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How I failed to write a multiverse story 5 times and still haven't learned my lesson. · 1:11am March 12th

I will try not to mess around and keep telling the story of my life and I will jump right in to report the ideas and processes that I thought about last year +/-, but I love to give context too much. So context: So basically I don't currently have what it takes to be a writer, even if I try hard, but I'm a guy full of ideas and influences, despite being a heavy cost I managed to pay for one of my ideas to be written and with help something interesting came up, but the quality of my idea was not

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Thanks for the fav!

my criticism of your fanfic is that sunset leaves his role in RPG all the time and this breaks the immersion in fantasy

Fucking wanker.

Awww, thankies for liking Li'l Chryssy, awesome possum!

Hope you enjoyed it. :twilightsheepish:

Thanks for adding Cards Against the Princesses to your library!

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