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Years of violence, training, murder and a whole lot of trauma and even more training.

Years of him in that hellhole, he was tired, drained, he was sure he will never sleep in a bed ever again not because it wasn't comfy but because it was too comfy.

He thought that if he finished school quicker than everything would be done, he could go back home and feel safe. He was wrong and he was forced to survive in a world just to find a way back.

He just wanted a home, was that really so hard?

He just didn't expect to actually be sent back home.

To a home, he thought he had forgotten.

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This definitely has potential... I'll keep tabs on this for sure

GET IN MA LIBARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to read more. Also interested on what just cursed our lovable Brad.

Very interesting indeed...

"Jailer"? I wonder if Flash is the equivalent to a Knight of the Order of the Guardians of Shushus, but with a symbionte.

Oh wow, that was actually a genuinely unexpected reveal, I'm excited to read more of this~

You had my interest, and now you have my attention.

Oh crap! It's Chrysalis!

Well here's something you don't see every day. Gonna keep this on watch.

I am certainly interested in reading more of this story. I certainly wasn't expecting Chrysalis to be the woman, though she's obviously not the Chrysalis we know.

Is there any reason that her pronouns aren’t capitalized? It happened enough that it’s either a very frequent error or deliberate on your part.

So, he was a child and he was there for years upon years. Very interesting.

If that is Venom then great job in realizing that klyntars (venoms race) are all female. After all there the last ones that give birth, so through human technicalities there (klyntars) shes.

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