Dive Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game also Know as a DMMO-RPG It's a type of game that allows you to immerse yourself as if you were in it, there were many DMMO's but the most popular and famous was the game Heroes of Heaven. However after twelve years the time has come for it to end the servers to be shut down. However some endings are merely beginnings waiting to be born, my beginning was much the same. I am Shadow Nebula, the Fire Fox of Equestria and this is the story of my guild.

This story is a group project so big thanks to Prysmkitsune, Sanguine Blade, Vaguely Demented, JohnrId03 and The Cynical One for the help they are giving me on this story.

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so......... basically its overlord (the anime) but in Equestria with a fire fox instead of an OPPLSNERF skelly dude


"If some ‘magic teleport to another world' thing happens to ya...

Well THAT doesn't break immersion at all...
And after the "shutdown", the gender swap thing shouldn't have happened (though "artistic liscense" is a thing I suppose), and they're a bit too calm about the whole situation it seems. That's my take on it anyway.
That being said, I'm still interested enough to see where things go from here.

The original premise was intended to be based off Overlord completely however it was changed last minute. if you read the last chapter of my story The Return of the Reaper of Life I mention just what exactly Heroes of Heaven was. This story will be using many of the original ideas from Heroes of Heaven however it will incorporate bits form Overlord (Anime Version).
If you want more information on Heroes of Heaven then I can send you a document that has some notes that I've been able to recover. At present there's not a lot and I will be adding to/updating the document once I recover more of the files and notes for the project.
Not soon, I just finished chapter three today and it will be a while before I can start on the next chapter. I may have the next one up in a month or two but I'm not sure.

Okay, I'm sold. Looks like I'll be tracking this.


This wouldn't happen to have any connections to a slightly obscure Mobile game called Heaven Heroes would it?

Otherwise a Very well done story! I am gonna track it and wait for more!

On a side Note: What's your Updated Rotation time for your stories?

Aha! I bet this story is based off the famous Anime Overlord right?! Great story by the way. Looking forward for the next chapter. And don't worry, you and your team just take your time. A fantastic story not always come in a short time.


Has a anime named "overlod"
Good chapter.

No it doesn't, Heroes of Heaven was a Video Game that me and a group of friends worked on but never completed, if you want more information on Heroes of Heaven then I can send you a document that has some notes that I've been able to recover. At present there's not a lot and I will be adding to/updating the document once I recover more of the files and notes for the project. The reason I have so little is because when the project was cancelled everything from the notes to the concept art was divided up and given to the person who developed the idea so I have to track down and get in contact with old friends again.


You planning on restarting the Project?

Liking this shit so far. Don't let this story die cause one of u guys don't want to finish it anymore.

Just letting you know you use the wrong "ruins" it is supposed to be "Runes" this happens across the chapters you have posted.
Also really enjoying this story and that foreshadowing was top notch. Honestly hoping it can be avoided as I don't want a good celestia to bite the dust just because of her xenophobic asshole ponies.

Heroes of Heaven was cancelled for reasons that I will not explain more than it was due to outside circumstances that resulted in an incident, while I would like to pick it up and continue it I will not do so without the group that I was originally working with and that group has disbanded permanently do to the events.

I would ask that the project never be continued by anyone and while I'm okay with others viewing the ideas and notes of the project I ask it never be remade or completed.

Let's hope they can make sure that Twilight becomes the Element of Magic.


Well if you ever get the original Crew back together let me know, I would be MORE then happy to throw in some money to help getting it going. Can't throw in much, but I know every little bit helps!

I wish you good luck in the endeavors ahead and don't stress yourself too much, I may not speak for everyone but I am just content with aiding in the writing process. I think your a damn good writer no matter what way you look at it and I feverishly await anything that is ahead. Your worst is better than anything I could do so keep at it strong!

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Comment posted by thedarkalicorn deleted Jun 23rd, 2019

When she turned seven a mark appeared upon her flank in a Flask of light, a six pointed star with two leafs covering it. It was also on this same day that Aurora was given her second condition and she was made a Shrine Maiden, during this time Twilight was taught many rituals, practices and beliefs of the Priestesses.

Correction: Flash

· Dual Wield: Dual Wield allows the user to dual wield swords or guns.

well then I hope this does not mean twilight will become the next kirito (#joke)

He stood at the Emperor side till the end. Even if he has past form this land we still pray for his guidance and guidance."

Double the guidance!

I like that the sisters were all, "something must be done before our subjects do something stupid and doom us all."
Far cry from "what could this mean???"
Have a bro hoof.

I like this. The feeling is a much more... lighthearted take on Overlord.

celly's reaction to this op twi will be the best

Fixed the mistakes, thanks for pointing them out.

At least she will have more personality than him. :rainbowlaugh:

I don't plan to make this anywhere close to as dark as Overlord is, there may be some dark parts in the future but if there are they wont be too bad and they will be brief.

I recently watched Overlord and liked it.
Seeing "DMMORPG" in your description caught my attention.
I don't mind at all that y'all are taking a diverging path from both shows; it'll serve to make it all the more interesting.
Don't work yourselves too hard, you hear? :twilightsmile:


And so her journey begins. The first step to learn what can not be simply taut.:pinkiesmile:

Interesting. Looking forward to seeing how this Twilight develops.

She's soon going to be able to kick ass, eat some grass and give her usual sass.:moustache:
Got me hooked and patiently waiting for more. :twilightsmile:


Just for clarification, will this be 1 or 2?:rainbowhuh:
Personally i lean toward 2 for the world as a whole.:applejackunsure: Pones usually walk on there hind legs and use their front to handle things but go to all four when ruining in a hurry.:applejackunsure:

Twilight is a 1 however because she was raised around bipedal/anthro beings she can stand on her hind legs and walk as well have some bipedal mannerisms.

I am a bit confused about the timeline. When was the vision Celestia and Luna had?
If Twilight is a filly then it must have been quite the flashback to a thousand years ago or it was a short time jump into the future.
Or alt. universe and Nightmare Moon never happened.
Anyways. Looking forward to the continuation of the story.

Time: 8:23:31 Time Till Server Shut Down: 3:37:29

Ah inspired by the anime OVERLORD i see?

Time: 8:23:31 Time Till Server Shut Down: 3:37:29

Ah inspired by the anime OVERLORD i see?

Eup, this was originally going to be an Overlord crossover but it was changed later on.

Really want this story to update more. Especially since the first chapter actually jad someone state the most obvious reaction to something like that happening. Nobody EVER does that.

When you first mentioned the name house sunrise/fallen sunrise i immidiately thought of sunset

House Sunrise was inspired by Sunset Shimmer. I actually have a lot of lore about this noble house in particular. For now all that is needed to be known is that this particular house is descended from Clover the Clever who was mentored by Starswirl the Bearded, the ancestor of the Sparkles which is the same family Twilight is apart of. Also these two families have a rivalry that is comparable to rival mafias and don't get along at all. This won't be a big point in the story but will be mentioned in passing.

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