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I love sporks. And I love soup. Those two things unfortunately don't go together very well.

Stupid Facts About Me

- I actually really like sporks in real life. I even have a little collection. My favorite is a stainless steel one with a wide scoop and thin prongs.

- I also actually really love soups. My favorite is beef and mushrooms. I make it whenever I can afford it.

- Am a Half-Chinese living in Asia. The other half of me is European, also living in Asia. What a coincidence!

- Am really prudish in real life except among close friends. And yet an incredible pervert online. Shh.

- Am a huge Anglophile. I have to actively change all my spelling to American English while on this site. My favorite comedy is Yes, Prime Minister.

Blog Posts

  • 1 week
    More Drunk Sex Party from PrincessColumbia

    Sorry I haven't been around, everyone. Been busy in Real Life!

    Anyway, PrincessColumbia has written a sequel to their sequel of Class Reunion, entitled Whom Gods Deflower! It's pretty amusing, so check it out!

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  • 51 weeks
    Fan Sequel to "The Consequences of Good Intentions"

    Hey. Apparently, the story that PrincessColumbia wrote in the comments of "Sunset Shimmer's Very Respectable Class Reunion" and published , has its own story-in-the-comments written by chris the cynic!

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    0 comments · 418 views
  • 61 weeks
    I am SUCH a stupid idiot!

    Earlier today, I posted a new chapter of Walk into a Bar. In fact, I published two chapters; I had a side chapter for “Drinking Stories” which I liked very much. But I made two very very stupid mistakes.

    1) I accidentally hit the publish button while editing, putting up the chapters long before my prereader (Sorry, FanOfMostEverything) had a chance to look at it. And because I didn’t want to get in trouble for unpublishing and republishing the same chapter, I let them stay up.

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  • 62 weeks
    A bug kicked my story off the feature box...

    This morning, I woke up and noticed that Walk into a Bar has dropped off the feature box. At first I thought, “Oh well, it was due to go sooner or later”, even if it seemed strange that other stories of the same age and rating were still up.

    Then, about five minutes ago I checked the story statistics.

    Story rating: 163,000+.

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More Drunk Sex Party from PrincessColumbia · 3:46pm August 8th

Sorry I haven't been around, everyone. Been busy in Real Life!

Anyway, PrincessColumbia has written a sequel to their sequel of Class Reunion, entitled Whom Gods Deflower! It's pretty amusing, so check it out!

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Well I wish you the best of luck!


Hi! To be honest, I am not sure. I actually have three chapters already planned out for Walk Into A Bar and a new story idea, but I have been really busy for the past year. Also, I am frankly spending most of my free time writing other stuff. Seriously, I wrote a whole novel's worth of original fiction involving English fairies that I prolly will never publish.

However... I do actually have some free time coming up reeeeeally soon, and I might write something! The main issue is that I haven't caught up on MLP episodes either, so it's no confirmation of anything. Sorry!

Hey, I haven't seen any new stories or chapters from you in a long time, and I'm a huge fan of your work. Are you planning on posting anything in the near future?


Hi. Sorry I haven't replied, but part of the problem is that I have no idea how to answer most of your survey questions, so I put it off and then forgot about it.

1) This is the only one I can give a straight answer to. Mustard any day of the week, because ketchup is disgusting.

2) I don't know. Apparently, however, it's less than I'm getting paid for at my crappy job, since I haven't yet quit.

3) It varies. A lot. On some days I stay up all night, especially when writing. On others I'm in bed by ten and pop out of bed the next morning.

4) The shopping season. Seriously though, I live in the tropics, and the weather here is awful. I have experienced very mild springs and summers while overseas (Perth, Australia), and have no idea what autumn and winter are like. So I really have no idea.

5) I don't have any option about any of those, having never heard of them before. The only giant mecha I am familiar with is the Gipsy Danger Jaeger from Pacific Rim, unless you count a Transformer from Michael Bay's movies. A cursory wiki tells me that most of the examples you gave are from franchises before the turn of the millennium, which seriously, was ages ago.

Hey, buddy! How ya doin'? Got time for a random survey? If so, then splendid! Answer the follow questions below.

-On a hot dog or hamburger, do you prefer ketchup, mustard, or both?

-I don’t know anything about your personal life, but I assume you are always on a tight and exhausting schedule that leaves you feeling stressfully tired. With that in mind, how much would you be willing to pay for an extra hour of sleep in the morning?

Are you an early bird or a night owl?

-What is your favorite season?

-Congratulations! It’s your birthday! Even if it isn’t, I’m still going to give you a present in the form of a giant mech suit! Which one would you like?

Death Egg Robot (Sonic the Hedgehog): Want a mech suit with a charming cartoony style? Then look no further than the Death Egg Robot. The Death Egg Robot is a large mech suit that comes with the ability to fly along with rotating drill-like claws that can be launched. Comes with the option for lasers and can take some punishment, though its ground speed is a bit slow.

Metal Face Mechon Suit (Xenoblade Chronicles): Want something really cool that will intimidate your enemies? A bit of a tight fit, but this mech suit has ultra smooth and precise controls, and is very powerful. The Metal Face Mechon Suit comes with strong and sharp claw hands, a powerful laser cannon, is capable of long distance flight, and is made of extremely strong and durable metal. Also comes with a cool voice.

Megazord (Power Rangers): Do you have friends and want something to do together with them? Then this is the mech suit for you. This Megazord is made of several different robots that is completely customizable with all sorts of looks, styles, and weapons. Not to mention it’s huge! Requires multiple people to operate, as well as effective teamwork, coordination, and communication.

Armored Personnel Unit (The Matrix): While it may not protect the person controlling the mech suit, this Armored Personnel Unit is perfect for those who are very gun-happy and favor smooth controls.

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