All site rules apply here.
  2. You don't have to be a big fan of Flash Sentry to contribute. Or like him too much. Maybe you're his biggest fan. I dunno. All you have to do is want to see stories that show him being an alright person. Seriously.
  3. Stories should generally go in one folder, and titles of folders should offer some idea of what's inside. Don't stress too much about it.
  4. Mature stories are allowed, just keep them in the mature folder and make sure they have a story to offer.
  5. Stories can be about Flash as a human or as a pony.
  6. Stories that aren't focused on Flash Sentry or don't have him tagged are okay, he just needs to be a significant supporting cast member at the least.

Hello and welcome to a group where Flash Sentry isn't the bane of the earth.

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It seems to work fine for me.

Uh, I just joined and I'm trying to submit a story into the Flash Sentry the Hero folder, but I can't? Help please?

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