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Those who are good who protect live with light and dark can join but with morals, I will discuss with you what you want to do okay

p.s. if you want to talk or chat or want to talk bold ideas for your stories I could help maybe just Private Message me

you want to read romance and sex or romance or sex wall here is Displaced Shipping (sigh):yay:

now if you want your displaced to have a Pure dragon lord as a displacer you no ware to go to choose
Pure Dragon Lords


  1. if the storie have's slavers being kill buy Displaced good but if the Displaced is doing the slaver will that go's for the Cannibals -_- DIE okay same goes for raping (Evil Laugh)

not than thinking on rules for now :twilightsmile:

if their are any Spike Crossovers I would like to have permission to add it please

I am making a separate area of old groups (sorry to anyone who thinks I am talk bad to there groups so sorry)

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so why did you come to my group Please

why do you like my group i would just ask you this would you like join my group or not a yes or no will do so why

so should i add any thing else?

no no it is okay but next time pot them in their groups okay

ask permission to add your displaced please thank you

Sorry, I didn't know if it was allowed to place stories in multiple folders but I saw some and didn't anyway. If it was not allowed, then just inform me and I will remove them.

and what story is that

I'm not sure if my story would fit in any of those categories

so any displaced's i should no to add in to Displaced Shipping?

Happy New Year!!!

is any one going to talk or chat with me sigh i gets not

who want to make story's for me?

what morals do you have for join the pure dragon council

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