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Well then... · 3:47pm Jun 5th, 2018

I just took a quiz to find out which Pony would date/fall for me ETC.(No Princesses other than Twi on the quiz...:raritydespair:) and I got Pinkie Pie. Pinkie. Pie. Now, I like her, we'd get along well, and she's so sweet, and I'll admit, I could see myself falling for her... But she'd drive me up the fucking wall. And I couldn't keep up with her! Same reason I couldn't date Dash tbh. I'd give it a try with her though. I mean, why not?

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A story I've helped out with! It's an awesome SkyrimxMLP story with some OC's in it: A Daedra's Heart

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Hope you find love once more my friend. As a person with depression i understand pain. May you rise higher than i can and i can hopefully call you...a respectable colleague

2303785 Hmmm... The thing is with us is that we hardly have time because of work... So reading an entire series is a bit much...

2303509 Well the thing is its a kind of "reboot" of Fallout Equestria with updated lore from both Fallout and MLP. So yeah, in order for this to work, you would have to read the first story to know the characters and setting.

2303299 Like I said, we'll try it. So it's a yes for now. We would like to collab a story with you.

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