"Take my hand, Twilight," Sunset Shimmer once said, "Let me show you there's another way."

It's been three weeks since Twilight Sparkle joined her new friends at Canterlot High, and she really really really wants to hold hands with Sunset Shimmer again.

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"What's the matter, Twilight?" Sunset asked. She cocked her beautiful head to the side. "Are your hands aching?"

"Oh... uhhhhh..." Twilight breathed evenly, fighting the urge to blush.

"My goodness!" Sunset leaned across the table. "They're red as beets." A hand lifted up from where she sat. "Maybe you should have those looked at."

Someone's clearly got bacon fever.

Twilight's crushing over Sunset is giving me Twibetes.:rainbowkiss: Fekkin' adorable.


you forgot the "-ing"

Wait... so, Rainbow's bag was on the ground...:rainbowlaugh: and she wound up in AJ's bed... :rainbowlaugh: Did she 'pony up' in her sleep?


Applejack lay on her back, goofily sprawled out with her mouth hanging wide open. Curled up next to her, clingy and petite, was none other than Rainbow Dash. The athletic teenager engulfed Applejack's entire left arm with a full-body hug.

You just couldn't resist, could you?:ajsmug:

Sunset's lips were moving. Her forehead tensed, and soon another sound limped out from her soft throat. "Mmmmmmfff... thhhelestiaaaa..."


My god, that got really adorable at the end.:rainbowkiss:

Well, this was enjoyable. A bit heavy on the adorkable romance, but still a nice, warm, fuzzy read. Thank you for it. :twilightsmile:

I think my heart stopped, or exploded. Not sure which....

oh my, poor poor poor Twilight! I can't handle this! Come on, Sunset!!!

This is a great story. I think your characterization of the Humanes is just fantastic.

Mmm, disastrously adorable fluff. Acceptable. :twilightsmile:

6761301 Don't we all?

Fluffy SunLight is best fluffy.

"Alright! Where are my balls?"

I can't help but think of something... mature.

"Huh?! Rainbow?! What the hay are ya doin' in my bed?"

"Mmmmmm... buh? Bed...?"

"Get the buck out ya little varmint!" Thwap!

"Wh-whoah!" Thud!

I was honestly feeling really sad for Twilight until I read this.

Then, I laughed.

Twilight reached a trembling hoof up and scritch-scratched Winona's fluffy ear. "None for me, thanks. I'm... full." With a sigh, she rolled over and stared into the carpet with dull eyes.

Are you sure you mean hoof here?

Graaah! You're too good at writing! Every time you update I get all exited about it! Believe it or not your stories also help motivate me to write (they're that cute/amazing), so thank you I guess; for both the wonderful stories and for your extraneous love for lemurs!

Yes... SunLight is the best! You just had to invoke my weakness for adorkable fics, didn't you?

One glance at the title, and I knew I had to know more.
One perusal of the description, and I know I have to read it.
One look at who the author is, and I know I'll love it.
One quick scan of the comments, and I know I'm going to end up adding this to my favorites.

Might as well just add it now.

I totally didn't look up synonyms for look in order to not sound stupid :twilightblush:

This AppleDash is obviously harkening back to The Problem With Pegasi and I'm all for that, just... I'm miserably attuned to the severe lack of RariShy that story had

Her hoof? Wait, what?

Wonder if this Spike got with Winona?

6761798 The lack of Flarity in most stories is unacceptable.

"Alright! Where are my balls?"

Why, Rainbow, they're right between your... Oh wait. My bad. Never mind.

Twilight reached a trembling hoof up and scritch-scratched Winona's fluffy ear.

Little slip up there.

So close... And yet so far.

Perverted Dash.

Of course he couldn't. When Appledashery can be included, Appledashery will be included. It is the way of the Lemur.

Sunset Shimmer said, her voice like church bells breathed over shiny satin.

She appears to have it Appledashery levels of bad.

Here I was, awwing over the sheer cuteness of the story, when suddenly... This comment. I'll have you know, good sir/ma'am, that you made me snort hot chocolate out of my nose. It was hot and chocolatey. And I felt you should know that I am uncertain as to whether I should hit you (over the internet) or hug you (also over the internet).

Twilight bit her lip. She glanced up at Sunset, then down at Sunset's hand. Nervously... daringly... the girl reached her lavender wrist out. It snaked through the air, paused, delicately kneading the air with pensive fingers. Then—as Twilight felt a thick thunder pulsing against her eardrums—she lowered her hand stealthily towards Sunset's—
Just then, the van veered to the right.
"Whoah!" Rainbow's voice cracked.
"Gah!" Rarity yelped.
"Weeee!" Pinkie cheered.
"Oooomf!" Twilight's face was smooshed against Sunset's right shoulder.

A less . . . dignified writer would have had Twilight's face shove right into Sunset's boobs.

Sooner or later they need to tell their friends.

6761959 my work is done then.

I'm surprised Skirts managed to not describe Rainbow's hands as petite.

Rarity scoot-scoot-scooted across the sleeping bags.

This wording made me laugh for like 15 seconds. I love how unprofessional Skirts is sometimes.

"They can't be that small," Sunset said with a yawn.

At this point I started wondering if the whole chapter was a metaphor for comparing breast sizes.

Just two feet from her, lying on her side, was Sunset Shimmer. The girl was draped in the placid throes of of blissful slumber. Her lithe body—usually proud, strong, and majestic—was now a bosomy bag of limp noodles. Her mouth was a tiny thing, breathing softly through pursed lips. To top it all off, a limp arm stretched outward, with a curiously dainty hand hanging unconsciously off the side of her sleeping bag...

Descriptions like this are why I clicked on this story. Wow.

Oh boy. First sleepover romance problems. That takes me back, and not in a good way. Poor Twilight.

Not to critique fluff, but I was a little disappointed by the ending. I feel like Twilight was almost TOO lucky.

Still, I enjoyed it overall.

Oh dear, that was so cute that you gave me a heart attack.

Story's great so far. I'm just really confused about the spacing. Did the saved chapter default to that somehow? It's something I've seen in a few other writer's works.

6761973 That's more or less how I would have wrote that. Ha, boobs.:rainbowlaugh:

nerevars #42 · Dec 24th, 2015 · · 1 · Ring ·

If this serialized, I hope there will be Appledashery where Applejack and RD do something stupid like denying their feelings and such typical romcom.

Something stupid like this

It's obviously the call out to The Problem With Pegasi

"Does it feel selfish?" Twilight exhaled, teeth showing beneath her smiling lips. "Or... maybe... just maybe... it feels like I'm helping you... the same way you're helping me."

This reminds me to this song

Hold on, let me check the script...this is the part where / say I ship it like THIS.


supreme FIST
Keep PK Rockin baby...

I could have favorited this instantly considering the author and pairing, you know, but I am at least trying to be professional.

That said...

GOSH, that was so ridiculously adorable! Everything gets in Twi's way, but she just wants to hold that hand. And when she finally gets to at the end, and they talk to each other and clear the air and reveal their feelings, it was just... perfect.

I'm just smiling so hard right now.

Referring to the blog post accompanying this, please turn this into a series. More Sunlight from you would just be the best.

And some say Fimfiction's small heart grew three sizes that day!

Now then, what's next for our pigeon-toed bookworm and baconhorse?

First dates are always awkward

One-on-one movie night would probably suit them best

Which gets ruined by the other five because they're thick as bricks...

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