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This story is a sequel to Achieving Divinity: A New World

(Slight M rating warning: Sex. and a bunch of fucked up fetishes. Chapters will be marked with an [M] at the start, and the A/N of said chapters will contain a warning. There may be some chapters containing 'A Slice of Life'. Chapters will be marked with [SoL] at the start.)

So... Here we are. Again. My story ended on a cliffhanger last time, yes? Well, here I am to continue it. I'm not quite dead yet... Or am I? I could be for all I know. Maybe I'm here as my Heaven or Hell? Or purgatory? Am I in Purgatory? Ah, thinking thoughts like this doesn't help.

So... I left off with Erlking chanting a spell and me being thrown through a portal... Right? Yes, right. Ahem.

I think at that point, my life took a major u-turn straight to Tartarus. But me being me, I decided to sit back and enjoy the damn ride. No point fighting what you can't control, right? WRONG! I WILL PUNCH DEATH IN THE BALLS IF HE COMES ANYWHERE NEAR ME! Ok? Ok.

Just to be clear, I am not afraid of death. No far from it. Hell, I'll head right into it and I'll even pay the toll. I will even enjoy the ride there, but I will fight to prevent it.

Huh? Then, what am I afraid of you ask? Well, read on and find out what a God is scared of... Hmm? I'm not a God? Nope, you are correct. But I may as well be, right? I need my self-esteem or else I have nothing.

I know I am not a God. I am not perfect. I'm the farthest thing from it. But I strive to be good. To help the innocent and the helpless. I have been hailed as a God before for my deeds back in Aleroth.

If not a God, I strive to be a Saint. This isn't Rivellon. I'm no God. I'm just an alien. A foreigner in a hostile and unfamiliar place, right?

ANYWAY. Enough rambling, let's continue shall we?

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I remember that image of in the middle. Its the cover art of the game in which i broke my table over...because it was frustratingly difficult for some reason. I only used range type weapons in that game because using melee was suicide in just how quickly the enemies could kill you in just a few hits. :ajbemused:

Huh. There's a possibility for our main man getting back? Sweet. Loved the assassin bit at the end there. Can't wait for more.

Only at the start of the game, around the middle you can start doing some over powered stuff with melee, I always found dual wielding to be the best. It gets far more over powered in the DLC where if you build your character right, you can recover your all health in seconds. That means, even the few enemies who can do significant damage can just be dealt with via hit and run tactics.

7602077 I didn't knew that. I cant remember if i actually finished the game or not but i got far in it. I still used range weapons for the duration of the game because i was too paranoid of actually get close to something. Also map was tiny even for 2009, compared to oblivion or mirrorwind. Or at least it felt tiny.

The titels are great. Hears som critic...you are way to good:derpytongue2:

Great chapter man. Couldn't stop laughing when our main man flipped off the leaders. I thought the title was cool Eh, eh? Anyone got that? I'm sorry.:twilightblush: So what's Ego gonna do when he get's back. Is he even gonna remember being sent through time? I can't wait to read.

They don't remember him?! God damn it.:facehoof: Is there anyway they will remember or are they all gonna have to start from scratch? And who the hell shot our main man from behind? Loved how you made Ty go all dishonerd on his way up the throne room. Can't wait for the next chapter.

I think they just didn't recognize him since he was wearing the disguise mask and armor that was unfamiliar to them. I could be wrong though.

Erlking's spell affected both ponies and Dragon-Knight. It's magic!


Thanks! :pinkiehappy:

Yeah, he murderised his way through them. :flutterrage:

But they did deserve it. So it’s all good... Right? :scootangel:

7637333 Hey man from my P.O.V you side with the Black Rings and talk about raping others while the dragon warrior is prowling about then you'll meet a quick end.

Yeah, apparently that idea was wrong though.

7637517 Hey, it's fine. It was a good assumption to make. He took the mask off when he treated RD and Pinkie though remember? Still, kudos for the guesswork. :twilightsmile:



You'll meet a slow, agonising end. The kind mortals can only have terrible nightmares of...

I think I've made my case for anyone thinking of joining the Black Ring, wouldn't you say?

What the fuck?! Soooo much happend! Well here's hoping that his next wake up call will be better.

The nicknames made me laugh and I can't wait for the rest of this story the first one was great so I hope this one will be the same or better.

This chapter reminded me so much of a scene in the story Dropped into Equestria.

Geeze... I don't get angry when pranked. I get even. VENDETTA!

As we let go of each other Luna and I began clapping as well. As we did, all those who weren't clapping started up... What are they? Sheep

ha ha ha that made Me laugh stupid Nobels.

Wow...... he's angry.:rainbowderp::twilightoops::derpyderp2:

7691712 Yeah we used to proofread for slykiller on that story and he gave us permission to use the prank scene and stuff.

7692311 Yeah. But you've gotta understand why. He just wasn't in the mood. It was the worst time for a prank ever.

What is up with Tia being so edgy? Geez. Loved this chapter big guy hope the next one is just as good.

Yay shorter waiting for chapters and I find this part. d'awwww so cute that he knocked them out with an ear rub.

7709790 Actually, longer waiting. It's usually a week apart each but now 2 weeks due to work piling up. Sorry to burst your bubble.:ajsleepy:

I wouldn't worry about finding the Black rings. There like fungus bound to pop up somewhere.

I found his reaction to Twilight looking at his sword very amusing and can't wait to read more.

Hey just wondering but what does the SoL stand for some of your chapter name?

7745319 It says in the A/N of the description, but it's easy to miss. It means Slice of Life.

They have things to help remember!

I fucking lost it so many times during this chapter.
1. At the Family Guy reference
2. At the There Ain't No Rest For The Wicked song
3. the M raterd part and after that.
Trying no to laugh out loud at 4:27am is very hard.

7778798 I figured that the medals will help bring on some memories.

7779024 Haha! Sorry! :scootangel: I know how you feel though.

7779344 Ohhhhh.... Right. Got it. :twilightsheepish:

I was wondering why they weren't recognizing him...
Then I remembered that the gobitch fuckin erased both his and their memories.
So wanna kill the facker

Please uncensor it that was plain annoying seeing so much blacked out text and since I'm my phone it takes too much time copying and pasting everything in the comments

I also say uncensore it. This was a little heartbreaking. Are they ever gonna get there memory back? But I did laugh my ass off when Ego did the whole tradition thing with Twilight.

Jeez can't you wait till like 12?
I just fuckin woke up...

God I hope so, otherwise I don't see the point of the first story

There was still a bunch of censored parts

Might want to add tags and change rating

7819732 I've added the rating of the chapters in the Chapter titles, which I mention in the description. The M rating isn't going to be a regular thing and doesn't even need to be read.

I don't personally care, I'm just not sure about the site though

I'm really liking this story, though I really hope the memories come back soon. Got me all invested and shit with that date. Wonder how Luna will react when she realizes he's a few weeks late with hers. Cadance too, considering she just vanished.

Wonder if it'll be tied on with the next encounter with Damien, I can already see him just tsking away with faux disappointment that Ty let such a swath of memories get erased.

also wondering when the pone form will come back. usually hate that kind of stuff, but it seems investment makes fools of us all

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