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I love sporks. And I love soup. Those two things unfortunately don't go together very well.


This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Very Respectable Class Reunion

Sunset Shimmer tries her hoof at Equestrian diplomacy. After all, she had an entire high school full of hormonal primate teenagers eating out of her hoof... hand. A bunch of pleasant, sedate ungulates should totally be a cinch, especially with Twilight's help.

What could possibly go wrong?


This time at least, it is very clearly all Sunset's fault.

The awesome cover vector is by Umbra-Neko (who also has a whole gallery of similar vectors with different ponies) and used with her very kind permission.

This story can be enjoyed without reading its prequels.

Rated Teen and Sex for mentions of egregious sexual irresponsibility. No actual sex.

Contains minor (Pony) SunLight shipping. I'm sorry, I can't help it.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 131 )

To be fair, Sunset did end up addressing an issue that was going to rear its ugly head in time. Just... not in the best way possible. At all. But at least everything ended for the best! Mostly.

Now we just have to hope that Prime Minister Shimmer is kept far, far away from any other sealed chaos deities. Or at the very least has Twilight on hoof to provide the 1.21 gigahugs.

Now she just needs
Chrysalis's heir
Do the Breezie's have a princess?


Well.. Discord's sister..

(Perhaps Celestia hates Sunset because Discord cancelled the date with Celestia for going to see his sister. )


:pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:
:pinkiehappy: :pinkiehappy:

There are no word for this. :trollestia:

8148978 keeping Sunset away from solving political problems through sexual blunders & shenanigans is an exercise in futility. For our eternal amusement :rainbowlaugh:

But yeah, she'd never leave her Beau' side.
That does bring to light the fact that she's not an Alicorn yet. Obviously, she shall achieve said ascension through a drunken sapphic sex party. That shall, to her eternal consternation, include Celestia. And all other princesses. Yes, 18 years into the future. You know why. :ajsmug:

Lost my shit at the gigiahugs bit. God damn.


I was not expecting the Warhammer reference. It worked perfectly.

Ach:pinkiegasp:, continue of one of my favorite series of short fanfiction.....I'm so happy now:pinkiehappy:
Personally, i hope that Sunset will try open diplomatic relations with Mirror World.... in her unique style:twilightsmile:
and after that, I'm also looking for see her ascension (Equestria or even Equus don't have enough alcohol to Celestia to drown her stress:pinkiecrazy:)

So yes, I'm waiting for more:raritystarry:.

8149030 wait whats the referance

also so lets see sunset bangs her entire class to start off including cadence 2 returns with 2 girls as here gfs and has a huge orgy again 3 causes another orgy sets loss another chaos being whos then made nice and has a holiday dedicated to what they do and 4 what next will she bang all of canterlot castle and all the adults from ponyville

these be good storys

Good thing Chrysalis is a Queen instead of a Princess huh. And guess Sunset saying Celestia is basically her mother figure isn't enough of an excuse. Good thing the Yaks don't have a Princess... do they? I'm not sure even the DSP could lighten up the Yaks... actually their standards for a DSP would probably be kind of frightening. Um, I'm not going to finish that thought.

Ah, Sunset and Twilight are the perfect pair. Sunset will go around spreading the magic of DSP while Twilight can zap any other problems with rainbow friendship laser. Was that 22 minute thing in reference to a standard episode or it took that long for Rainbow Dash to bring everyone from Ponyville? Unless they were already all there as part of the entourage. By the way, I wonder if anypony is still pregnant (though I know your "canon" is flexible). Another great story, I wonder how long until Celestia goes crazy from Sunset's "diplomacy".



Imagine the headlines:


This was as great as the rest, a real laugh out loud (sexual) feast. XD

Well, good thing that everything worked out in the end, even if Sunset and Twilight can never go back. Hopefully the next time this happens Sunset can solve the problem in her own unique way.

8149136 I'm pretty sure we already had a fic like that.
Which could probably actually fit in with this fic with just a few adjustments.

Beautiful:pinkiehappy:... Just Beautiful:pinkiesad2:

Indeed you did. I explained, very clearly, that relations between Equestria and the Reindeer Ecclesiocracy are very important to me. A thousand years ago, Queen Velvet was instrumental in helping Luna and I find the Elements of Harmony to defeat Discord, and more recently, they have been incredibly generous with their hay stockpiles during our harsher winters.

Is that a reference to Thems Fighting Herds?

8149136 I've read that story :rainbowlaugh:
The one about ascension being a DST, I mean. Can't for the life of me remember the title, though. It's all cadence's fault, in the end. :derpytongue2:

But that's not the story of Sunset's ascension told through letters of barely constrained frustration and rage. And that's the one we want now! :pinkiecrazy:

Edit: oh, 8149150 already linked it :twilightsheepish:

8148999 Ember's no longer a Princess, but has the title of Dragon Lord now, so does that count?

Gigahugs was great. Especially that it took 22 minutes (episode length I take it) to resolve that.

Also Luna's attempt at entendres. "By 'friendship I mean 'with benefits'" etc. Most amusing.

You may also remember me mentioning that the current ruler, Queen Chiffon, has been always been somewhat irked by pony artists constantly depicting her subjects wearing glowing clown noses.


She was significantly more disturbed by the sudden surge of pony authors writing pornographic literature portraying her very egalitarian and sexually conservative society as being full of misogynistic rapists. And this is not at all helped by the follow-up trend of equally misogynistic literature about other-dimensional psychopaths brutally murdering reindeer for being misogynistic rapists.

Here is a list of jerks who have amassed bigger bully kits than said reindeer that I would love to see in that universe because lol.

-The Dark Eldar
-Chuck Norris
-The Thing
-Kharn the Betrayer (he's a swell guy :heart:)
-Doom Slayer
-Conrad Kurze – I mean Night Haunter!
-Martin Sheen – err I mean M'Shen!
-John Wick
-Phage the Untouchable
-Nichol Bolas
-Charles Manson
-Roman Reigns (booooooo AHHHHH!!!)
-A fruitcake. What?! Fruitcakes are indestructible masses of pure evol.

Just wait til Noogle, Chaos god of noogies and MUCOUS diseases comes along after someone hawks a loogie on the side of the road or whatever. Or Corn, Chaos god of murderkill facesmashing (yeah, I got lazy with this one). Or Tuhzentech, Chaos god of Change (he's the one panhandler you never want to run into on your travels) :B

This was truly hilarious.
Annoyed the wife I was laughing so much.

Laughing so hard right now. XD This is the laugh I needed today.

.... What's next?

They meet up with Ember and somehow make the Drunken Hot Springs an obligatory must?

With orgies in the background?

Dear god, by the time this is all done, the entire world will be one giant Orgy thanks to Sunset Shimmer with Celestia being the only holdout.


Plus 10 internet points for the 40k references, dude.

Okay, that was exceptionally hilarious. This entire series is just great!

Well this is great

You may also remember me mentioning that the current ruler, Queen Chiffon, has been always been somewhat irked by pony artists constantly depicting her subjects wearing glowing clown noses. She was significantly more disturbed by the sudden surge of pony authors writing pornographic literature portraying her very egalitarian and sexually conservative society as being full of misogynistic rapists

though to be fair most views of the Deer folk in Equstia's pony public eye probably soured thanks to King Aspen the forest Deer king for started a war that involved his forces attacking innocent towns because a Minotaur had bought a part of Everfree and was building a amusement park. . . then again that was from the comics so you might of not counted that here.

Sunset – I’ve been meaning to ask you this: over the course of your life, you’ve managed to get yourself into bed with Princess Cadance, Princess Twilight, my sister Princess Luna, and now, Princess Gossamer. I cannot help but notice a pattern here. Is there some kind of list you’re ticking off with alarming speed?
More importantly, should I be concerned that I might be on it?

Don't worry Celistia there are still a few princess, and other female Leader's/Heir's for Sunset and Twilight to have fun with before they get to you, i wonder who will be next Dragon lord Ember, Little Strongheart, maybe a attempt to reform Queen Chrysalis, or who ever becomes the new ruler of Griffonstone, the choices are vast. :D img05.deviantart.net/975b/i/2017/081/6/f/legend_says_by_dilarus-db35iy0.jpg

sunset still needs to do a cross dimensional orgy party

Okay, send her to the griffons next. They could use a little boost.

Every day this series updates is another dent in my table from where I fell off my chair laughing. :pinkiesmile:

I fucking love these stories. The escalation is too good.

Look, this time I admit that everything is totally my fault.

This time? :ajsmug:

the Reindeer Ecclesiocracy

Oh look, a new entry in the Names To Run Away From Really Fast codex.

portraying her very egalitarian and sexually conservative society as being full of misogynistic rapists.

Well, so far that's not an actual denial ...

a mere twelve hours after you were warmly welcomed by Queen Chiffon, you and Twilight somehow managed to sleep with her only daughter.

That's pretty impressive, actually. And unless I'm missing something, I'm more than a tad annoyed at Celestia clearly ignoring that said daughter was consenting and (presumably) of age. :ajbemused:

she’s still willing to accept her rebellious daughter’s life choices, however poor they may be.

And banging Sunny and Twi is obviously a poor life choice. :scootangel:

the entire reindeer nation is supposed to piously refrain from vice, including alcohol and sex.

What kind of lame-ass celebration is that? No sex? Screw that! :trollestia:

should I be concerned that I might be on it?

You should be more concerned that you're not on it. But then, you just aren't Best Princess material anymore, Tia.

I now regularly have to listen to my baby sister proudly describe her newfound sexual freedom in excruciatingly graphic detail.



The goddess of debauchery has a name that's basically trying to pronounce "slutty" through a full mouth ... actually that's pretty appropriate.

I didn’t mean to do it by causing a total religious and sexual revolution.

Why? Sounds like it worked. Also, abstinence is boring and no fun.


22 minutes is indeed the standard length of an MLP episode.


Yes. Hence the frost sprite messenger and all the reindeer being named after textiles.


Oh look, a new entry in the Names To Run Away From Really Fast codex.

An eccesiocracy is actually any government where the ruler(s) are religious leaders. Most modern theocracies are actually ecclesiocracies. And yes, usually these are kind of awful, but in our story, the reindeer actually have the most impossible of things: an agnostic ecclesiocracy. Made possible only in a world where the gods are demonstrably real and drop by every now and then.

Celestia clearly ignoring that said daughter was consenting and (presumably) of age.

Celestia's more annoyed that it's a colossal feat of diplomatic stupidity, not that they had sex.

I just love these stories, and I hope they keep going.

I suppose at this point Chrysalis' heir would technically be Thorax, so if he was at the founding of the DSP, that notch might already have been carved. And before anyone protests that Thorax is a guy, he's ALSO a shapeshifter...

i... i don't know if i want this to continue.

this trilogy is perfect.

then again, i love your depiction of sunset. what problem set is after defeating a god?



RCS ftw :pinkiesmile:

(Royal Canterlot SMS :trollestia: )


an agnostic ecclesiocracy. Made possible only in a world where the gods are demonstrably real and drop by every now and then.

"I know the gods are real, I just don't like them very much and really need this job" kind of thing?

Celestia's more annoyed that it's a colossal feat of diplomatic stupidity

Hey, sometimes you just have to seal the deal.


I think what amused me most was Celestia talking shit about theFoE crowd. I hate that theme.....


Was the Reindeer's religion a subtle "Take that" to the excessive dourness of the Lutheran church in Scandinavia? :trixieshiftright:

So do you mean they're an agnostic religion in that they have religious orders who regard "gods" as sort of like "pedophiles" and thus see their own duties as making the population skeptical of the claims of divinity and resolved to refuse to accept or act on those claims?

Or a more mystical element "The world is illusion and the "gods" are _extremely_ illusionary, we will close our ears and eyes to their deeds. Focusing on our own way of life as we pursue the real fundamental forces or principles of the world. Forces and principles whose nature we do not even speculate about. Save that we are absolutely sure they are ANYTHING BUT THAT <accusing hooves pointed at various deities>"


Really neat idea at any rate.

EDIT: liked the story a lot. Think it could have done with less serendipity. Perhaps something reminding Celestia of a similar blunder in her past to help check her wrath rather than Sunset doing a full karma houdini.


It's agnostic in the sense that they worship all of the gods, even the bad ones (note: despite what a lot of atheists claim, agnosticism is not at all the same as atheism. Also, just because the reindeer worship them doesn't mean they necessarily tolerate their shenanigans, like Slootesh) and that the individual high priests (like Gossamer) of each faith form the government under the guardianship of the queen, who worships them all.

And the dourness is a riff on the excessive prudishness of just about half the religions on the planet.


rather than Sunset doing a full karma houdini.

Sunset's unreasonable luck is kind of a running theme of this series. I consider it perfectly acceptable as karmic payback from her appearance in my other series, in which Sunset is perpetually unlucky, sexually frustrated, and chasing her princess.

8150340 ...technically, disbelieving in the claims that deities make of their nature, origin, roles and powers (despite seeing some exercise of power) is both possible and qualifies as agnostic.

But the deities in Equestria are really really _weird_ if they actually _answer_ the prayers of worshipers who think that to some degree those same deities are lying or deluded about their own nature :pinkiecrazy:

Not to say that in a bad way. I'd love to see a story explaining a day in the life of such a deity and their feelings about the Reindeer :pinkiesmile:

...Now I REALLY want you to do one of these with Celestia.

8150367 Well, I couldn't read the middle installment because of weirdness that makes me not watch the show but still want to watch it for the first time with someone eventually (long story). But the first story wasn't nearly as pronounced this way.

I mean, if you have a sort of motif of slowly upping the scale of coming out smelling like a rose, that's cool. Write what you like and thank you for sharing it with us.

I just meant that on a technical level, I think part of the charm for the first story is that Sunset had to weather consequences (needing to flee from Equestria) but also reaped rewards (setting up Cadance and Shining Armor and making a Name for herself in Canterlot). The juxtaposition helps make Sunset come across as more of an amusingly harried character. It conveys a sense she's really affected by the whirlwind she set in motion. So that her sense of chagrin in relieving these events is more adorably poignant.

It helps vigorously support the premise she truly didn't mean for anything like this to happen. Which is part of what makes the story so funny.

Being forbidden to return to a country you'd never been to before and had no particular interest in just doesn't help set up that sort of contrast. Especially since the coincidence involved that favoured her is more arbitrary? Shining being _that_ into anal is kind of funny, and makes an interesting type of logic. But going beyond "Okay, THAT's why they had a festival of chastity and fasting that was the Wrong Time for this to happen" to "...and oh, we just happen to have the means to totally change the culture and history of this country" (it's kind of unclear why the reindeer banned them, frankly. When you're associated with THAT huge a positive effect, the mistakes that led to it pale to insignificance?)

Like, in the original, Shining Armor doesnt get Cadance pregnant. That's a bad thing humorously averted. But Sunset isn't actually put in a better position by very much (barring some significant but hitherto concealed favour from Cadance). Whereas the lust demon doing Defeat Equals Friendship and a revolution actually makes Sunset a de facto national hero.

Which in turn makes it harder to believe that she feels so contrite when "a little foul, tons of wow, it's cool bro" sort of situation seems more credible? Like, Celestia comes across as somewhat unreasonable, and thus Sunset's contrition seems overdone...

I'm not saying the story is horrible. I still laughed at it very loudly and loved all the things you did right (which I could list if you want). As I said, your creative preferences are absolutely respected. I just wanted to be sure you'd noticed that there was a possible cost for going with the "escalating serendipitous success for Sunset" element you like so much.

Though maybe I'm just strange and no one else found the ending off kilter at all . Strange thinking is kinda my name after all :twilightsheepish:

EDIT: I Should stress that the fact I'm going over this nuance with a fine tooth comb is a sign of how very much I like your writing and look forward to anything you do. Because you've got all the big, important stuff nailed down tight. Seriously, it makes my day anytime you write anything. This story totally included.


Actually, while I only hinted at it from Celestia's reaction at the end, Twilight got all the credit for defeating a big bad guy. All Sunset really got was laid. They were also very lucky that Queen Chiffon was so reasonable and pragmatic - because even considering everything that happened, both Sunset and Twilight kind of did publicly roger her daughter on top of a holy relic (the reason they both got banned from going back).

But what you said is entirely fair, about the flavor of Sunset being kind of harried and genuinely in the eye of the storm completely inadvertently. But this time I wanted it to actually be entirely Sunset's fault (that's why I implied that Twilight was already so ludicrously drunk that she couldn't serve as any kind of voice of reason).

All that stuff you said is something to keep in mind, at any rate.

Kind of humorous and a fine example of random, meh otherwise.

8150604 You have a good point about Twilight being the focus because I was treating the two of them as one pony since they're special someponies :facehoof:

Thank you for taking my comment in the spirit it was intended. This really was a very amusing story and I so look forward to getting caught up on my episodes so I can read the one in between.

The train doesn't stop! And it's gloooooorious!

Also, Slootesh? What, the Warp was not good enough for her anymore? :rainbowlaugh:
Don't forget, milk for the Khorne flakes!

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