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I made this group for people like me who enjoy reading good stories but aren't completely in the MLP Fandom. My hope is to have a library of interesting stories and active discussion in the forums.

The focus of this group is on stories that are unique then the standard. Either taking the source material in a new direction or messing with tropes in fun ways. This usually leads to darker, more realistic stories but that's just because they are usually more grounded and dynamic and not because we want to be "edgy." This is the meaning behind the name Freedom VS Harmony, With Harmony standing for all the used up tropes and just bad writing that happens in low quality works and Freedom standing for all the unique and unexplored paths writing can take given time, effort, and inspiration. So have fun exploring the archive and don't be afraid to be unique.

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What this group name means in my eyes :

Tell me if you guys want more folders added or something.

I hope everyone is staying safe. I am happy that the group continues to grow despite me not really being on the site for some time.

Feel free to message me even if it says I have been offline for a long time, I will reply as soon as I get the alert.

Hello :D
Interesting group you have, you have my attention now.

Remember to add new stories to the library and help the group grow.

Any story is fine. High quality is preferable. The forum is also free for everyone to use.

Well, I like the idea of the group, so I'm joining.

Though I don't know if my stories would fit here.

So I just noticed that the number next to the member list is stories added. If everyone who joins added even just one story I'm sure we would be on our way to growing into a more mainstream group.

Haven't been on here for a while (The stories I was following just wouldn't update and I couldn't find anything good at the time.) I've instead been on spacebattles and sufficientvelocity which have a lot of good content. I'm happy that the group has continued to grow but it seems like the community is dead since nothing there has been no posts in two years. Hopefully things pick up. All members, new and old are free to discuss anything they want in the forums or add stories that they enjoy to the library.

Sounds like an interesting band, I'll be sure to give it a look over whenever I start working on it again. Right now though I'm working on some other things, but hopefully later on I can add the story to this delicious group~ <3

Those are a annoying. I will like to help if you want me too.

I have an idea. Look up a band called All Good Things on YouTube. They have really epic and inspiring music that might help get you get in the mood or something. The music is good either way.

Oh yeah, I love that series. This is what the story is, I actually have about five-six chapters done. Just been working on it slowly over the months.
I know plenty about it, I'm just stuck with blocks, but thanks for the offer.

So you are going to do some Red Faction? I might be able to help. Don't know much about the recent series though.

Just gonna say, I have an epic story idea I'm working on for this group that might come out sometime next year.
More or less based on the franchise of the group's avatar :trollestia:

Now I remember. The point of this thread was to bring together the more neutral stories. What I mean are basically non brony SI stories and the like since I myself am not a brony but like well written stories.

This means that the human or main character won't instantly side with the ponies. The ponies aren't perfect and conflict happens. Overall a more realistic and satisfying experience.

Intro revamped. I don't know what I was thinking when I made the old one. I think I had just gotten off of HaS and some Bureau fics so it may have influenced how cringy it was.

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