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Hi guys

A mlp eqg werelight shine fanfic

Sorry for bad inglish

I'm seriously scared about the raids smh the fact that friendship didn't work out well for me. Only brought me lots of tears and the occasional donut. Now I've to go though hell again it seems on a grander scale.

I like some stories about ballerina twilight

Speaking as a supporter of the FIM show since the beginning, Twilight Sparkle's come a long way since being introduced as Celestia's prized pupil. She's had her ups and downs over the course of the series, more often than note her 'Twilighting' has been a bit of an issue for her. But, it's great to see that in years to come she'll grow to be a benevolent ruler who succeeded in uniting all the clans together. Even though some compare her design to being reminiscent of Princess Celestia, but I'm not one to complain on the matter.

Hello I'm twilight sparkle.

fear not the most holy Inquisition of the Imperium of man is here

So how does one submit a story to the group? My first is up, and Twilight is the main pony. In a weird sorta way. But she is.

Twilight Sparkle's my favorite pony.

fourth princess twilight sparkle ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she the best nerd???? well i mean the nerd of friendship?

Twilight's so a-dork-able, I want to give her the biggest hug in all of Equestria right now

I joined fimfiction with pretty much one story in my head. It wasn't all that ambitious, and it was pretty close to my comfort zone when it comes to writing genres. The premise was that I basically had a character that, while not a complete self-insert, is based on me and some of the more... negative aspects of myself, and I wanted to tell his story, and pair him with my favorite character.
Considering the group I'm commenting on, I'm pretty sure my favorite character is obvious. And not just for "main character" reasons. Twilight rose up to becoming my favorite through personal relatability. You see, both she and I have one thing that makes our lives as wonderful as they are. And yes, I am talking about friendship. Without friendship, Twilight wouldn't have gotten where she did, and I wouldn't be where I am now.
While there is another romance in a subplot I wrote out, that story is primarily my character and Twilight-focused, same premise with its sequel, which I'm working on now.
Despite the fact that there are things that work with other characters on the side, would it still be possible for me to post my story(ies) here? It's first and foremost something primarily featuring Twilight, after all.

Just... be warned... That first story ended up being 57 chapters long, and while my release dates are slowing down, my writing is not.

Comment posted by Sugar Rump deleted Sep 24th, 2016

Can I get my story submitted to this group? And how? :twilightsmile:

406250 get rekt scrub

406048 The autism. It's almost too much to handle

406250 Don't expect any response to a comment that deserves no attention whatsoever. You basically stated an opinion- which I believe most of the users here would disagree with and that was that. You posed no question whatsoever or planted any seed of idea which could grow into a fruitful discussion.

Thus, your comment was ignored.

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