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Military is a hard subject to get right. Military isn't just an "army", its the countries' entire defense force separated into different branches, and it is very complex. Traditions, technology and ranks can easily become wrong. So, with this problem in hand, I started a group that has one purpose.

The purpose is that we want you to make the military in your story accurate. We want to free all the knots in the complex subject and make it simple while at the same time being accurate. Although most of the fanfics here have the United States Military as the focus, it isn't rare to have a different military pop up, like Russia and the United Kingdom, so we include that as well.

So, take a gander at our forum and read some of the threads that we post that should help you with your military research. If you are knowledgeable in a particular subject, then write a thread about the subject (make sure you tag it though). We will also house some of the best-researched real military fanfics on here. So, welcome to the Military Handbook.

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353461 love you too, eh.

353458 That's why I love that picture, eh. :trollestia:


>Says canadian army


353453 What is this aircraft you speak of? Sounds like heresy, eh. :trollestia:

353447 :/ That is clearly air force. Get your facts straight. You can start by going through the forum, so you can see the difference between an aircraft, and everyone else who actually does work for a living. :derpytongue2:

OH THANK CELESTIA I am writing a story about two ponies who end up in the "Air Force" academy. thank goodness for good timing.:yay:

So, currently doing training with the Canadian Forces, but when I get spare time, I can right up a segment on voice procedure.

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