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A Perverted Brony who likes NSFW anthro/human stories. I am currently in progress of writing a crossover story. I hope you all come and read it sometime. :pinkiehappy:


As the Main 7 are having a slumber party, Pinkie decides to have everyone try the hottest game she’s been hearing about around Canterlot High, but when they go to start, something weird happens, and when they awaken they find themselves stuck on an island surrounded by dinosaurs long thought exctinct. Will they survie? Will they be able to get home? Will they be eaten? And what is on those two large birds coming our hero's way? Find all that out and more.

In the prologue I will TRY to remain as canon as possible, but once the prologue is done, the characters will have OOC bounds to me, which means I can have them act how I would like, but keep them close to their canonical selfs as I can, but I will have certain things added here as the story goes on, look forward to it.:trollestia:

I hope you enjoy this Ark: Survival Evolved crossover.

Rights to Ark go to WildCard, while MLP:EG rights go to Hasbro and Lauren Faust/all other owners. For all the characters/material from their respective titles.

Editor: SolarEgo (thank you for you helping):pinkiehappy:

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i have interest, let's see where this goes, if anywhere.

question to the writer of this are you going by the game rules like respawns and the story or is there permadeath

You'll have to wait and find out...and also because I am still debating on that as well. And once I've made my descion it'll be obvious.

Thank you for your read and question. :pinkiehappy:

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