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I love sporks. And I love soup. Those two things unfortunately don't go together very well.


This story is a sequel to Sunset Shimmer Lends Pinkie Pie the Wrong Thumb Drive

Sunset Shimmer visits the Castle of Friendship, and inadvertently discovers something that Twilight would normally keep hidden under her bed... except that since this is a pony princess we're talking about, it's obviously nothing remotely resembling normal.

Rated Teen and Sex for discussions of pornography and self-love.

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Keep doing these they are so much fun to read!

Edited since imgur doesn't work and I learned a new thing today

Well this is quickly becoming a fun love triangle. Or lust triangle. Let's see if it gets even spicier.

So close, and yet so far from getting out of the friendzone, Sunset.
Better luck next time!

I'd love to see another sequel with multiple chapters with Sunset working on trying to get the girl.

Shouldn't the cover art have Twilicorn in it?

More dammit, MORE!!! XD
This is pure gold. Please preceded :rainbowlaugh:

7168520 More of a lust ellipse - two foci and they go round and round, not getting anywhere.


Of course the next story in this series will have Flash Sentry reveal that he's crushing on SciTwi because of her Midnight Sparkle form (and the fact that she's not secretly a pony which people are teasing him about all the time). Bringing things full circle.

I laughed so hard at the excavation scene

Don't you see! This collection of magazines has the DNA of sparkle herself! Assistant, collect as much as you can!

But sir.... There's so many!

No excuses, get to work! Now excuse while I look over some of these for research purposes...

So. What I'm hearing is: all we need is for a wizard to intervene, and SunLight happens?


This, as just become one of my favorite fics of all time, this so fucking mundane and yet so freacking weird it IS just hilarious!

Sunset was vag-jected

I feel bad for her.

7168758 You got that right my sides are hurting from the laughter.:rainbowlaugh:


Poor Sunset.

7168493 Imgur images don't work on FiMF. We're blacklisted. Nobody can see that but you.

7168543 Seconded!

So Star Swirl didn't get turned into a human when he went through? Did he do it differently and they haven't realized it yet...or is it a plot hole?

well hopefully Twilight Finds out that Flash is a douch bag or something.

i beleave in next sequel suny

Poor Sunset got cockblocked. Or is it pussblocked?:rainbowlaugh:

Someone seriously needs to adjust the context-recognition of that mirror portal... :rainbowlaugh:

10/10. Keep these hilarious one shot series coming

Thanks for the info it would be nice if it said that somewhere when loading it in.

Twilight facehoofed. “Starswirl was a dirty old stallion with a human fetish.”

Best line I've seen in a week! :rainbowlaugh:

“Nono it’s just that- well, humans have legends about unicorns, too,” explained Sunset. “The most well-known one is that we are apparently…” she paused, “only tamable by virgin girls.”

It slowly dawned on Twilight what Sunset was getting at. “Uhm, from when exactly did this legend originate?”

“…About a thousand years ago.”

They both slowly turned their heads towards the stone carving outside the room.

Twilight facehoofed. “Starswirl was a dirty old stallion with a human fetish.”

Starswirl you naughty boy :trollestia:

This earns a thumbs up from me, legit just from the scene with the future explorers on the cusp of uncovering 'Twilight's secret library'. I laughed until it hurt at that part. Well played, well played.

He made the damn thing, I'd assume he'd know how to tweak it....
and if there's an adjuster on it.....
Oh Twilight you may want to examine that mirror a bit closer :pinkiehappy:

Lmao:rainbowlaugh: I feel so bad for Sunset in this story. Twilight being the oblivious to Sunset's feelings and unfortunately Sunset being friendzoned:facehoof: I am actually looking forward to a sequel to this...We need the SunLight in our lives:twilightsmile:

You're really riding the alliteration train, aren't you? If I didn't know better I'd say you're the reincarnation of the not-yet-deceased Alan Moore.

Clamjammed! :trollestia:

And if this story is true, the legend of the unicorns would actually make a lot of sense! :rainbowlaugh:

This really made my day! Ahahaha! +1

Oh my God will those two just F**K already


I confess that the original title of this story was actually going to be Sunset Shimmer's Alliterative Adventure in Pony Princess Perversity.

But I didn't want to be too presumptuous since there are assumably ample authors around advocating alliteration with advanced additional ability.

Twilight's so dense, black holes are getting jealous.


7170228 Well played.

Starlight Glimmer < Sunset Shimmer

No Humans in Equestria


Small typo

She’s been living with me for awhile now.

for a while

Gosh, I’m such a freak, aren’t I…” sighed Twilight.

My headcanon Twi might use "am I not", but that's more of a preference than anything.

:facehoof: Sweet Celestia Sunset. She's seen your porn collection. Just friggin' ask if she'll do you. Or ask her out if you want something less superficial. :rainbowwild: But damn just do something!


for a while

Changed, thanks. This is honestly the most common mistake I make that slips into my finished stories.

early exposure to pornography is obviously bad for foa- er, hatchlings

Twilight, turn in your scientist card. How can you make such an assertion without citing any evidence?

Unfortunately, I don't think there are any studies about the long-term effects of pornography exposure on minors. Are there?


Try this one.

I was curious about this too, so I checked. Now to be fair, there are only reliable correlational studies that imply porn is bad for children. This is obviously because to perform a scientific causation study, they would have to deliberately expose children to porn in controlled conditions for years, which would be screwed up.

Lol! Starswirl you dirty old bastard you!! :rainbowlaugh:

Author is a genius for making use of old myths about unicorns and tying them to this story for comedic effect. Bravo :rainbowlaugh:

Sunset, you can't hint stuff to Twilight. You need to outright tell her. Do it, filly!

the unicorn was indeed the only pony who she could share her hoard with – not to mention be able to appreciate all the work she had put into it.

I can attest, having someone to share your porn with and generally talk about sexuality with is one of the best things ever.

7169347 How come Imgur got blacklisted?

On the one hand, your stories are always really funny. On the other hand, I'm really not sure I want to touch this one.

Imgur didn't get blacklisted, Fimfic did. Too much bandwidth leeching, I assume.

7170657 Nono, Imgur blacklisted FiMF. And a lot of other sites. Because somewhere along the line, Imgur forgot it was an image hosting site and not a social network.

Oh pagestack prepare to either be In awe or depression. Also sunset say something for faust's sake!

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