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Battleships are awesome. Battleships with ponies are even better.

Please only submit naval-focused stories.

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Comment posted by Edguy0009 deleted May 31st, 2018

Sounds like a story you could write.

what would happen if the uss constitution the uss Alabama BB8 and the uss misouri ended up in equestrian at the same time

I can't believe I found this group. The ideas are coming to me.

Battleships r badass

it is a thing to be said that wars are meant for fighting....

but why fight wars?
people die
and they also say that freedom is a right that all people ( and ponies) have.....

but I know by experience that this phrase is true

freedom is not free

think about that phrase and thank god you aren't dead or persecuted every day.

( but, no offense to democrats but with Obama in office, I think we have no freedom)

even though they say that women are more angry or deadly when theyre on their periods, wouldn't you agree that the uss Missouri would always be on her period?

also to be said that she costs exactly.....

2.3 billion dollars

and cannot move under her own power even though when she gets modernized her berth to get modernized is not even the length of her away....

316 feet to be exact.

Ich Dien

german battleship "prince of wales"

2003483 But the Tirpitz raised hell while it could. The Graff Spee was also scuttled because it was badly damaged, and the Brits were going to move in. You need to read the book "The Discovery of the Bismark" By Robert Ballard. In it, he speaks to survivors of the ship's sinking. Men who actually served on the ship. The book is very definitive. Also, it has been explained to you multiple times, and in the book it is explained, the Bismark's AA system was designed to handle faster planes than the Swordfish. They were too slow for the analog systems of the day. They could not depress the AA guns low enough to hit, also. You just need to accept the fact that the Bismark was not as bad a ship as you think. I believe TNaB will back me up. That is the last word I will say on the subject.

Any room for one more?

Comment posted by An Iowa class battleship deleted Sep 4th, 2013

Not so much to remember the dead, mainly because we don't have the yard capability to replacing it


I might be wrong but Turret 2 was never repaired and is today a monument to the crew kilied in the blast now that Iowa is a museum

Should have been more clear on that


I mean the entire crew of the turret

Only killed 40 something men, not quite the entire ship's compliment

That moment when your story is put on a group about battleships when it is indeed a light cruiser... yep.

Not as bad as the fact that someone put that same story on WWII Bronies group under the American folder when it's a British Cruiser.

I do have to ask if the people even read the story when they added it to these groups? :rainbowwild:

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