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A Perverted Brony who likes NSFW anthro/human stories. I am currently in progress of writing a crossover story. I hope you all come and read it sometime. :pinkiehappy:

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  • 31 weeks
    Update. Good and Bad news.

    After heading to the hospital and getting a doctors opinion. I have good news and bad news. And I’ll start with the good cause it’ll lead up to the bad.

    Good news. It’s not Covid, a heart attack, or a stroke. Or anything that can kill me.


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  • 32 weeks
    Update and IRL talk

    Hello everypony, it’s me, ThePerverted1EyedBrony, now, for those of you curious about the story, it’s still ongoing. I just had a problem where my digital copy of ARK wouldn’t update and therefore wouldn’t let me play. But when it did, it had said corrupted files, when I explored my mods, I found out one had been discontinued since 2 years ago, so I deleted it and the update worked today, and I have been playing it for inspiration.

    Now, for the IRL stuff.

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NP. I enjoyed it, so I gave it a fav.

Thanks for liking The Queen's Proposition!

Np. Thanks for your good stories.

Thank you for the favorite.

Comment posted by 21 KM To Nerdiness deleted Nov 13th, 2021

Thanks for the fave


You stay safe too, especially with as contagious as that Delta variant is.

No problem. I enjoyed it. And as I always say, Stay safe.:pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fave.

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