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Twilight Sparkle's ascension into being an alicorn released a massive amount of magic. Most of it was released into Equestria, but some parts of time and space were also affected by it. Most magic fed into worlds already had the strange essence, or was simply explained out of existence. Only in a few places set around the time stream did the magic coalesce into anomalies, creating strange happenings, almost entirely unexplainable. In one long distanced world, this magic formed into a portal. What happens when a certain well adventured adventurer wanders in? Come with me, and you shall see an entire world changed by just one individual.

The game this fic is based on is called Adventure Quest, and you find it at http://www.battleon.com/ by Artix Entertainment. I own nothing besides my own character Heaross.

I highly recommend everyone try out the game, even if it is rather old. It's updated every week, and the potential it has is amazing! I do break canon a decent bit for story purposes, but the story the game has is amazing and can last you several days, especially the Devourer Saga. This game is a prime example of what a turn based rpg can be, and it is one of my favorite games of all time.

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Comments ( 96 )

Good start so far. Can't wait to read more.

thanks, another chapter might go up tonight or tomorrow

fuuuuuck now i have to watch season 4 again to make sure i dont skip anything and make sure of stuff that i should know

Adventure Quest by Artix Entertainment. I'm doing the original instead of Worlds, so don't expect anything from there.

Before I read this, what is the Dark tag for ?
And how bad does it get ?

That's something that will come in far later in the story, but a little foreshadowing is in a few chapters. The end of the 4th chapter does have a major moment, but it's hardly anything explicit, or even long. Thanks for reading, tell me what you thought!

This isn't a Displaced... A Displaced is a human turned into another character and sent into Equestria.

The displaced doesn't have to be turned into a different character, they just have to be someone who is transported to Equestria through some means. The Merchant isn't the only way to get someone into Equestria. Read the first chapter, Warlic's Blunder.

Ok, will this guy meet other Displaced or find out about the multiverse?

Spoiler warning!
Heaross will meet other displaced, and I have the setup for one crossover already done. I'm not sure how many I'm gonna have him meet so far, but he does already know of the multiverse.
Thanks for reading, tell me what you think so far!

Ah, sorry for the mistake. It just alot of people tend to posts stories in the Displaced group thinking it means 'send human to equestria' without the groups themes included such as being changed into another character, not making a token, not mentioning the displaced universe, etc.

Its fine man, we're cool. Its gonna be a bit before I send a token out, but feel free to use it whenever I do.

That won't be till the sequal. At the moment, the only cross-overs Link will be doing is if he comes to other people's worlds rather than others coming to his world.

god its been so long since i've played that game so much fun with my rouge

Duuuuuuude its still being updated weekly. The team recently did some overhauls and things look SO MUCH BETTEEEERRRR. Seriously man, if you get a chance, come back to the game, things are getting so much love.

So far this is written excellently but there feels like there's a huge disconnect between chapters. Jumping from ponyvile to canterlot castle didn't feel exactly rushed but that the scene where he was invited ,if he was invited, cut from the story. Same with the trip to the empire, the development between twilight and haeros, just seems like it could be possible if we saw a little more in between canterlot and the empire maybe a couple scenes of them talking here and there to seem like they have at least gotten to know each other a little. Like I said excellent story so far, just think a few things could be added here and there to make things connect together a little better.

I'm gonna do here what the creators of MLP:FiM do. Ask me any questions you have regarding plot points or what happens between chapters, and as long as it doesn't spoil anything for later chapters, I'm more than happy to explain. Remember though, even the most minute of details can become the biggest of stories. Ask away!

sooo I supposed if I understood the description right, this has nothing to do with Guardians of the galaxy?

Absolutely nothing to do with Marvel, aside from maybe a stray reference.

Adventure Quest... now that brings back fond memories.

Grammar seems weird. That's all I can really say. Still, I'm in this for the long haul!

Also, as strong as Warlic is, he wouldn't beat Luna. It would just be another Anti-Guardian incident.

Warlic: I can beat you with nothing but a thought!

Luna, firmly and quickly plants the arch mage's face into the floor and proclaims: So I will not let you think.

As I said before, changing canon a decent bit. Mostly in Guardian stuff and with regards to how strong everyone is. That includes massively boosting what they can do. So in this version, Warlic would have almost no trouble fighting Luna or Celestia, due to his sheer magical might. And if the Anti-Guardian incident still happened, imagine how strong he had to be to necessitate the Ultra Guardian Armor. Pm me if you want details that would be spoilerish. Otherwise, yeah you'd be right.

Thanks for the review, I hope you enjoyed reading!

I'm gonna take a wild guess and say Heaross isn't cursed in anyway. Otherwise this is gonna get really weird.

Well, not counting the numerous death threats from people he had to stop, the rigorous training and duties that he fulfills daily as a Guardian, and the ever constant pressure of wanting to return home, nah, he isn't cursed.

that mike sounds like a displaced

so what happened to the headless horseman?


Twilight continued to cry for several more minutes, even when Luna came into the shop, a bit worse for wear, and inspected the scene.

Luna took care of it. As it turns out, the copies were vastly weaker than the originals.

Comment posted by Azure5555 deleted Nov 1st, 2017

Twilight fired her LAZER!! It was super effective.

This seems like a good story. I'll read more.

oh. god y do i think twi did horrible yet sexy things to our mane character?

They say the endurance of a Guardian is legendary...

Even more so since he's a warrior. Maxed that puppy out, got over 5000 hp. Twilight has one hell of a night ahead of her.


I don't remember the HP bar ever going that high...
I think I topped at around 4800

Most folks never max out their endurance, since luck plays a much more crucial role in battles. I'm not actually sure if you can go over 5k hp, but I bet it's possible somehow. Maybe I'll make a set of stats to represent Heaross and his opness, since this breaks from canon and I'd like some measure for that.

Mmm. Because I do remember maxing endurance, Dex, and Int for...reasons.

Edit: I remember when I used to rock 200 luck. Good times...then the game changed dramatically and I kept dying in three turns...

Once you get to a certain point as a warrior, it becomes more of a struggle to see who can outlast the other in a fight. Since elemental resistances and late game enemies changed, it became more about having the right armor at the right time or severely crippling yourself. It eventually gets to the point where donor and rare items outclass almost anything you can earn in quests.

"If you 2 would mind not betting on whether me and Twilight are dating, we have a bit of an emergency right now."

Probably best if you actually spell out "two."

Thanks, then! I hope you enjoyed the story as much as I have making it. Follow me for updates about it in downtime between chapters. Thanks for reading! Battle On!

Now the real twist here is that he's actually thirty Moglins in a human suit


(Pulls back ultra guardian robes to reveal twenty two Moglins) I always knew...

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