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[Displaced] I was at the New York Anime convention cosplaying Acnologia, but I was missing the necklace. I found it at a vendor in the convention, but as soon as I put it on I woke up in fucking Equestria, AS Acnologia. At least I have both of my arms.

Edit: I am open for crossovers! Just message me and let me know!

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I fucking love this! Why? It's because I'm a Fairy Tail fan.


Anyway, great chapter!!!:twilightsmile:

Thank you! And trust me, there will be more. However they might come out at different times and they might come out scattered as I'm starting high school on Wednesday, and I wont have a lot of free time, but when I do it will be spent writing this story!

Good luck then! And don't worry, I (hopefully 'we') can wait patiently. Take your time.

I don't really understand too much about the displacement stuff, but this story has got me hooked. One because its some good writing, two its fairy tail. Which I've been keeping up with every episode as it comes out. Really good so far please keep it up

These comments are awsome! Seriously this is my second story on this site and I feel so honored right now! THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH! Thank you for the encouraging words! Thank you so much!

I can't wait for the next chapter, but dont rush yourself take your time to produce the best you can.

Loving this story so far great displaced fic, looks like Zeref and Mavis showed up at the end, question is are they the Fairy Tail cannon ones or fellow displaced like Acnologia. Cant wait to see Mane 6 Reaction to Dragon form as well as Discord fight since as a Magia Dragon Acnologia was immune to almost all magic.

I love this chapter because one it's fairy tail, two it's acnologia and therd it's fairy tail how doesn't like fairy tail

So if he is Acnologia isn't he basically immune to everything in Equestria? If I remember right he is able to consume any type of Magic element and/or "evil" aura to replenish himself.

Love the quality so far, tracking. I don't know much about Fairy Tail yet.

Why the heck he started to cry out of nowwhere? , ist not like he saw his kid die or something

Well he did have the memories of acnologia now, and in top of that he could feel the pain that acno felt as he watched sonya die sooooooooooo

And because of the lore I'm planning for this story

"Edit: I'm also open to doing a crossover with someone."

But you're only at chapter 2 even with your story around 8000 words. I feel it is too soon for you to be doing that as your character(s), the story's plot, and the world needs more time to grow.

It's really just a "to let you know that im open to it and if you want to then let me know when it should happen" im sorry if I didnt clarify. I have a bad habit of not clarifying things like this.

Great chapter introducing Zeref and Mavis to the Mane 6. Looks like next time the Displaced Acnologia will be “reunited” with the Black Wizard and the Fairy Tactician looking forward to that.

Thanks for the support! I really apriciate it!

And I believe that you have given me an idea for the title of the next chapter... Hehehehehhehehe

Oh, it's quite alright. Thank you for clearing up the confusion.

Great story so far. I've only read one other Displaced fic where characters from the cosplayer's fictional reality come to Equestria,, The White Fang of Equestria, and I can say that this is another great example of that so far.

I also kinda like the whole Luna and Acnologia ship you've got going on. While some stories feel a bit rushed about it being "true love" I think this one makes it work by just speeding past the whole, "Oh we both really like each other but we're too scared and are dancing around it for three chapters when our relationship should have lasted longer before we reached this awkward phase." Just getting it out of the way in the first chapter feels right for this story. Can't wait to see where you take it.

*mlp intro song intensifies*

Try the Gilgamesh story sometime,you should love it.

Also, cant blame Luna for falling hard. Positive reinforcement and hair strokes with fingers do alot to encourage someone.:ajsmug:

Read that a while back, but thanks for the suggestion. Gilgamesh was one of the top tier Displacement stories on FimFiction, wish the author continued it.

After getting used to calling Acnologia, Quill lunch had ended.

The , Is in the wrong place.

It wont be like that for long. I'm working on the newest chapter, and in spoilers, could you tell me who you guess is the newest mage?

You have me intrigued though if I’m honest you could use a editor to check your grammar and the info dump felt like it was to much still despite that I eagerly await more and I wonder if you can teach spike

*Rubs hands together in a maniacal way* you'll have to wait and see. My friend.

Quill smiled slightly, and saw the Main six, Spike and Zeref also sitting there. All of them except for Fluttershy and Rarity had surprised looks. I quickly explained about how I enrolled Serena in school, and how I had gotten a job at the school. I also had to explain what had happened for Serena to become my son, and surprisingly
Pinkie Pie was the only one who understood it.

*Shifts from third person to first.

Great chapter in my opinion. Interesting to have Quill technically be a Displaced who was sent to Earth before he was Displaced into Equestria.

Thanks for the compliment, and thank you for catching that editing error. It's always the little things that evade me.

Serena just hopped off the bench and walked up to his adoptive father. Diamond Tiara, and Silver Spoon were just dumbfounded and shocked that Serena had just roasted the shit out of them. It took around ten seconds for them to snap out of it, and once they did snap out of it they turned around to see their teacher Quill, looking at them with a smug look on his face. The two fillies walked inside and took a seat with Silver's face deep in thought, as Diamond looked at Serena with an evil glare.

Daaaannnnnmmmmmm🤣🤣🤣💩 get rekt kid

Great chapter dude.😁👍 keep up the great work👍
Can't wait for the fight.😄

I hope his hair would eather be like a super saiyan thing where it would grow or shorten if not and he wants it short he could sell a lot of wigs for cash🤑

You deserve it. Also, just post stuff like this on your blog if you can, and keep up the awesome work.

I love this story along with the new Queen one you did I can't wait to see what happens next in both of them. Read you later. :)

If I had it my way you would have several thousand likes




Aww!!! Thank you all so much!! I love your support and it's readers like you who keep me motivated!

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