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This group has been re-purposed for coordination needs only. No actual role-playing is to take place here. It is to be used as an organization tool for operating off-site games.

Despite the name, this group does not undertake the planning of military based games alone; indeed, any kind of game can be played. Also, any member of the group can create their own games to play with the community and do not need permission to do so; only that they follow a few basic rules such as not stealing ideas, ensuring it's organized, and the other common sense rules.

In terms of group rules, there are a few. As this is a group for gaming, there won't really be any stories, while the threads will provide the main way of linking up to the proper areas for undertaking the games. Because of this, do not post any random/pointless threads; in fact, be careful about posting anything not related to the main topic. Other than that, there's the basic rules of a group that I think you are all aware of.

That's about it; I'm looking forward to having a good deal of fun with you all and witnessing your writing and improvisation skills. Have Fun!

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I'll stay and see if there's be any recent or ongoing activity. I'd like to at least try this out.

Finally my NLR Imperial Guard Regiment has a home YES!

I. Am. Fucking. In.

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