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Magic would be cool, wouldn't you agree?



First things first, I don't own My Little Pony, assassin's Creed, Fallout, or the elder scrolls, or any other IP's I might reference.

This is the first fanfic I've ever written, as a matter of fact, it's my first story in any way, so criticise to your heart's content, tell me how to improve.

This is the map of Ponyville I'll use in the story

EDIT: I am in imbecile and forgot to put THIS here (It's the timeline I'll be basing my chapters of, might not follow to the letter though)

After a freak midair accident, a lone brony finds himself in Equestria with a pip-boy and new found knowledge about parkour. But he wasn't the only one to go through. How will he deal with the shock, and most importantly, how will he deal with the change of his new powers. At least he didn’t come alone

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This is interesting, waiting for more parts.

Interesting story, keep it up

Can’t wait for more!

Yeah he knows, both season 8 and about the mirror. As for me having potential, I don’t know, I’m just doing this as a hobby to get my mind of things, to relax a little


ps, i love this story and it was a good read hope to see more.

Well, you’re in luck my friend as I’m wrapping up chap. 15 which might have close to 7000 freaking words!!

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Ah, Cliffhanger, my greatest enemy. We meet again, but I have already defeated you!

Definitely liking the longer chapter format.

Thank you very much!!

The only problem is that with the longer chapters life gets in the way, but I can manage :moustache:

I mean, Twilight is best pony, so I quite enjoy this. :twilightsmile:

Not entirely sure about the whole ‘mom’ part, but I’ll roll with it for now.

Human friendships can be so hard.

About the 'mom' part, I was trying to do something a bit different from what I've seen, and with Luis already having family issues, it kinda seemed like the right thing to do

"Can you remove it, please? I don't want to deal with drunk Rick"


How old was the character again?:rainbowhuh:

He turned 20 at the beginning of the story

Only Skyrim magic? Or does it extend to the rest of TES? Because as far as magic goes a LOT has been removed or fused together. Mystic Magic for instance was forgotten by everyone except the Psijic Monks and that's what they used to stop time and teleport, while in Morrowing I think, there was a spell for levitating yourself or something like that which was a fast travel system. Then there's the extremely ancient stuff like Ayelid magic, which relied on Celestial Energy. Their magic was largely gained by absorbing sunlight and moonlight at altars and condensing it into meteoric glass or solidifying it into a mana crystal. Also Snow Elves and High Elves with their Solar Magic due to worshipping the sun god Auri-El, and the Dwemer which were an odd mix of Occult ritual magic, Steampunk tech, and alchemical science.

Cliiiiiiff Hanger, hanging from a cliff...

If he can get blueprints then could he manage to make dragonscale and dragonbone armor? As useless as it is in game, you can use Kavohzein's Fang, a unique Dragon Priest dagger to cut Heartscales off of a dead dragon. Apparently they're the hardest part of a dragons body and only that blade is sharp enough to cut through them. Though I suppose a Saturnite Blade or the white hot version could do so as well. Scales can't be crafted into armor in the game without mods sadly as they were used only to master Alreration magic and get a Dragonhide spell that is fucking overpowered to hell and back. 80% Physical damage reduction for 30 seconds. Stability perk boosts it to 45 seconds, Dual casting boosts it to 99 then, and mastering alteration makes the cost hald as much. Was capable of getting destroyed by over a dozen high level falmer with poison and they barely did anything to my health until it wore off because the spell stacks with armor.

I mean, it really depends on the nature of his 'blessing/curse'. There are the Companions and the pack on Solstheim who can change freely, then there are the random werewolves shich have the curse on Hiricine's Ring where they change randomly, and then there's that one guy, Sinding, who stole the ring and was cursed to be stuck in wolf form. At least as far as the game goes. Though on that it does bring up whether he'll get the rings like the Pack had which grant random buffs depending on which you wear. Personal favorite was always the health regen one as it helped in combat when there were no more hearts to consume.

I'm trying to go on a game-by-game basis and only if accessible to the player, so sadly that blocks a lot of spells, tech and other stuff from a good chunk of games. I mean, it's video game powers after all, and to be honest, I have only basic knowledge of lore from TES, FO, AC, etc... and, heads up, the lore module was so he wouldn't get too strong too fast, I ain't shonen jump

I have pretty good knowledge on TES and FO. AC... Kind of? I stopped playing after Brotherhood until Origins came out but from what I hear the other games are just filler and bullshit money schemes anyways. Heard Black Flag was alright, but honestly I don't trust it's little cult following. I can send some messages about the games and such if you wish. For instance on Solstheim in Skyrim there's a randon encounter for a dark elf mage who has some flying spell scrolls that are both a nod to Morrowind and also a longstanding joke about how actual flying spells have never been made. The spells simply launch you straight up to the height of roughly High Hrothgar's peak before dropping you to your death. Ironically I've only played Skyrim and a bit of Oblivion for TES but I've seen a lot of lets plays for the rest and have read up on a lot of it as well. Honestly TES has some badass lore if you really get into it. Sad that Bethesda is pretty shitty nowadays.

I can say that the ship game play of Black Flag is really good on the Iphone game. In the other hand, the actual PC/console game is still an AC game that I haven't played yet (like every other AC except Unity), BTW I enjoyed Unity (apparently really odd occurrence). As for the 'flying' spells, all they do is increase your athletics by about 1000 points so you just jump high instead of flying. Also, one good thing about Bethesda monetizing everything is that I was doing a no mods, no out of lore stuff, and thanks to the creation club, I can give Luis a few things that I couldn't before :derpytongue2:, so yeah. As for Luis getting flight, remember, there are many games with flight, a few that use wings... :pinkiecrazy:

Edit: thanks for the offer, I'll think about it really hard, just for you :raritywink:

Ere that chapter eh uh ... Fuckin weird

So I’m in someone’s MLP fan-fic, who knows how sadistic that bitch is. And with that I turn tail and run

certainly an interesting story viewpoint. :rainbowhuh:

that last part reminds me of a cutesy yet gory comic book called "i hate fairyland"...the protagonist KILLS the narrators several times!

"Yeah, Sucrose Hexahedron Junction," I chuckle, Her reaction is priceless. I love it , "Or Sugarcube Corner if you want to be more normal"

oh, that was great!

It was passable at first, even with gaming powers even with the son of Celestia thing but after the care packages it become too much mary sue

For males is actually Gary Stu. I'll keep that in mind for any upcoming stories I might do

" TASTE THE RAINBOW!! Woo hoo! "


“ Nope, I’m your boss ,” she is overly cheerful, CELESTIA WHAT HAVE YOU DONE! ;

Troll and put you in twilight hell.

“ Luis, are you ready to go? ” Twilight looks at me and Celestia, now my mom *mental squeal* , sitting on the stairs to her throne, confusion plastered on her face, “ What did I miss? ”

Tiwly you miss Luis getting a new mama.

Celestia makes a scroll appear next to her and levitates it towards us, “[color=meduimseagreen]Don’t read it until you are close to Ponyville, Twilight”

Don't know if this is you or the site messing up.

I fucked up. It's fixed now, I think

It's ok I just wanna to tell you.

" But you are important to me " I think I'm hearing shit




"YES! I'm here I'm here!" I snap out of it and look around and see Noctis a little worried with Luna behind her with a smirk and Celestia trying her hardest not to laugh. The realization hits me like a train as my face gets extremely hot "... oh ..." Noctis relaxes and smiles

Captain this ship can't handle anymore love!

"Ohhhh! Uhmm..." Noctis blushes a bit, looks down, grabs her hands and starts to fidget with them, "Could I... you know.. be er... what I'm trying to say is... well..."


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