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Greetings, my name is W. D. Arceaion former <Redacted> of <Redacted>. I was a Human till I accidentally shattered myself across Time and Space.


H̵͖̋̂ͅể̶̜ḻ̷̦̤̉̀p̶̫̿̏ ̴̼̺̠̂̃m̷̖̲̪̋̌͗e̸̦͒̆̎,̴̛̙̽͜͜ ̸̗̓ȟ̴̺̩̭̽ȅ̸̐̽ͅl̷̮̅͆͋ͅp̶̜̗̚ ̷̧̤̥͒̔m̶̬͚̘̈́̍̚ë̴̹̺́́,̷͓̋͌ ̸̳͔̉ͅh̷̯̓̀͗e̶̖̾̓͋l̴͔̹̅̑p̸̜̱͒ ̸̲̝͘m̵̽ͅe̵̠͛̀,̴̪̱̳͋͒͝ ̷̧̼͖͆̀͝h̵̠̅̀̌e̷̡̡̿̿̉l̷̞̞̓͂p̶̱̰̉̀ͅ ̴̢̦̏͒͐m̴̰͑͠e̴͇̠̲͌̈́̎!̴̙͓̐̎ͅ ̵̙̞̕͝͝Ǐ̸̬̖̋̓t̸͚̎̏̈́ ̵̱͓͘h̴̨̟̀͒̌û̴̬̈́̕ȑ̵̢t̸͍̅s̴͈̭̄ ̴̯̥͗́s̵͍͐͒͗o̴̙̓ ̸̛̠͊m̷̻͕̀̚u̶̻͋̈͋͜c̵̩̫̜̅h̴̭̎ ̸͖̘̃́I̴͎͕͗̋͌ ̵͈͗

> Data Flow Disrupted_
> Attempting Resyncchronization_

Help me, Help me, Help me, Help me!

> System unable to resynchronize with Data Flow

It Hurts so much! I want to Forget but I can't! Please someone Help me forget!

> Terminating Data_

I Hurt, it's so cold... I'm so tired...
Nothing... there is left, no one left.

> Reformatting Data_
> Memory Alteration Initiated_

No... nothing left to protect... is my duty done...?

No it's not done We must save them, I must bring them back I must PROTECT THEM!

This is an Elsword Displaced story and despite how creepy the description is the story will not really be too bad. Now on that note the dark tag is there for a reason and there will be some adult themes going on. It's not bad enough for a teen rating but there will be some points involving depression and other things along those lines.

Chapters (4)
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Love the chapters

Nothing new so far, but I love the way you formatted the summary for this story. How the hell did you do that?

So, I'm going to guess that the alicorns and the nasod went to war with one another which lead to both of their "extinctions" (alicorns only have 2 remaining so...) maybe celestias mother was the only surviver? And had 2 children with a "lesser" form of pony before succumbing to some wound inflicted during the war? (This could help explain their apparent infertility)

Anyway I like this fic so far

So she recovered her memories before displacement or it will take more time?

She will not ever recover her memories, those are gone forever and nothing, not even another Displaced or Faust herself can bring them back; This will come into play as something important later on in the story.

Is this a displaced crossover with something? or the character is OC?

This appears to be an Elsword crossover given the Nosad are their thing.

...ok, that description was creepy as hell.

What's the good cause? Always wondered what he needs money for.

I'm not sure what the Merchant does with all his money but in this case the Merchant was referring to a charity or something similar. He took the money and invested it all under Ms. Steels name making sure it went into medical research, charities and other non-profit organizations. He made sure it was all linked back to Ms. Steel to insure that her family knew that they had failed in screwing over his client. As promised he gave Ms. Steel the final Fuck You she wanted to give her family.

Interesting interaction with the merchant. Don't see many characters call out the merchant specifically.

Celestia stood looking over the remains of an ancient facility, at her side stood a mare with tan coat and black mane and tail. "So any idea what exactly this is?" The Mare asked as he looked to the Princess.

As SHE looked.

Celestia shook her head. "No, they decay slowly." She said as she rose. "But this doesn't make sense, the way these tubes are smashed shows it was done by an outside force." She muttered as she looked around. "Somethings wrong here, some oner destroyed these containers willingly and who ever did it used magic, it's fain't but there's definitely a magic signature." She said as she rose and increased the light. "Stay close to me Ms. Do, what ever did this may have left traps." She said as she began to walk deeper into the chamber.


Reboot? What was rebooting? She thought as she began to wake. More code flashed before her eyes and she felt her systems coming on line more.

Coming ONLINE ONCE more

"Are here to terminate me?" Eve asked her stance still defensive as if she were expecting to be attacked.

Are YOU here

Eve nodded her head sadly. "Then he has most likely passed." She said before rising. "I apologies for such a delayed introduction but this has all been moving too fast." She said as he bowed. "I am Eve, Queen of the Nasod. I was designed Dr. Adrian Nasod with the capability to understanding emotions as a means to balance out Adam logic." She said with a bow.

I was designed BY
Also balance out adam logic? Is that a thing or was that a grammer lapse?

"While Adam may have attacked I don't think he really was interesting in killing you simply making you leave." She said calmly. "Adam can’t harm living organics but he will fi needed to protect or if he is given orders that require him to. After all he is first and for most a builder; destruction is just not in his nature."

But he will IF needed

"Some Nasod Like I have access to many skills and abilities, at present most of my features are locked as most of my internal components have sustained heavy damage." She explained calmly. "Because of this damage I am limited to my base form and base abilities however one the abilities I possess is called Dimension Link. This ability permits me to open a dimensional door allowing transportation to any location I desire as long as I have coordinates."

However one OF the abilities

I got over 2000 words done for the next chapter but some IRL problem that have stalled my writing for a while. I'll be back soon hopefully but I can't say.

Celestia frowned. "What do you think He meant by us coming to slay their Queen?" She asked causing Darring to shrug.

Geez I dont know, could it have anything to do with the other dead Nasods who were apparently killed with magic :ajbemused:

Just wondering but is this fic alive?

Yes I've just been unable to sit down and get a proper update out.

you did good to.start and it helps put a huge amount of distrust on the nobels hrmmmmm i wonder if celestia and luna will let eve have the top 4 alone in a room for a few minuets if she peomises not to kill them

Sadly Luna’s not freed from Nightmare Moon yet; Twilight isn’t even Celestia’s apprentice yet; and Celestia won’t let Eve speak to the ponies alone due to what she might do to them. Remember Eve is the queen of an advanced race of mechanical being so advanced that they might as well be impossible to ponies. She doesn’t know what Eve would do when confronted with them, and her concerns will be shown in the coming chapters.

Eve might even lose her temper during the trial.

Does Laby appear in this story?

No, only Eve and other Nasod will appear.

1. It's alive!
2. Good chapter
3. Did you proofread it like it all? It's overall still good, but some typos is ruining the mood of the chapter for me.

Yes I proofread it and ran it through spell check however both of these aren't perfect. If you find any mistakes please leave them in the comments and I'll fix them as soon as I can.

I wonder if they'll publicly release those videos? And if she becomes known as a queen then where should her land be? Will she be "given" a bit of land surrounding all her ruins? So that on a map it would be a disjointed mess?

Great work keep it up

A figure walks up behind the merchant quietly. Watching him finish sending off his newest customer, the figure stood silently...Once the customer was gone in a flash of light, the figure cleared their 'throat'.

"Another one Merchant?"

The merchant spun around. Chuckling slightly, he replied. "Yes, and this wanted it. Surprising."

The figure chuckled. "I've noticed that you've been slowing down recently. Run out of good customers?" The merchant shakes their head. "No, just waiting for the right customer, now excuse me. I have things to sell."

With that, the merchant walks out of the armory. The figure smiles as he leaves. "Another one, time to start the welcome wagon." The figure taps their cane lightly on the metal floor, and disappears in a flash of blue light and a bright, teeth filled smile.

A figure watched from a distance, crouched. Cold, calculative eyes watched the two Equestrians as they approached the stasis pod. Their eyes following every movement the two did, prepared to engage if necessary. They then saw one of them speak. And, to themselves, "Indeed Princess Celestia. You are correct..."
Then in a flash, they disappeared.

A beeping sound is heard in a darkened lab. An Automautic voice is heard playing on the monitor. {Dimensional Gateway detected. Destination: Canterlot Castle. Tracking occupants....Occupants: Princess Celestia, Daring Do, Unknown Synthetic. Monitoring Gateway. ERROR. Logging error. Complete.}

The labs lights flash on. A figure walks in, along with the distinct tapping of a cane. {Sir. Interception of Dimensional Gateway? [Y/N]} [N]. {Monitoraztion inciated. Monitoring gateway.}

The figure looked up at the terminal. "Things are about to get interesting for sure..."

The figure looked up at the paused video. It showed the faces of four ponies. Tapping their chin softly. The figure turn on their heel and walked towards a window. In the distance, standing proud on a mountain side, was Canterlot. The figures fingers tap on their cane thoughtfully. "Hmm....If Celestia doesn't punish them properly, well." The figure flashed a demonic teeth filled smile. "Then the Executioner of Judgement Hall will deal with them."

:D more plz?

Well, this is different.

You earned a follower.

10 points for thinking outside of the box

The Monk
“Puberty was a curse for those inflicted with it, and boundless amusement for others who survived the process.” -Scarheart

Good start hope to see more

<Unknown Data detected>
Searching... ... ...
Initiating Dive
————Code dive successful————
———Source Code dive successful——
——Quantum Code dive successful——
—Hyper Quantum Code dive successful—

Error ... ... ... dive detected

Error System incompatable
{comment: Sorry Fury, I owe you a new drive
error Notice detectEEEE____ SySSStTeem UuunNder{overriding <run Wave Breaker> Virus repelled
{comment And Stay Down- LP}

"Well well well.... That's a funny joke"
{Forcive entry. Level E R R O R. Entry complete}

Light Pulse
Lv42(Genocide On Viruses)
Alignment Antiviral
{notice- out of range to interact with World( Story)}

Need more of this story in my life as well as a sequel when this story finishes.

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