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Displaced, science and stuff. Also, I'm always late to the party.


You know, after reading many displaced stories I never imagined that buying a scaled Koenigsegg one:1 would land me on the same situations of those stories, only that I do not have any cool powers but some really good skills and a very rare and expensive earth car. Even though, Celestia did not like any of that and thought that by stoning me and confiscating my car I would change. Well, she is going to learn that she must not piss off a human as he will give a sh*t if you move the sun or not.

Even though I am really mad at her, I have more important problems to solve.

Starting by the butterfly effect that my car caused.

While pissing off the princess and another human.

Also, who is that misterious unicorn mare that had almost beaten me in a race?

Expect crossover with racing games such as need for speed and asphalt.

Chapters (8)
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No offense, but the 'get turned' cliche isn't required. But I will give you originality points for not gaining powers, I believe you're the first Displaced who doesn't.

Sorry for my ignorance, but which is the 'get turned' cliche?

Oh! my bad, seems I didn't finish that sentence. I mean to say that the 'turned to stone' cliche has been used alot.

I see. I thought that if i did not use that it would not look like a displaced story. I will take this into account for future stories.

The only thing is that required for it to be a Displaced is to mention the void, the displacer (doesn't always have to be the merchant, it could be something else) the multiverse (if you plan to cross-over with other Displaced). etc.

Interesting I usually don't read stuff that highly involves cars though you have my curiosity.

Through your speech I assume that you like luna.
You will see her a lot in the future.

Thou art correct mine fellow. Thou hast pleased this one.

And that made me realize that the complete name of the guy that sold me the car was John VOID Dweller.


And I had been wrecked displaced by a void dweller.



What an ending! :rainbowlaugh:

Also, OP car for the win!

... Well, as long as it doesn’t demolish you...

I know this is highly unlikely, but how will you go about if someone asked for cross-over? I'm highly curious of how you'd handle it where a racer displaced meets a displaced far different than him.


I was thinking of Jsyrin and his god tier displaced. He could be a candiadate for reasons right now I will not reveal. Also I was thinking of making my own displaced.

I thought you just did? Not unless your other one will be for cross-overs?

Yes, the displaced aiden will appear in the future.

You should at least see some of the campaign in youtube to understand him better.

I drive a 68 Charger. Looke for me there.

OMNI:I would race but I know I would best you...mostly because the Reality stone allows me to break the rules of the game and bring a batmobile and copy powers specifically in this case ghost rider's.

Remember that 71 Plymouth GTX from Fate of the Furious?

Movie number? (because I only know their names in spanish)

Only saw 5,6 and 7.

I see. I'm trying to not include more cars right in this part, but I might add it later.

Cool story. Not a regular displaced story i like it :D

Thank you for your aproval. next chapter coming soon.

:eeyup::eeyup: ready
:flutterrage::flutterrage: set
:pinkiesick::pinkiesick: GO

Suprise! Rainbow Dash drives a old Dart.

Big deal. I raced a freight train doing 80 in a Camaro... (Well on Forza but my point stands)

Honestly , i see that come. This RD a mad of speed. She's need for speed.

This just now showed on my bookshelf.

Comment posted by Hoax1337 deleted May 8th

more now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! plz:fluttercry:

I'm glad you are enjoying my story.

you know honestly i should not be surprised but i am anyway that is actually surprising and i look forward to see what the plot is with that

Can't wait till next chapter

An DS Survolt may be an actual challenge racing against, not with the S Class cars, because they're too op

I will consider it for the future.

I did not expect I would like as much as I do. I don't usually really like racing, but this ain't bad not bad at all.

Is this coming back any time soon?

Sure, the quality is less than ideal in places, but the premise is interesting — if you can pull it off.

Right now I am focused on another story. But asphalt wars is not down. Maybe I will come back soon to it. I don't want to make it look abandoned.

I imagine the scale model of the car was around 1/18 scale. That’s a common size for those high quality models. I saw a 1/18 scale model of Mad Max’s Ford Falcon XB Pursuit Special on EBay for $200 some time ago.

Is this dead?

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