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Hey guys I'm here and hope you guys enjoy the fic that I'm currently working on. Also, neither of us are on during the day, so we're only one once in a while or at night, hope you enjoy :)

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  • 18 weeks

    I'm sorry to those of you that like the No Better Title series, I've just been busy with school and life in general, it's really annoying how real life gets in the way of projects, (For school, here, and other things. Hope any of you that have been waiting for the next chapter in Arc II you don't need to worry; I just put it up. Hope you all enjoy your Easter's. Bye.:pinkiehappy:

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  • 26 weeks
    ACR-II Can Finally be worked on.

    Yes. Now that I've gone through and edited each chapter I will start work on the second arc of the series. I hope you all enjoyed the plot twist at the end of the first arc. And don't worry; they'll be more characters introduced that may or may not have a big affect in the overall story.:trollestia:

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I'm on an mmo · 5:08am Nov 20th, 2017

Yes, I have an account on an mmo RPG? it's specifically Echo of Soul, if anyone wants to win a prize, (Early access to the next chapter) all you have to do is add me to your party, in front of me, and say the name of my fic, and this phrase, "No Better Title - Arc I is something I've read," and you win. have fun finding my character, and if you find my friends character, and say the same thing, you'll also win. in the message afterwards please state what the name of your account is on

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Contest Rules · 5:29pm Nov 2nd, 2017

For anyone who wishes to participate in the title and cover art contest please look below for the rules to each contest and their repective rewards.

Title Contest Rules:
1. Must be posted in the comment section of the fic.
2. You must explain why you think that title would fit well with this fic.
3. You must state in the comment that the title idea you have is for this contest or it won't be entered.

Title Contest Reward:

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Comment posted by ThePerverted1EyedBrony deleted Nov 10th, 2017

Hope you guys can't wait for the next chapter, I've been working on it a lot, and again, please leave positive feedback. Don't leave anything negative unless it's to bring up a point. Again Please leave positive feedback on the fic, and don't worry, the finale for earth has finally been decided, and I hope to write the fight scene that you guys think is epic. so please enjoy the current parts of the fic, and remember to leave positive feed back.

From the writer.
PS: Me and my friend share this account and I've been the one editing most of his posts so they don't come off as rude. so any rude comments from here, please don't go after me, the writer.

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