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Returned from vacation. Working on a book once more.


This book is based on Fairy Tail and My little pony: Friendship is magic. It is set in the world of Fairy tail, I recommend watching it, but it is not required.

At the age of six, Twilight got into an accident after a spell had gone awry. This caused her to get teleported into the world of Fairy Tail. This will also cause her to turn into a human with amnesia.

Here she will learn about family in many different sizes and forms. And the art of combat and fighting.

Will she return to her parents in Equestria? Or is she doomed to stay in the world of Fairy Tail? Read this book to find out. This is book 1.

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new story. new crazy stuff on the way.

heh. its a gift. i got lots of manga that are really thick.

now that is jest sweet. also i think twilight jest meet someone she would see as a sister.:twilightsmile:

Gee, I wonder who that could be?

now more friends are being made.

This story come in fast.

hmmm. that 'book'. talk about a crazy serch.

hmm... at the moment, laxus has a good relationship with makarov... wonder when he stared going downhill?

very interesting story so far. can't wait to see more.

keep up the good work, and remember "Have Fun With It."

Don't worry. I can only work on it if I have the mental fortitude to work on it. Which I currently do, besides I have another book I will need to finish as well.

saint status immediately upon becoming S-rank? boy, has there ever been a 10 year old Srank/saint?

twilight sure is a trial blazer. she is getting high tittles at such a young age.

twilight sure is a trial blazer. getting high tittles at a young age.

ok wow. jest .... wow.

wow. by the time we get to the story the guild will be so well equipped it'll be a mini town.

Lmao it would be a shame when a certain iron dragon comes and ruins it all.
And HE will come...

if he dose ruin it twilight will give him such an ear full it'll be more then enough punishment from the guild. i'll bet even natsu wouldn't mess with twi during the time them growing up.

man. if things keep going at this pace for twilight she'll be the 'Ace card' for everyone to survive.

hmmmm. so fairy tail well get 2 first class A rank female members before lucy comes in and one of them will be a saint. nice.

saint status already? that makes 2 saints in fairy tail then... also- i like how you're trying to do the one piece shtick.

healing potion given to lisanna an dkept on her person this early? yes please. the coin magic? ah, oracion seis member angel.also, with twilight communication ability, she can go off radar but remain in contact with leharl. and yajima...

this is easily one of my fav twilight solo stories.

What happens next???

And thus her adventure has finally begun for Twilight Scarlet.🧙‍♀️

i wonder how twilight will handle meeting lucy when she comes back.

Who knows? And Vince, do you need a proofreader? You know, someone to check for mistakes?

No, not really.
I prefer not to, I mostly just proofread it myself and grammar check it also.
I am a bit of a loner, I just don't feel comfortable having someone check my work that I don't personally know.

On top of that, I don't mind people commenting mistakes that you found in the story.

I understand, I don't know anyone on this site.... But the story is really good so far!

Besides, nobody is perfect

did zeref help them?

"Sounds like a trap." Twilight said as her tone did a three sixty. She sounded like a professional and an annoyed one at that.

I think you meant 180 since a 360 is a complete rotation.

Ooooo. This is pretty good. Can't wait for more

Are you keeping the spell in the story

Yes. Every spell that was previously casted will stay permanently.

Every spell previously casted, that include spells from specials. Are counted up. Which means,
Yes, the Sombra spell is here to stay.

Thanks for the info just sum other writers don't keep the special out

heh heh. twilight is making far more friends then tia ever thought.

Fun chapter, and I wonder what will happen when Twiley and Lucy meet.

That maid is sus

I would I like to see Twilight be able to go in between Magnolia and Equestria at any time she wants at the end of this fanfiction

nicely done on this chapter.:moustache:🍵

Theory confirmed world's are connected via books for every book is a new world to explore except learning books :ajsmug:

More like certain books have magical properties. Think enchanted books or necronomicons. There was a reason why it was sealed. Of course books without enchantments won't do anything. Atleast nothing magical.

This principal exists in both Fairy Tail and MLP. Canon or not.

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