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Hi there, I'm Douglas Edwards of the Lone Star State of Texas. My girlfriend wanted to go to Bronycon and being the supportive boyfriend I am I got us passes to the convention. I personally only watched when she watched it with me and it became somewhat of a thing for us to watch it together. While she was waiting in line I found this cool stand with Doctor Who stuff. I liked the show and bought the Fifth doctor's screwdriver and a gallifreyan style pocket watch. Yeah that was a stupid move...

In this story, The Doctor has the same age of the fifth of 29 so picture is a younger looking than his actual appearance. Also this is a part of Canterlot Adventures series link below:

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Well, the 5th Doctor has arrived...

Tempest Shadow here, welcome to the Family Doctor.

Howdy! Ah ended up as Equestria Girls Applejack, so if ya need help, The Blue EM2 (Apple Bloom) can help.

Unless you have started Camp Everfree I'm done for now.

I am waiting on the others to help edit AJ's pov so the story is somewhat canon up to the OC's (like Rainbow Rose) and others can interact and react to Gaea Everfree and all that stuff.

I know at the end of the Everfree arc, the group head back to the school and Babs seed is at the school after her transformation. AJ invites her to come to the farm to have some pie with her cousin Apple Bloom. Maybe inquire about the orange geode that AJ found that gives her super strength.

Whelp *Claps Hands together* Ive got work to do juggling this life. Subistitute teacher, cricket club sponser and getting people back if they want to. I need some tea and painkillers

Busy guy, feel free to Discuss with me if you need help. The Gym Teacher is always ready to help after all, and if Daleks turn up I'll happily kick their metal buckets into the sun.

To quote Scootaloo, "I'm liking this idea!"

Remember folks! Don't give him any Aspirin, Gallifreians are deathly allergic to it.

Whelp still gotta meet the others stuck in this universe.

Oh ill find people. Ive got to talk to Celestia and show her how to really teach a class. Step one rip that book!

Good work this! I'm really enjoying how you're weaving your content into the setting.

So far so good!

I think the CMC are learning more about History and Geography from the Doctor than from Mrs. Harshwhinny.

What class does Mr. Cranky Doodle teach? Looks like an advanced math class, like Trigometry.

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