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Never in the history of man have we ever come so close to complete annihilation. A long period where there was a constant threat of Mutual Assured Destruction through the use of nuclear weapons.

This period is known as the Cold War. Often dated from 1947-1991, the long period follows the struggle between the ideologies of Communism and Democracy and their attempts to keep each other in check through various means. Though it ended with the collapse of the USSR in 1991, this period offers much in the form of 'what if' scenarios and other stories. So, feel free to talk, write, etc. about this fascinating period in our history.

Story must have something to do with the Cold War. It doesn't have to be military related or a 'gone hot' scenario, but it must be about the Cold War in general. Anything else will be deleted.

Please do not put stories in more than one folder.

No harassing, mindless spamming, etc.

I'm pretty sure you're all mature people and I sound like a broken record with these rules, so I'll just stop.

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Has anyone got plans to revise the story that it was never completed and the author deleted?

xin chào các bạn

365328 Since the Cold War was a race for better arms and technology, each decade actually represents a period of relative technological progression. Thus I believe it's good to have the time period of the Korean War separated from the time period of Vietnam, as their level of technology and their overall cultural aesthetic is noticeably different. It probably gives people a more exact method of finding a time period in the Cold War that they're looking for. Plus, having just the US and USSR as folders would be doing a gross disservice. While they were the two major players, they weren't the only countries involved.

What's up with the time periods? Couldn't you put simple folders like " U.S " and " U.S.S.R "?

just found this

I've got my hands full, as well. Still, i'd like to hear it.

Comment posted by Carl the near dead deleted Sep 7th, 2013
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