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I just realized I just read that one thing today and you posted that on November 3rd lol I’m kind of dumb at times sorry

I was considering doing a story that was an Au equestria with an Oc sayain so I could allow them to have Beserk sayain mode. I currently have two DBz stories in the works the sayain one and one about a displaced Majin

I read you were looking for a displaced dragon ball idea so i thought what about a displaced Broly cosplayer to tell the truth I think it would be cool if you found a way to implement this

Have a person that was dressed up as Broly

That's certainly true.

oh i moved it from tracking to the bin where i put stories that most likely wont be updating in the near future

Canterlot Adventures.

do you mean the advertisment I did? I was experimenting with getting my followers to actually comment. Hence why I made the preview for the story idea.

2cheers for the add.

If u wish talk further best contact me by my xbox gt which is on my profile bio

Comment posted by AppleRuskie deleted Oct 2nd, 2019

I use to proof read and edit for a person on here til our xbox friendship turn sour

If u still needed help message me

Thanks I hope you will pay my work the same respect by reading it

Thank you for adding Monster's need love to your library. Please feel free to comment. I try to respond to all of them and I love getting feedback.

  • Viewing 35 - 54 of 54
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New Avatar and QnA announcement. · 11:32pm Dec 19th, 2019

Hey there my followers, You may wonder why there is not a black and red alicorn on my page as usual for my avatar. The answer to that is that I wanted to change it to see if the alicorn OC was turning away viewers, not to mention that the design has been the same for several years. So, this design came from my shelved Fallout Equestria story I hope you like it, and if you want the red and black alicorn to come back in the future, let me know.

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