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Can't fully edit this for some reason, so I'll make it short. I'm Joe, welcome and have a good time on site.



This story has a sequel: Achieving Divinity: Dragon's Deception

(This is a Divinity II crossover but you won't need to have played the game to understand this story so please just give this a chance if you haven't. Watch the trailers for Divinity 2 if you want to know more or read the wiki page if you prefer... I'm basically making this the fourth installment in the series of actual games. There was Divine Divinity, Beyond Divinity, Divinity II: Ego Draconis/The Dragon Knight Saga AKA Flames of Vengeance and now my story: Achieving Divinity. Set a few months after Divinity 2: DKS for those who've played the game.)

Damnation! How the hell did this happen? This is worse than when the others told me we had to eat soil three times a day to survive, but we didn't do it In front of the young recruits so as not to discourage them...

Ah well, I suppose I should introduce myself first of all, that is the polite way to do things yes?.

My name is Dra- Err... Tyrath, Tyrath Kyelinth. It's pronounced Kai-linth just so you know, but I don't mind. If you have your own pronunciation for it, go right ahead.


Anyway, enough of that, my name i- Wait I just went over this! Sorry, I got confused for a second, that tends to happen when you’ve got a thousand things on your mind at any given time. Moving on this time... No for real, I won't forget this time. Do you ever find yourself in an existential quandary? Wondering just what the hell happened and how you got there in the first place what certain things you could've changed to avoid this exact situation? I know I have...

I saved the world more than once yes, but what about myself? Can I save myself? I was 19 at the time, it's now a year later and I never found time to work on myself.I don't know who I am or what my end goal is. I wonder about myself sometimes.

Then again one of these particular moments happens in every beings life at one point usually. So. Here I am. At the start of my new story.

Let's begin, shall we?

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Yea sure, ill give it a try!

Interesting I'll keep an eye on this.

Before I read: At what point DURING Ego Draconis is this set?

Before becoming a Dragon Knight, after becoming one, after reclaiming the tower?
I need a reference point.

7471746 After the end. In the description I say this my version of the next installment in the games. Sorry if it's unclear, I'll add that in the description. Thanks for your comment!

7471757 I only played the regular, original Ego Draconis, so when you say the end do you mean floating in the darkness and learning you just doomed the world, or was there another ending in the other version?

7471772 Ah, OK. Prepare for a long explanation:

in the Flames of Vengeance extension, you are freed by a ghost called Behrlihn (sounds like Merlin with a B) after about 30 minutes of captivity. He basically acts as Talana's replacement, guiding you and, unlike Talana he butts in on some mindreads. He asks you to free him, in return he'll free the Divine. Zandalor keeps a shield over Aleroth and asks you to get the Eye of Patriarch from Behrlihn to defeat Damien but to not free him because he was one of Damien's best Necromancers during the Wizard Wars. Bellegar actually tries to stop you a few times by setting beats on you in the Plane of hypnerotomachia each time you complete a main quest(prison area from the end of Ego Draconis.) Skip ahead after completing every side quest: You find Rhode has been turned to stone by Bellegar for also trying to free Behrlihn. You fight Bellegar himself, he retreats. He tries to reason with you as you approach the tomb of Behrlihn. You have a choice. Agree with him and he gives you a powerful item in place of the Eye. Disagree and he teleports out, cursing you as he goes. Assuming you disagreed: You free Behrlihn, he says the Divine will not be freed but he does give you the Eye. End game: you escort a Zeppelin in Dragon Form to Damien's citadel and drop either the Eye or Bellegar's item on the citadel,(essentially a nuke) you kill Ygerna and Behrlihn but Damien is not there to be killed. You are teleported back to the Plane of Hypnerotomachia. You fight Ygnera and Behrlihn. You win. Then this happens:

7471772 Oh and if you played the game and enjoyed the story and lore... You'll love what I have planned in future chapters!

7471799 Okay, but that still leaves one question:

Does your fic start with that ending, or the imprisonment?

7471823 DKS ending. After the Dragon leaves Aleroth, skip about a month later. Out of curiosity what did you name your char and what voice did you give them? Mine was a Knight's voice and he had 2 names, you'll find out what they were in the story.

7471825 ...I honestly can't remember. It's been a few years since I played D2: Ego Draconis.

I DO remember that I was damn-near unstoppable when I had that franken-monster (that I forget the name of) and a summoned demon in play, and it was even easier when I got more summons, letting one recharge while I used another.


This is only cementing my intent to get the Divinity II Director's Cut off Steam.

7471845 Please do, the rest of the game is awesome! It keeps funny and the writing of Flames of Vengeance feels as though it's part of Ego Draconis. There's no half-hearted attempt, it's a fully fleshed out DLC despite being a fan requested extension. I played it on console so I never got the Dev cut, but go for it. I played through the entire game 3 times and the amount of times I summoned my Creature(the skull summon thing) Could be counted on fingers.

Suddenly turning into a pony killed it for me. Sorry.
Might want to at least change the picture at the cover so that others could know.

7472216 He gets his form back, don't worry. He gets in it in a few chapters. It's also because of the spell. I'll mention that.

Just write the story however you want.
Still won't continue reading thought. Sorry. I just really hate such, and only really tolerate it if it only last just one chapter. One of those types.
Again, please just write the story however you want. Don't let any of us influence you.

7472313 Nah I've already got it written, it's actually how I planned it. It would last one chapter but I spilt the Canterlot Wedding episode into 2 chapters.

You have officially caught my interest :twilightsmile:

7489256 Thank you awesome person!

You like vodka? We like vodka too! Vodka all around!

Except for Pinkie Pie... don't get her drunk...

Suddenly I remembered my Dragon Stone. I got out out of sight and saw it was flashing.
"What the...?" I asked.
I used it and...

I'm guessing this is the part where he turns human again.

7491606 Maybe.

Or maybe not.




Probably not.

Perfectly answered I think!

We're also working on a mystery novel!

Or are we...?

No, we're not.

No, that's a bad Joeker! Stop messing with my head!

7491818 Or am I messing with your head?

Maybe it's my co-writer Marl who's actually typing this?

Nah man, it really ain't me... Stop confusing ponies homie!

Yes boss! Sheesh...

Anyway, you'll see in the next chapter... Muhahaha!

But meanwhile, for your comment, have a moustache. :moustache:

Fucking Armour...
Causing conflict at a time like this, christ...

Does Ego or whatever have any restraining abilities he could use on him?
If not, break all his legs

7508251 I know. Possible jealousy?

He does have a calming ability like he used on Fluttershy, but why waste the mana? Rather just break his legs... But we'll see in a week.

7509971 It would be if this was Dark Souls, I agree. Unfortunately it's not...:raritycry:

But! It's fine... Right? Right! :pinkiecrazy:

7509201 What do you mean? With the shield? :rainbowhuh:

Or do you mean Shining Armor? You probably do.

Yes, yes he did. :ajbemused:

With the way the story has gone so far, I'd almost expect it to end up as Tyrath x Cadance rather than Tyrath x Celestia.

Upvote my comment here for no Cadance x Tyrath. Upvote Paulorex's comment below for yes Cadance x Tyrath. (If yes, nothing too saucy, no worries. The votes will stop being counted with the release of the next chapter. Paulorex you can vote as well.)

To answer you:

Well... No, I don't think so. He's just seriously concerned about her. He's saved countless lives from Damien, but he cannot save a single pony Princess? It just worries him that somepony who possibly could be a good friend would die when he has saved countless strangers without thought.

But who knows? Maybe there is something between them... That is really up to those reading, including you. :trixieshiftright: My co-writer seems to think there is something there as well...

So... If you vote yes... How many like Shining Armor and Cadance as a couple? Just kidding, they'll stay together. But it's open to interpretation as to whether you think they are falling for each other... :heart:

...Or it's just genuine concern for her health.:twilightsmile:

It could go either way, depending on what all of you think. But ultimately he and Celestia will end up together. But, I listen to my readers. If you want there to be something between them, fine.

If not, again, fine. Just vote.

PS. To whoever did it, I'm taking that downvote as a 'yes' for Cadance x Tyrath. :scootangel:

I just kinda had a feeling is all, even if I knew nothing would come of it in the end. Plus, I actually prefer Tyrath x Celestia anyway. :trollestia:

Comment posted by The Joeker deleted Aug 26th, 2016

7513067 Cool. But I just want to know what everypony else thinks as well. Like I said, nothing may come of it, but I might add something into the next chapter or so. Plus, I said before, it will still be Tyrath x Celestia no matter what. :twilightsheepish:

Yeah I know, it is in the Celestia x Human group after all.

7513158 How did you know? :pinkiegasp:

El diablo... EL DIABLO!!! THE POWER OF CHRIST COMPELS YOU!!!! :flutterrage:


It isn't in the Celestia x Human group... And it's all in your mind... :trixieshiftright:

No, stop it you, no more of your mind games! :raritycry:

This is great, I've always thought about a Divinity II MLP fic but I'd never found one, not exactly what I was picturing but awesome nonetheless.

Now all we need is a good Fable fic...

7517603 We're on the same page there as well buddy. I've been thinking about making a Fable fic (with the Fable 1 hero seeing as he was a complete badass and totally should've been immortal like his sister. In my head canon he is just living quietly somewhere else.) So maybe in the future I will make one. :twilightsmile:

What were you picturing in a Divinity fic anyway? I'm quite curious.

and please vote further down, I would like your opinion!

Yeah, I was thinking Hero of Oakvale too, though I had a few stranger ideas with either Nostro or a balverine...

As for what I was picturing, not too sure. Probably he ends up in Equestria after the first game or maybe the DLC, crashes in the Everfree forest due to injury and attracts all sorts of attention. He ends up in a pony form with his powers on the fritz for a bit and so on, getting into all sorts of shenanigans. There would definitely have been a Dragon Quest episode chapter, maybe Spike becomes like a little brother to him? Eh.

Voted for no Tryath x Cadence, I kinda felt like you were going in that direction too when Shining was being a dick but eh, go easy on the guy. It's easy to feel inferior when there's a dragon knight about.

7523690 The aye's have it for now anyway. But, like I said, it's not really going to be properly Cadance x Tyrath. Just a sort of... Scene I suppose (no, not sex). Nothing major. :twilightsmile:

You should make that Divinity fic though. :pinkiehappy: Seems like a good idea!

Tyrath did turn into a pony though, remember? He reverted back because... He could. If I had a choice, I'd choose Human form. And I made him an Alicorn because, well, he would be. He knows very strong magic, he's incredibly strong, and in his Dragon Form, can fly. Making him just one of those wouldn't make sense for the fact he worked so hard to get to where he is. Taking any of his powers would seem unfair.

Although, his powers weren't on the fritz because he has pretty much mastered everything by the end of FoV if you remember. Enough so that he can control them in any given situation. And he used his experience as a Dragon to use his pony form as well.

Shining is just... Overprotective I suppose? But, I mean, not everypony would trust an Alicorn appearing out of nowhere. Shining is just protective by nature, and given the stress of the situation, jumped to conclusions that Tyrath is a bad guy. Or Armor is just a dick, take your pick...

Anyway! Update tomorrow everypony! Looking forward to it? I am planning on Spike becoming a sort of little brother to him as well. Hopefully.

You should make a joke side story about what would happen if he decided to kiss Cadance. Great chapter though, can't wait for more.

7524758 Good idea... You've got my brain thinking now...

What brain homie?

Marl, I will kill you...

Sorry. Anyway, yeah sure thanks for the idea. Probably will be M rated though...

Alternate reality Cadance x Tyrath side story out. Main story is still Celestia x Tyrath. It's Just something I whipped up

I know, my memory ain't that short term. :derpytongue2:
He wasn't an alicorn in my head though, more like an Earth pony or something and yet he could still use his abilities. Come to think of it, I remember thinking his dragon form is likely smaller than most adult dragons, so he'd appear as somewhat of a runt and yet be much stronger regardless.
And yeah, Shining is definitely the latter, overprotective is one thing but I think he's seriously jelly.

By the way, ever wondered all the changes the Dragon Knight went through when he became as such? The ones that they never really listed but slightly implied, like, everyone would have noticed he could jump much higher once he becomes a Dragon Knight. I got to thinking maybe those stats are impossible for a human and the descriptions of stats are only for monsters like him.

7525884 The changes he went through? Yep. In fact, it plays a part in the story.

If you remember, it was supposed to be impossible to complete the Maxos Trails as a pure Human, so I doubt any other humans can jump as high as you or anyone could have done the trails. Only a highly trained Dragon Slayer like Rhode even remotely sensed he was no longer Human. Only in Aleroth did anyone know your true identity. And then the General told them you were a good guy.

He would appear as a runt, I imagine, yes. Although, then he would prove he could kick serious ass.

Like I said, I have a side story of what could have happened between them. Which is incredibly different to what I have planned here. The smallest of decisions can have a great impact.

And, yeah, Armor just feels inferior I suppose. I mean, Tyrath is an (Apparently) Great guy! Shining thinks that if he doesn't fight for his marriage, Cadance will leave him, when it actually turns out the other way. He fought Tyrath for no reason and his marriage also almost ended. A simple quick kiss could have sealed that.

Anyway, the abilities you have by the end of FoV compare you to the Divine and even the gods themselves! You become insanely powerful. I'd imagine on par, probably even more so than Celestia & Luna, or even Twilight. Like he says in Chapter 4, he's an anomaly. Not even he understands his power. Not fully. Sure he can control it, but understanding it is another matter entirely...

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