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Love to write original stories; along with possible crossovers from well known series.


After defeating Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Queen Chrysalis with the help of her dear friends, Princess Twilight Sparkle is about to truly ascend to the throne and rule over Equestria in both Luna and Celestia's stead. Unfortunately, her ascension isn't what she was expecting, and a shocking revelation is made.

Foreknowledge of 'Ark: Survival Evolved' isn't entirely necessary, but it does help nonetheless. :pinkiehappy:

Editor: Demondude.

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Well, this is gonna be interesting.

Cadance standing in the green corner.

good story and interesting

I found this on accident didn’t even know you published it yet lol.

Welcome, welcome! :pinkiehappy:

Interesting premise, though I'm not sure if this is a crossover with some franchise I'm unfamiliar with? It mentioned Mars, so is Mars terraformed into Equus here? Guess that'll be explained later.

Your grammar needs work though. There are many capitalization and punctuation errors, as well as some spelling ones. I really considered stopping part-way in because it was disrupting the flow of the story. You really should get a proof-reader.

Thank you for that, I appreciate it! :pinkiehappy:
For the time being it's just me trying to edit it but I do definitely need a proof reader. :rainbowlaugh:

Sometimes it is better to live in blissful ignorance than it is to deal with the agonizing reality of it all.

Indeed, for those of us who knows about the Arks true purpose... they'll wish they remained ignorant. Sadly, that last bit with Helena kind of screwed that up. :rainbowlaugh:

Of course Discord is in on it. I bet he simply gone rogue at some point.

seems interesting especially most of the ARK fanfics while also very few, are mostly inactive. i have high hopes this is gonna be neato burrito.

I appreciate that a lot! :pinkiehappy:
I hope to do the Ark fans proud and I am dedicated to doing this game justice here just like Terraria in my other story.

“What in da’ world is that, Twi?” - Applejack.

“My word, darlings. I must say that this thing looks so... Beautiful.” - Rarity.

“Oh, um, maybe that’s not it but, then again, maybe you’re right pinkie.” - Fluttershy.

This is how you attribute quotes when you're making a documentary or a biography, and are using the quote as a stand-alone and not part of a conversation with others. It is not how you attribute dialogue to a particular character in a fanfiction (or any other form of writing).

I know it sounds repetitive, but using said Fluttershy, or said Pinkie Pie, etc., even when doing it multiple times over the course of a conversation, is the grammatically correct form.

Ah ok, I appreciate the help. I get the feeling that others might see your comment and might respond negatively but to them I say: Please don't, this is constructive criticism and helps me in the future. :pinkiehappy:

Let's hope he doesn't follow a certain other rogue Overseer if he goes against his "Design". :twilightoops:

I just realized. Did Discord create Celestia and Luna?

“Aha! So you are hiding something! Why else would you try to silence Pinkie Pie and you seem to forget that the rest of us heard you! Very clearly. ”

One thing that struck as I read this chapter is if carry over into the next chapter. A....supplication by Discord towards Helen. It would cash in on one theme, explore character all while yanking the chains of all these characters.

You mention Celestia fears what Discord the God fears. If you dont do a exposition dump. Which you have not, this would throw every other story beat in stark contrast. For instance if Discord is afraid what do they have that could stop, it?

Fyi I dont know anything about Ark. Further I am open to criticism this after all just my opinion.

Thank for the chapter and have a kind day!

Today’s chapter may or may not explores that :raritywink:
I can’t really talk about it due to possible spoilers but for those who are familiar with the arks Overseer...
let’s hope the ponies don’t get depressed by what they learn.

I appreciate that! :pinkiehappy:
And don’t worry, all feedback is more than welcomed. Constructive criticism is best criticism and your comment is proof of that :pinkiehappy: All shall be revealed to aid the exposition within the next chapters.

I shall start being first here now.

Hmm, Nice Nice. This chill. You made this interesting. It could have been a boring bit. But, you made it fun and interesting. My worry was that you would run with Crusaders, Forever. This naturally did not happen and what wonders this does. The tension is real, now. That little umph! From Celestia, nice touch!

So, Thank You!

Have a Kind Day!

Thank you very much! You have a nice day as well. :pinkiehappy:

did the survivor actualy die or has she just lost track of him/her?

I really want to answer but to do so would also spoil things. The best I can say is to please hang in there. :pinkiehappy:
I can however say this without spoiling anything: This AI is an extension of Helena.

The pursuit of knowledge can drive someone insane. The desire to help can make a savior look like a tyrant. Anyone can change if they learn something they shouldn't learn or do something they shouldn't do.

extention as in can be independent if cut off then will reintergrate after a connection is made again or something else? also do the ponys and other creatures have implants?

Sorry for the late reply. That is a yes to both questions. :pinkiehappy:
I should’ve been more specific when I said that but you actually explained it exactly like how it works in game. Revealing the implants isn’t a spoiler, since that plays a massive role of course in Ark. It’s how this is revealed to the ponies, and Equus, that I can’t wait to show you all.

is the "magic" to do with implants in the ponys and other cretures and if so would it be possible in the world you are writing for survivers to learn magic like the ponys do through practice or a update to their implants?

I'm liking your Ark story a whole lot better than what I had in mind for my own story attempt.

All shall be revealed! :heart::pinkiehappy:
I have something special in mind and hopefully it’ll make everyone say: “well damn... well played.”

“How’s it going Tempest?!”, Scootaloo exclaims.

In dialogue, when ending a sentence with a question mark or exclamation point, there is no need for a comma afterwards. And in situations where there is normally a period instead, and you replace it with a comma to denote that someone was speaking and that the character's identity is about to be addressed, the comma goes inside the ending quotation marks, not after it.

For example:
"How's it going, Tempest?" Scootaloo exclaims.
"Look, there's Tempest! Let's go ask her," Scootaloo exclaims.


I’ll take a piece of that action.”, Starlight interjects.

Should be:
"I'll take a piece of that action," Starlight interjects.

No period is necessary when you're introducing the identity of the speaker, and the comma moves inside the ending quotation marks.

Oooohhhhhhgod. I never really knew the Ark lore that much beyond get the stones to kill the spider but ooohhhh goood.

Yeah, I kind of mixed the established lore in game with my own small twist thrown in. The advanced humans for example are something the devs hinted at. Someone asked them if the Arks were made by aliens to which one of them answered somewhere along the lines of: "Why does it have to be aliens?"

It's a crossover with ARK: Survival Evolved, an open world survival craft game where you're a stone age person with weird cybernetics on an island full of dinosaurs, but then it turns out the entire thing is a space colony with a bad AI admin and the earth is on fire/being eaten by nanomachines. IIRC the AIs were supposed to quietly nudge their humans towards becoming apex predators capable of retaking the earth but they all went nuts and focused solely on causing disaster after disaster because muh survival of the fittest.

You're pretty much right on that. I'm adjusting things around a bit for the story but that's pretty much accurate. Me personally, I'd like to call what happened on Earth an infection born from the element.

1. mega mec of freindship
2. will the problem with rockwell occer in your story?
3. are you going to send them through other arks first before the earth one?
4. your opinion on the rockwell situation and an explanation on it for those that might be confused about what is happening with him.
5. because you cant go in detail and spoil the story is the surviver dead or infectid?
6. since they already sucseedid in defeting discord are they elegable for accention?

1: Discord is very different from the other Overseers which will be revealed.

2: YES! Rockwell is mandatory.

3: Yes, since it’s in the story description I can happily say that they will go to The Island and go from there to the other canon Arks.

4: That will also be expanded upon. 😀

5: If you’re referring to the survivor Helena mentioned in the prologue, the one she felt was promising, I sadly can’t say anything on that.

6: Yuup! That’s actually how they’re getting off of Equus.

The story might not seem friendly to those who know nothing about ARK but I shall promise that all will be revealed.

sort of living infection complete with a hivemind

Meanwhile, in another universe, Ocram sneezed.

Wait... Arks were around for quite some time, but ponies are actual replicas of cartoon characters...
So does that means that they were created only like two or something years ago? Because it would be strange if Discord created the Ark, let the time go by and only then remembered that “Oh yeah, the characters!”

go from there to the other canon Arks.

Aww, no Center or Crystal Isles? :pinkiesad2:

That will actually be revealed in Pt:2 😁
It seems weird now but what will be revealed in the next chapter will set everything up. 👌

will celestia, luna and cadence be leaving the ark aswell?

holy crap, I was on the fence about this at first but I gotta see where you take this.

Yeah, I thought so. The only explanation that made sense was a constant re-origination of the Ark.

Regarding their implants.
I can almost see this.
“Wait, I need to check my inventory and stats.” Says the pony as she looks back and stares intently at her butt.

Not for The Island, buuuuuuuut....

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