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This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer's Very Respectable Class Reunion

It started out innocently enough; Canterlot High's boldest and brightest working on a special Senior Project as one last feather in their cap and improving relations between the human and pony worlds.

"Relations" wasn't supposed to be quite this literal, though, and that everyone ended up where they were in her office with the best of intentions only brought to mind the old phrase, "The road to Hell..."

Published here at the urging of Sporktacles, and as such can be considered "Not My Fault." No, really!

(Cover art is just a screen cap from the show)

FEATURED!!! 2/11/2017! (*yay*)

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Nice to see this published. It's pretty damn awesome :twilightsmile:

and that she could take both versions of her brother and get...sexually antiquated with them. Nobody from either world had thought that Fluttershy could get that loud.

That's a bizarre mental image. I suspect you wanted "acquainted."

Just trying to keep track here. It's implied that...

Pony Applejack was impregnated by human Rainbow Dash.

Human Fluttershy was impregnated by pony Rainbow Dash.

Human Rarity was impregnated by Pony Rarity.

Human Twilight Sparkle had a threesome with Pony Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer and one of them impregnated her.

Pony Luna was impregnated but had a turn with all thirteen of the girls and any one of them could be the "father."


That's a bizarre mental image. I suspect you wanted "acquainted."

Good catch! Fixed!

It's implied that...
Pony Applejack was impregnated by human Rainbow Dash.
Human Fluttershy was impregnated by pony Rainbow Dash.
Human Rarity was impregnated by Pony Rarity.
Human Twilight Sparkle had a threesome with Pony Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer and one of them impregnated her.
Pony Luna was impregnated but had a turn with all thirteen of the girls and any one of them could be the "father."

While I didn't have any specifics hammered out on "who got whom pregnant," (in my initial mental rough draft I was going to have the all be pregnant, but that would have been overkill) I did have a few ideas. You're dead-on right about Applejack(pony)xRainbow Dash(human), Fluttershy(human)xRainbow Dash(pony), and Rarity^2, (Narcissistic? Maybe. Each of them having EXACTLY what the other has been looking for all their lives? Yes. As for Twilight(human)... Let's just say I'd just finished a rather...lewd fanfic last week where she was pregnant and it was...unclear on who the "father" was until the last chapter, and I rather liked that character dynamic, so I left it just as open here. 'sides, Sunset Shimmer playing both sides of the portal when it comes to SunLight ships is a pretty heavy trope in this fandom. As for Luna...yes, you're exactly right! :p

While I really didn't have any sort of sequel planned for this, I imagine I could probably come up with some scenario in the future where the parentage on Twilight and Luna's children is made clear, but that's for another day.


Yeah, it's still "Pending Approval." Apparently I found a way to get views before the approval process is complete entirely on accident. Once Approval happens, you should see it show up in your shelves.

Hooray it has finally been approved!

7939724 Does that mean this is accepted as canon? :trixieshiftright:

This took long enough to appear! Might I ask what occurred?

This is simply beautiful :raritystarry:


I don't really do "canon". If one day I decide to write a sequel to Class Reunion, I might (with PrincessColumbia's permission) continue where this one left off, or I might disregard it. To me, "canon" is something for official show-writers, not us fanfiction writers, though I don't resent the idea that some fanfiction writers love the idea of having their own "canon". Because honestly it's just too complicated for me, and if I said "this is canon" all I am really saying is, "I promise if I write a sequel, it will take this story into account", which I frankly don't do even with my own stories, because I like to write whatever I like to write (take a look at Mithrilmoth's and my comments in Class Reunion, noting how I conveniently accept part of a comic story and in the sequel conveniently and deliberately ignore another part of the very same comic).

As far as I am concerned, this story is exactly as "canon" as the reader wants it to be. The only "canon" a fanfiction writer is really beholden to is the official TV show one, and, if a writer is clever enough, not even then.

But in the meantime, we have this awesome story to enjoy!

EDIT: Congratulations on getting featured in just 1 hour and 20 minutes after being published! :twilightsmile:

I don't quite understand why Fluttershy is angry with Fluttershy.


Oh, I got me a rant ready for this one. It'll probably be when the weekend is over before I can post it.


Permission granted, I'm just playing around in your sandbox. :p

7939836 Y'know, I like that way of thinking. :twilightsmile:

The part about "cider" referring to apple juice is actually only true in some places. Basically any European will tell you that cider is booze. My Brit friends are always a little confused when we 'Muricans talk about cider as if it's juice.

YES! On Human Twilight pregeant with Sunset or Princess twilight's baby...bet it was Sunset.

7926345 Because of alicorn magic, and a range of other easily-handwaved reasons, it could just as easily be that Luna's baby's "father" is everypony she slept with that night. Which would make for a truly awesome child.

As for the teenage pregnancies, that would be fairly horrifying stuff. Aside from the high likelihood of a miscarriage if the mother is too young, she might not be able to carry to term without intervention, or run significant health risks. There's a reason Celestia is both horrified and outraged that this happened. I can see a probable outcome being that, since no one in the room supports abortions, princesses Celestia and Cadance would probably have to make arrangements for the pregnant human girls to somehow transfer the pregnancies to the ponies. Which would cause all sorts of issues later on, when pony girls give birth to human children, probably with permanent "pony up" anthropomorphic features.

Sure it's got potential for comedy. But there's a real story there as well, which would be entertaining to read about.

This is awesome even, but a little confusing. Meh, this is still awesome.

7939944 They are all seniors. More than that, it's stated that they're all about to graduate. Being pregnant won't be an issue other than for other reasons. Principal Celestia is worrying about the whole "allowed teens under her care to go to an orgy and get pregnant" than them actually being pregnant.

7939884 And even in the US, "hard cider" is very much a thing.

As always, Dash gets the job done fast.

Ouch, poor Principal Celestia. Don't suppose they could have another "meeting" of the Drunk Sex Party after graduation to try to shift the conception date? Either that or try to pass it off as a pony ritual?

Glad to see this fic was finally approved. I caught most of those relationships (Appledash and Flutterdash aren't uncommon, but I don't remember seeing a cross-dimension version of that before), though missed the Rarity and Twilight hints. I usually expect the Raritys (Rarities?) and Fluttershys to either get along great or to clash the most, and guess these Raritys just found the other fabulous. Hm, does it count as a threesome if its with the alternate dimension counterpart of your marefriend? But that's Sunset for you, she gets all the Twilights.

I hope for another sequel, whether it included this story or not. That Drunk Sex Party with Pinkie Pie and Cheese Sandwich was epic, how about another one with two Pinkie Pies and Cheese Sandwiches? Not to mention two Lunas.


A thought rooted in my head. Gonna toss my bits in here, make of it what you will.


Celestia woke up, her head throbbing as if somepony had challenged Pinkie Pie to a loudness competition inside of a megaphone and gong factory. Groaning lightly she opened her eyes and quickly shut them again due to the brightness of the sun. The thought of dimming it was tossed aside immediately as it would cause undue worry for her little ponies.

'Mental note: Ask weather team to change the schedule to an overcast day.'

Opening her eyes again she looked around the room, only to catch the eyes of her sister who was next to the bed. Celestia's eyes were squinted from a mixture of the light, and the glare she was giving the lunar diarach.

"Don't worry Tia, I didn't imbibe last night. Though I am glad you have "Cut Loose" as you did." Luna smugly said, her eyes shifting to the rest of Celestia's bed. "Pinkie Pie gave us something for your hangunder."

Celestia took the opaque glass that was floated over to her. She had to use her hoof due to the throbbing of her head preventing the use of her magic. Knowing the tendency for hangover cures to taste horribly, she prepared herself to swallow it all in one gulp.

She didn't expect bubblegum and cotton candy. Another note was made to get PInkie's recipe. Looking of her own bed she noticed several lumps not formed by her body.

Peeking under the covers she saw a couple of her royal guards in bed with her. One was cuddled up under her wing while the other seemed to be using her cutie mark as a pillow. Lowering the blanket she just missed the chitin clad hoof wrapped around her barrel.

Sleep overtook Celestia again as her headache waned down to untrained foal on a new drumkit levels.

When she woke up a tray burdened with food was parallel to the bed. One of the guards was calmly eating some of the food. Looking him over she noticed that he had a collar one him, tagged with her cutie mark. Flipping the tag over she made out "Property of Sol Invictus" before recognizing when she had last seen it.

"Mistress, I tried to wake you for the food. Sorry if I offended by eating before you." He said.

Sighing she replied, "It's okay. I'm a bit to hungover to properly punish you so I'll let it slide. Do you think you could fill me in on last night's baby shower. After Luna brought out her moonshine things started to get blurry-"

Celesta trailed off as a green magical aura floated a doughnut past her. Watching as the owner of the aura took a slightly misaimed bite due to her eyes still being closed. A fairly long tong shot out of the chitinous muzzle to clean the frosting from the side.

"Maybe I should start with the truce you and Mastress made?" The guard offered.

Before Celestia could ask Chrysalis spoke up.

"I still get to go after Starlight Glimmer for my revenge, barring permanently harming or killing her as long as I don't try to conquer and/or enslave Equestria and blah blah." Stated the changeling queen.

She then stroked a holed hoof over Celestia barrel, "We have lots to do so we can breed a new hive."

As Celestia processed this all, at the forefront of her mind was that at least this time one of Sunset's parties didn't cause a foreign relations disaster.

The DSP continues to live up to it's name.

Excuse me whilst I go take some drugs to make the world seem saner.

I like the idea of the outfits they have from the mirror.

It was confusing for a moment about the couples. Can you please tell me more about them (I mean about what do theu find in the other).

So who exactly got knocked up, as they say?
Human Fluttershy, Rarity and Twilight...
Pony Celestia, Twilight and Sunset...

That's only six, yet only five hands remained up out of thirteen (13 - 5 = 8). Who were the other two?

7940359 Humane Fluttershy, Humane Rarity, and Sci-Twi were pregnant, as were Pony Applejack and Princess Luna.

Goddamnit, i wanna know what happened and who fucked who?


Mythic Knight got it pretty much dead on for who got pregnant. As for who had sex with whom...well, it was an orgy. :trollestia:

7940467 I mean, when they were sitting together. And why Pony Dash has human Fluttershy in a lash.

7939944 Considering they'd all be graduated in less than a month, I'd say they are all, if not most, 18. With equestria magic directly involved in the children's making (and parents). They'll be fine. Heck, if they gave birth as ponies it would even be more comfortable! Rare are the species where birthing is NEARLY as painful and taxing as in human beings.

That being said, this deserves mentioning in a sequel, undoubtedly! :pinkiehappy:


I mean, when they were sitting together.

Well, SunLight is a given, especially with the history of the fic. Cross-universe AppleDash is a thing in this scene, as is Cross-universe FlutterDash. As for why the Rarity's are together, the younger Rarity sees the older as a mentor and has sorta latched on to her. Whether it has anything to do with student-Rarity's pregnancy is not revealed at this time. (At the moment, consider it Schrodinger's-intercourse. We won't know whether the two did it until the waveform collapses.) The Pinkies are thick as thieves because it's Pinkie. pony-Fluttershy isn't necessarily more friendly to anyone else there, at least that she'd acknowledge in public.

As for why the two Fluttershys don't like each other, if you ever get a chance, watch the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Second Chances." It features two Will Rikers who took largely divergent paths in life. They get along...poorly. When Data asks Worf why the two different Rikers don't like each other, Worf replies that it's easy to see flaws in yourself that others don't see (or something like that). Basically, that's what's happening here. Fluttershy is already very hard on herself, so when she sees an alt-u version of herself, she sees all those self-identified problems magnified. End result: Cats in a bag.

And why Pony Dash has human Fluttershy in a lash leash.

Mostly? 'cause it's funny. :rainbowlaugh: Although if you want an "in-universe" reason, human-Fluttershy is a kinky beast with a submissive streak a mile wide and latched onto pony-Dash as a possible Domme, and sexy-times woulda kinda locked that notion into place in her mind. pony-Dash is very much aware that she DOESN'T have the upper hand in the situation. Basically, human-Buttershush is a switch and Dash is completely out of her league element.

I couldn't stop giggling.

The following was originally posted in a comment I made to Sunset Shimmer's Very Respectable Class Reunion. Since the EQ Girls setting seems similar to a US High School (Accents, curriculum, architecture, etc,) I suspect it would cover the in setting local definitions as well.

As an American living in Central New York, who can find apple orchards by picking any direction that won't require swimming and driving less then an hour, I can assure you that Cider and Sweet Cider are one thing (unfiltered apple juice), Hard Cider is something else (fermented Cider), Mulled and Spiced Cider are nearly identical (sweet cider heated with spices added for flavor; Mulled Cider also often adds Honey), and Wassle is a category of it's own (Mulled Cider with Rum added.)

So, Cider OK for kids and served in a glass, Spiced cider is OK for kids and served in a mug, and if it has to be kept from kids and has Cider in the name, the word Hard is always comes before the Cider so everyone knows to keep it from kids. Also for the record, the lack of sugars involved make it so no one can possibly confuse the taste of Soft and Hard Cider. Depending on how much Rum is added, Wassle might pass as Mulled Cider, but that's the only one with alcohol that might pass for non-alcoholic.

I hope this helps.

This was good. This was damn good. Hopefully one day I'll publish a story that gets featured on the front page, though with how little rep I have, that'll likely never happen...

The two had gotten into it like cats in a bag when they first arrived back from Equestria, the older Fluttershy making it known to everyone within earshot that the younger version of herself could take her snarky, negative, bullying attitude and do anatomically impossible things with it. The younger Fluttershy had replied, quite loudly, that she couldn't imagine having anything in common with such a loudmouth braggart who got what she wanted thanks to her likely highly questionable morals and nepotism, and that she could take both versions of her brother and get...sexually acquainted with them.


Oddly enough, I can...I can kinda see this. I mean, EG!Fluttershy may be Fluttershy, but she's Fluttershy as a human teenager and she's unquestionably had her moments of outright bitchiness in her film appearances.

“So you turned into opposite sex versions of yourselves.”


Yay drunken consequences! :pinkiecrazy:

I didn't even realize I'd read the original (two) fics until I got to "Prime Minister Sunset Shimmer" :rainbowlaugh:

7941803 I'm not all that surprised. Even canon EG-Fluttershy is noticeably different in personality and temperament to Equestrian-Fluttershy, and far more so when compared to her closer-in-age counterpart from the Return of Nightmare Moon, who could barely function or speak. Interesting that they'd clash so badly, though.

I could imagine the two Raritys instantly bonding, though. Pony!Rarity would fall over herself to be able to talk shop with a fellow fashionista, and to provide guidance, advice, and resources, and Human!Rarity would love getting access to those advanced resources and being able to, in turn, be an endless source of information on the much wider history of human fashion.

(On the fic itself, I can only assume that by this time, the various characters have not only sorted out their preferred romantic entanglements, but also the accompanying awkwardness which comes with a close friend taking up such an attachment with another - often younger - version of themselves.)

good cutoff point.

And so the saga continues. There's really only one appropriate reaction to this:

Absolutely hysterical

We need a picture of all of them in the room together.

...well, this was crazy and random.


Even if they're not eighteen, they're close enough. This does seem to be set in the US (see Dash's uniform), where while there is a lot of noise about the importance of being eighteen, there's a lot of flexibility in that (age of marriage in NH can be as little as 13), close is good enough, figure if they'll be eighteen when they give birth, its not all that frowned upon, at least these days (now my mother's time...).

As to the story itself, loved it as a comment, love it even more here. Would love to see the party in question, I just picture that Princess Luna was part of the party under orders from Princess Celestia to chaperone it so that this time things wouldn't get out of hand. Why am I not surprised to see how she's behaving nor the fact that she's pregnant and doesn't yet know who the father (umm, is that the appropriate word here?) is?

Waaaaiiiiit a minute...if Princesses Celestia, Luna and Twilight are all in the human world, then who's looking after Equestria?
Princess Cadence can't, because she's busy with the Crystal Empire, which is extremely far away from the Equestrian 'mainland', so to speak. Shining Armor's only a Prince-consort (he married into royalty; he doesn't have any 'royal blood' himself), and I don't think either he or Cadence want to be geographically separated.
There's no other responsible members of royalty (saying that because Blueblood can snuff it), and I highly doubt a responsible princess is going to leave a baby dragon in charge, especially considering the last time Spike acted as Princess Twilight (IIRC, he screwed several things up in that episode). Starlight? Possibly, but I highly doubt she'd feel all too comfortable acting as such, seeing as how the last time she was a leader didn't turn out too well (mass brainwashing, forced cutie-mark-removal, dictatorship).
And considering his personality and penchant for mischief (when not reined in by Fluttershy, who is, of course, absent), putting Discord in charge is pure folly.

Just something I quickly realised upon re-reading; I do tend to spot logical errors/lapses in thoughts/whatever-you-want-to-call-its like this.


As evidenced by the previous chapters of this storyline written by Sporktacles, Equestria does have a pretty hefty bureaucracy, the wheels of government will be able to turn for a couple of hours without the Princess' hands on the wheel. :trollestia:

I'm confused about the behavior of both human and non-human Fluttershy. But that was probably the point, so I'm not going to think about it and just go with it :rainbowlaugh:

Well, yeah, that's quite the predicament the principal has. Three teenagers getting pregnant... oh well, at least Luna will have her own little bundle of joy/s (or horror/s) soon enough.

So, I'm guessing all that contraception wasn't as effective as everyone would have hoped :rainbowlaugh:

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