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Sunset Shimmer's is happy for the first time in a long time. She's accepted, has wonderful friends, and a life many would envy. Sure the person she loves may not return that love, and yes not everyone forgave the former demon, but that will change.

Unfortunately for young Sunset, that change will destroy her entire way of life.

This was a commission for a patron and is a patreon supported story and will update monthly alongside the other stories.

Check out its sister story over here if you want something less serious.

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Calling it now, Tempo is the one whos sending the monsters to 'rewrite' the brainwashing to his own agenda and force Foxtrot's hand. SO he's has justification to 'save' Sunset and mold her into his anti Celestia campaign.

only problem is, Tia is going to retire. lol

This is a dark take on the Elements. Gonna watch this one.

Holy shit this combo

Calling it now: this is a long-con. This Perfect Tempo fellow, by his own words, controls the staff of this facility, and likely is the person who sent the tar monsters to begin with. He told those guys to put Sunset into solitary, and now he's taking advantage of the result.

The other theory, so far, is that we're seeing things from Sunset's position, which has been compromised. The dragon imparted a vision already, what if Sunset never actually was able to "kill" it? So, Sunset is trapped inside the hell the person controlling these creatures has created for her... That at least makes the underground facility make more sense; there's no reason to invest in it unless it's all actually fake.... A counter point to there being no reason is that this Perfect Tempo character wanted them to gather powerful things, under the guise of protecting people, but for his own usage. Dunno, lots of directions. We'll have to see!

Not a single tax dollar? Now, I know that's a lie.

Hmm, Perfect's been there and shaped history. Let's see how hard this goes sideways for the girls once they start looking into him.

Perfect Tempo gives them a little "reason you suck" speech there at the end about trusting Sunset. Good for him.

Sunny, bringing them along is going to turn out to be a mistake, if only because they're going to probably tell Princess Sparkle Butt about this whole thing.

Well I see the Spectacular 7 falling apart faster than a lead balloon.

I'm confused... How can a serious story be related to a silly story?

did not understand your question can elaborate?

They are both patreon supported stories that update monthly.

So the limiters, and the blinders, are off. Well, lets see what happens now.

That little bit with Sunset's memory of Celestia berating her maid was heart-wrenching, and yet, made perfect sense considering what we've been learning about Harmony in this world. I'm not surprised that it enforces heteronormativity. In that light, I have a feeling I know what Twi was going to say once the Element's conditioning got scrubbed out of her brain. But, I'll just wait to see if I'm right.

It not they don't trust her. They wonder if she being misled into something that doesn't seem bad at first but is actually bad . People who end up with abusive spouses are that position. And they don't want anything bad to happen to her.

If they want trust they have to give it. Being concerned that sunset maybe getting tricked in to a bad path is one thing but she demon really. Talk about hurtful. After being told to be on their best behavior. They can't keep their mouths shut


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