My name is Orion direct decedent of Altaïr Ibn-La'Ahad the greatest leader of the Assassins and Ezio Auditore da Firenze the Assassin that restored our order. Being a decedent of the family the Templar's hate most also makes my life a living hell. Doesn't help that I'm the last Assassin on earth, (thank the Templar's for that) and also have both Altaïr and Ezio's Apples of Eden. After running in to a gaming convention to escape my Templar pursuers and almost dying I find myself in a new world. Now free from the Templar's wrath I might finally be able to find peace and maybe, just maybe rebuild the Brotherhood.

Big shout out to JohnrId03 for assisting me in the creation & development of these characters.

* Warning there are BIG spoilers in the comments so be careful if you read them.
*Big side note you will have to have played or watched the Assassin's Creed games up to Assassin's Creed: Revelations to actualy understand parts of the story.

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Properly trained their children could make a fine assassins."

Bolded word needs to be switched to this.

I thought that both of those apples and been accounted for in the series? Will you explain how both of them where acquired by the protagonist?

Ah, the there/their/they're 's my only weakness when writing.
As for your question, Orion (the protagonist) got Altaïr's Apple of Eden by recovering it from Masyaf. In the Revelations game Ezio opened Altaïr's Library but didn't actually take the apple. The other one, Ezio's Apple of Eden (the one recovered by Desmond Miles) it was take when the others left the sanctuary after Desmond made his choice.
Hope that clears up the confusion.

W. D. Arceaion

>missing punctuation
Your grammar is bad.

Yes it is, but so would yours if you had only an hours sleep and have to write this on notepad because fuck the internet! :pinkiecrazy:
I'll probably fix it later but for now it works and the story is set.

My most sincere apologies if this came across as rude or dismissive, I'm VARY tired and this project has been hell to start.


W. D. Arceaion

Just so you know, the rules for the site have something to say about signing comments.

Well I wonder if Cadance will become a member as well? I don't think several members of the mane 6 would like the Assassins but I can see Rainbow Dash as an eager member.

Actually Rainbow will be against them from the beginning. As for Cadence... I really don't know. Honestly I really don't like the way her character is portrayed in the show. In my opinion there are really only two ways to depict Cadence, the first is as Princess Perfect and the other is as Princess Plot Armor. She will be in the story later on since she will be Shining Armors Marefriend and later on his wife but weather she becomes an Assassin depends on how well I can rebuild (actually give her a real personality) her character.


Well the fun part is you do have the ability to send Cadance the way you want and not affect her character too much. That makes me wonder then if Spike will be trained as well as he would make a good character as well, please don't answer if he will or not I like surprises.

I would suggest Time Turner.

Time Turn came to the attention of the mentor after a chance encounter. Time Turner had an odd way about him often times seemingly to know more then he should and has mannerisms that where reminiscent of the fictional character, Doctor Who. He often provides material support for the Brotherhood and can craft many unusual items that assist the Brotherhood. The mentor remembers the help provided by Leonardo Da Vinci and hopes that Time Turner will be like him.

I would like to support an Oc of mine. Bloodmoon is a unicorn with blood red mane and pitch black fur. He wears crimson and is trained in "Enhanced Earth Pony technique" A technique of channeling magic in the body to boost melee attacks. His strength with this becomes that of the average earth pony and he prefers to use support magics like healing or magical enhancement. He is similar in size to Fancy Pants. I chose it so i wouldn't piss you off so please dont be stop a glorious story

I like the idea.

An interesting character, well balanced, I assume that the color scheme is similar to your avatar?
Anyway I like the character, but what is his personality like? If you can tell me then I will try to add him to the story.
Edit: If you could send me a more complete Bio and provide me with a way that mine and character meet then I will add him to the story.

He was from a soldier family and after the death of his brother and father in the same unit as him, he left. He sees the order as a way of redemption and regaining respect. His colors are the same as my oc. He meets yours through accident. He is found down on his luck in a bar when he gets into a fight and is recruited afterwards for his skills and tells of his past. To him, the brotherhood is now his only family and sees your character as blood relative and will do anything to protect his final chance of any sort of family. His colors are that of my oc and the size of Fancy Pants. He uses primarily enhanced techniques of the earth ponies using his magic to improve upon the arts.

. Add mine his name is black wind hes a master fighter with dual blades and accurate lije robin hood hes a white pegasus with black and grey mane he also has a downward cross and yinyang cutiemark that can manipulate shadows like reaper from overwatch and is as fast they come also uses the scythes or dual scythes like death from darksiders 2

I hope that when you use him you add in the missing er to his last name. I just noticed I had that apparently cut that part out.


Nice catch, thanks.

A male changeling infiltrator with white carapace and solid red eyes who has taken the name of his disguise which is a bulky thestral with a black coat a brown mane, lime green slit eyes and two crossed glaives over a peace symbol as a cutie-mark called silent bastion working as a night-guard in the castle was exiled from the hive because he went against the queen, he has a network of other exiled changelings gathering information while disguised as servants working for the nobles and in the castle, whenever he's on a mission he's usually all business, quiet and stoic but when he's drunk he's usually telling fake tales of heroism or singing: worked as a spy and assasin for a corrupt noble called duchess shining ruby(an extremely paranoid pegasus with a red coat an orange mane and tail, blue eyes and a quill and a ruby as a cutie-mark(who found out he was a changeling when one of her spy's saw him remove his disguise after coming home from work one day) because his wife(Amethyst star a unicorn with a purple coat a white mane, brown eyes and a blue flame as a cutie-mark specializing in fire magic from a family low-ranking nobility specializing in elemental magic) and daughter(Amethyst Shield a seven year old half-changeling half-unicorn with a pure white coat light blue mane and tail and solid green eyes currently a blank flank but when she's older she will get a green and blue flame as a cutie-mark specializing in transformation and fire magic) was held hostage but when the brotherhood freed them and other hostages he decided to join them by finding out where and when there next meeting was, going there disguised as the person{I don't really care who he got the information from but it should be someone who newly joined the brotherhood} they got the information from and dropping the disguise in the middle of the meeting an asking if he could join them.

Silent Bastion is an expert with a glaive and small knives, infiltration, acting and assassination is easy for him due to being a changeling.
But his eyes always glow a little, his skin is harder and paler than normal ponies and his fur looks a bit off like it's fake, which makes him easy to discover if you look closely.
He trusts no one except his family and his contacts(because they have worked together for years) and because of that he works best alone.

when's the next chapter?


Accepted. I was curious when someone would suggest a Changeling.


I don't actually know I am working on it but it isn't my top priority at the moment but life decided to give me a break for a while so I should be able to focus more on my stories again.

Please see my blog for a better update scheduled and some important information.

W. D. Arceaion

well so much for having the elements of harmony since rainbow is against everyone else so you know what about the rest of the elements obviously pinkie should be one and rarity is good with sharp pointy things so she could be one im not sure about applejack though all the sneaking and lying and killing she could be an antagonist or something


No Pinkie! Remember that Orion has confirmed knowledge about at least season 1 and knowledge about displaced since he knew about the Merchant, he would not dare to tempt fate by training Pinkie Pie as an Assassin.
But then again this is Pinkie Pie. As for Rarity, well I have plans for her and Applejack will be kinda neutral about the whole situation. She wont be against them but she certainly wont join them. Since she has nothing against them and as long as they're respectful to her family and don't hurt then there just fine in her book.

The first recruit is acquired, now I wonder how this “noble” is going to like what is going to happen to him?

Coal Damascus a 5000 year old dragon blacksmith and florist working in his garden/shop in the bottom of Canterlot mountain, he is known for making weapons for the Guards for a couple of years in Canterlot when Celestia closed down his shop because of her hate for the Creed, Out of job, Mentor taken, trained him to be an assassin, while learning to grow magical flowers with Zecora in the Everfree forest. Now he became a Florist and Tank for the Creed while secretly supplying antidote, weapons, and poisons.

There was not enough information, Please review rule 1 as well as the other submissions. I need more than fighting style.

Celestia doesn't hate the Creed, she just disapproves of there methods. As for your character I wish to use him as a forger like he was originally. If you are okay with that then pleas tell me.

Iron shield a black minotaur mercenary with a scar over his left eye and his left horn is missing wielding a two handed battle axe made of dragon bone enchanted(by frozen gem) to burn anything it cuts, wearing iron plate armor, is often happy and tells jokes or helping to train others but when he's angry he usually runs of to fight something, whenever someone asks why he drinks so much he usually tells them that it's to forget, he only tells the people he trusts that his parents and village were killed by mercenaries hired by a noble to in the nobles own words "kill the worthless savages".

The only way to gain his respect is by either beating him in a fight or in a drinking contest, he usually works for the highest bidder(unless it's a noble because then he just takes the money and leaves) but if someone beats him in a fight he works for them instead. He hates luxury and lives on the outskirts of the everfree forest near ponyville but he usually meets his clients in a bar in ponyville.

Orion hears of him from silent bastion when he mentions that they're looking for recruits, apparently shining ruby tried to hire him but got tricked out of 50,000 bits in the process.
{I think you should chose wether Orion beats him in a fight, a drinking contest or hires him.}

Frozen gem a 5,000 year old windigo enchantress who lives in the frozen north who takes monthly trips to canterlot to feed of the nobles hate for the "commoners" and "savages", she usually wears an ice blue dress, she has a large hoard of crystals and gems from around the world taken as payment from adventurers and mercenaries wanting enchanted gear.
She is usually calm and caring helping adventurers who got lost in the frozen north, sombra made many attempts to get her to join him when he ruled the crystal empire but all of them failed.
Orion hears about her from iron shield when he sees the armor and weapons the brotherhood is using isn't the best.[I don't know how they will meet yet]

I was hoping that someone would mention a Windigo, I wanted to add one but didn't know how. Unfortunately I can't add Iron shield, he's a excellent character but I can't add him to the story. His skill set and the fact he's a Minotaur would make him to obvious as an assassin... wait I think I have an idea to use him. :pinkiecrazy:

No, I wont tell the Idea. I want it to be a surprise but I think you will approve of it.

I was thinking of iron shield more as a guard for meetings than an assasin

He he, interesting idea. But I my plan is better than that and Iron shield will play a much more important part in the story. But no spoilers.

I have an idea for a yak too but I don't think it would fit

Basically a berserker who acts as a distraction while the actual assasins get to the target

Interesting idea. I wont lie, deception is a key tool for an assassin.

Umbra a 2,500 year old umbrum(if you don't know what it looks like think of a horse zombie with butterfly wings) she is a master at dark magic(necromancy, blood magic, shadowmancy and soul magic), mind magic and ice magic, she usually wears a dark cloak enchanted to make her look like a normal pony.

She is weaker where it's lighter than where it's darker(basically if she's out in the day she is weaker than a normal pony), Light magic(life magic and healing magic) can easily hurt her.

She doesn't show or feel emotions easily(basically maud) and therefore is usually a good choice for an interrogator, she is usually going around graveyards sending lingering ghosts and spirits to the afterlife or playing poker.

She was found in the crystal palace sealed in a crystal making anyone who looked into it see their worst nightmare but was freed by When twilight destroyed it looking for the crystal heart.

Comment posted by JohnrId03 deleted May 16th, 2018

Scratch a Diamond dog(but he looks more like a wolf) warrior with grey fur, grey-blue eyes, about as tall as Celestia, 4.36 cm(centimeter or 1.716 inches) claws wearing armor made of timber wolfs(if a part of the armor gets destroyed or damaged it regenerates unless it's burning).

Will not eat any cooked or grilled meat only raw, he likes to hunt deep in the everfree forest.

He is about as stubborn as applejack during apple buck season and mostly nocturnal.

He was taken as a slave to be used in the mines by a different pack when his pack was wiped out in an attack, but was freed when the solar guards conducted a raid on the warren led by captain steel sword(a unicorn with a brown coat, red mane and yellow eyes with a short sword crossed over a shield as a cutie mark).

He joined the guard when he had the chance and quickly gained a promotion to captain of the lunar guard by beating Luna in a fight after they got into an argument.

most of the guard thinks he is usually a hot head thinking he can't be defeated but he is actually a good strategist, with his favorite strategy for a raid or attack being tunneling in to the basement and attack from inside and outside.

He joined the brotherhood because Luna requested him to.

These are the races that haven't been requested and accepted yet.

Diamond dog








Storm creature






Changeling queen

"Reformed" changeling

[I think that's all because a draconequs would probably be too overpowered]

Swift wing a Pegasus-griffin hybrid with a green coat, a blue mane, purple eyes and her feathers start green but slowly fades into blue at the tips, she uses concealed wing blades and is faster and stealthier than a normal pegasus thanks to her bigger wings and years of living on the streets as a thief and later working as a messenger and drug runner for a crime boss in manehatten because she tried to steal from him.

She is usually very serious and strict but also greedy and usually takes a bit too much of the profit for herself.

She met Orion when he busted a drug deal with a noble, and gave her the option of working with them to take down the crime boss or get thrown in the dungeon.

I have plans for the Griffon, Hippogriff, Pegasus, Thestral, and Changelings.
There will be no Reformed Changeling because I don't like the Idea and i think it's bullshit. I see them as there portrayed in this fanfiction (If you haven't read this story I highly recommend it). Now that doesn't mean I don't want OC's of them The more OC's I have of these characters the easier it will be to incorporate my idea. I do however want at least one Changeling Queen/ Hive OC before the Royal Wedding.

As for the Umbrum, Sphinx, Storm creature those will be by request only as will the Windigos. However I would love to have several Windigo OC's in the story. I always like them.

Unfortunately the Sirens are an extinct race in this world. the only ones alive are the three sirens in the mirror world.

The Cyclops, and Dragons will be weapon smiths or other types of workers that handle metallurgy.

Unfortunately the Gargoyle, Breezie, Vampire, Buffalo races will not be assassins in the story for the same reason that the Minotaur's aren't there too noticeable for a order built for stealth and most of these races have other factors that work against them.

I'm working on an idea for a changeling queen(and now hive) but it's taking some time to figure out a way to make her balanced and to figure out where her hive should be. She would probably be the most detailed oc I have made.

Are you using the same hives from the 'Hive' series or are you making new hives it will be easier to make my queen and hive if I knew.

In my opinion a Changeling queen is equal to an Alicorn which is why I only want one and a Hive. In a sense it would be a different kingdom but would be allied with the Brotherhood of Assassins. this is rely the only exception to the 'They are not to be OP' and 'if there is a single alicorn posted I'll wright a cliff hanger' rules so go have fun.

Also no I wont be using those Hives. Those Hives belong to that story and I don't plan to take anything from other stories. I was more referring to how the Hive operated than the actual Hives themselves. However there will be more than one hive in my story there is a Changeling OC you posted a while ago and I plan to make him a part of another hive. Here's my notes:

Queen Chrysalis's Hive A.K.A. The Badlands Hive - Enemy?
Queen Pieris Rapae A.K.A. The Frozen North Hive - Enemy

If you can work with that then let me know. I plan for there to be three hives and the third hive would be allied with the Brotherhood and would treat ponies with respect instead of seeing them as only food. They also would be the smallest and weakest hive and nearing extinction.

Queen chryselia a 1,649 year old changeling queen of the red colored cryptid hive currently hidden deep in the canterhorn [I think that's what the caves under canterlot are called and I'm saying currently because she has moved her hive every time it was almost wiped out], she is about the size of Luna, her and her hive's wings are sharper than most other changelings and their fangs have a venom that puts whoever they bites to sleep almost instantly(it only makes alicorns and changeling queens drowsy it doesn't have any effect on discord).

She has had a lot of minor raids and attacks by wildlife and has only had three major battles, she lost her right eye in a battle with an army of zebrican zealots when she was 281 years old <zebrica> [almost wiped out], she got her wings torn of in an attack by Sombra(according to the comics he is a disguised umbrum) when she refused to become his ally(627 years) <The frozen north> [almost wiped out], she got a big scar on the left side of her torso when chrysalis attacked her hive(1,452 years) <badlands> [almost wiped out].
Since she moved her hive into the canterhorn her hive has only been attacked by the creatures that live there.

Since she lost her wings her hive has found a way to replace lost body parts with a combination of chitin, metal and magic, she was the first to get replacements.

Her changelings are great builders, diggers(since the hive has been rebuilt a number of times), infiltrators, spy's, warriors and hunters, but are almost extinct.

She has 6 personal guards and advisors.

The first is the captain of the queen's elite guards, warriors and hunters, Cracked Shell(1,563years), he is the only changeling from the queens first clutch still alive(he is only still alive because of a run in with a necromancer when he was a hatchling which turned him into a lich), he is a master with a tower shield and claymore(he can wield both because whenever he is not needed he usually works out or trains) and he has a tougher carapace than any other changeling drone(because he went through experiments meant to enhance the body), he lost his right arm in the battle with the zealots(replaced when they figured out how to do it), he has three diagonal scars over his face from when he fought a manticore to protect the remnants of the hive from the first big battle.

He is usually calm and stoic but if someone insults, threatens or gets too close to the queen he gets extremely aggressive.

The second is the captain of the queen's normal guards, warriors and hunters, Gleaming Chitin(it's not very original but it works), she is the youngest captain yet(29 years), she is an expert with a small shield and a mace, she is usually happy and boisterous but if you insult her family in any way it usually ends in a fight

She joined the queen's guard to protect her family.

The third is the grand architect, Pick Axe(78 years), he is responsible for all builders and diggers in the hive, he is an expert with any kind of hammer, he is usually either building a new part of the hive or tinkering with some new invention, he was the one to figure out a way to make the prosthetics the hive is using to replace lost body parts with.

He is very excitable and loves to talk about his inventions but if you insult his machines he will find a way to make you explode twice.(he is basically a changeling pinkie with less parties)

The fourth is the lead healer, Soothing Cadence(137 years, since she is a healer she lives longer than normal changelings), she is responsible for all healers and alchemists in the hive, she is a master potion maker and knows a lot of different poisons and how they are made(she needs to know that to be able to cure them), she is usually very kind and caring but if someone hurts one of her patients she will make sure they get sent to the hospital.

The fifth is the spymaster, Silent Eye(54 years, a hermaphrodite), is in charge of all spy's and collectors, they are an expert with a crossbow and a dagger, they are usually all business and doesn't like it when someone is wasting their time.

They are usually training new spy's or collectors or planning which nobles need to die.

The sixth is the head diplomat, Fair Trade(64 years), he is in charge of the hives diplomacy and trade, he isn't an expert with any weapon but is pretty good with a short sword, he is usually very calm and open minded, he doesn't like to fight but will if he has to.

He is usually planning which countries the hive will be able to open diplomatic or trade connections with.

The hive is built deep into the canterhorn and reinforced with a chitin-metal alloy, the queen's chambers are in the deepest part of the hive while the throne room is in the middle, the captain's quarters and the spymaster's quarters are adjacent while the nursery is next to the queen's chambers, the architect's quarters and the diplomat's quarters are next to the throne room and the healer's quarters are next to the healing chambers, the guest rooms, meeting rooms and dining room for visiting dignitaries are in the highest chambers, in the middle chambers and tunnels are where the barracks and sleeping quarters are. The hive is also exporting technology to equestria in exchange for food, water and resources they don't have.

Celestia only knows that there are people living in the canterhorn but not who, but she doesn't see the need to check who they are as long as they are peaceful.

While stuck deep in the canterhorn Cadence and twilight run into a patrol of changelings who takes them to their queen to get to know why they are here and how they got into the deep chambers, after they have explained why and how they are there they ask for help against the other changelings which they gladly help against Chrysalis, after the wedding Twilight introduces Orion to their queen.

This Idea is amazing you really have a talent for creating characters.

Also I would like to say thank you for the help, without you I don't think this story could be half as good as you've helped me make it.

Comment posted by JohnrId03 deleted May 16th, 2018

I'm thinking about making a story but the problem is I don't know what it would be about.

Well I'd play to your strength You have amazing ability to create characters so play on that... if you want more advice PM me and I'll help you more.

If you happen to think of any pony OC's let me know. I need a few more good nobles and a whole bunch of pony characters, Also I want to add Maud but don't know how. While I don't want a Pinkie Assassin I think Maud would make n awesome assassin. :twilightsmile:

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