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Welcome to a group dedicated to everyone's favorite adorable egghead!

Before heading in, there are a few rules we'd like you to follow, which you can find over here. Once you've taken a look, feel free to add any story you feel should be in the group that features Twilight in a major role to the group. When you add the story to the group, make sure you file it under all applicable folders. Guidelines on what goes where can be found here.

Thanks for reading this, and enjoy your stay in the group. Feel free to discuss anything here, as long as it's related to Twilight Sparkle.

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fourth princess twilight sparkle ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! is she the best nerd???? well i mean the nerd of friendship?

Twilight's so a-dork-able, I want to give her the biggest hug in all of Equestria right now

I joined fimfiction with pretty much one story in my head. It wasn't all that ambitious, and it was pretty close to my comfort zone when it comes to writing genres. The premise was that I basically had a character that, while not a complete self-insert, is based on me and some of the more... negative aspects of myself, and I wanted to tell his story, and pair him with my favorite character.
Considering the group I'm commenting on, I'm pretty sure my favorite character is obvious. And not just for "main character" reasons. Twilight rose up to becoming my favorite through personal relatability. You see, both she and I have one thing that makes our lives as wonderful as they are. And yes, I am talking about friendship. Without friendship, Twilight wouldn't have gotten where she did, and I wouldn't be where I am now.
While there is another romance in a subplot I wrote out, that story is primarily my character and Twilight-focused, same premise with its sequel, which I'm working on now.
Despite the fact that there are things that work with other characters on the side, would it still be possible for me to post my story(ies) here? It's first and foremost something primarily featuring Twilight, after all.

Just... be warned... That first story ended up being 57 chapters long, and while my release dates are slowing down, my writing is not.

Comment posted by Sugar Rump deleted Sep 24th, 2016

Can I get my story submitted to this group? And how? :twilightsmile:

406250 get rekt scrub

406048 The autism. It's almost too much to handle

406250 Don't expect any response to a comment that deserves no attention whatsoever. You basically stated an opinion- which I believe most of the users here would disagree with and that was that. You posed no question whatsoever or planted any seed of idea which could grow into a fruitful discussion.

Thus, your comment was ignored.

Hey guys :trollestia: I just joined fim fiction and I love twilight. At first I found she was snotty and annoying and acted to smart, but after she became princess, she became sympathetic to me, when she thought she was only suppose to smile and wave... Then she seemed like she only was trying to be nice. So she is my second favourite character, cuz AJ and rarity come first :raritywink::ajsmug: so I like princess two, but not...apprentice twi..
Oh btw! I just joined, as I said, so I need some help, how do u send a story to a group like this? And how do u tag people? Thanks, ~ princess RedNote the alicorn.( I was adopted by Luna and made princess of love!!!!)

Hiya, I have been here for a while.
Now I had the idea, I had a story I figured was to fit right in, so I added that with a few others to boot.

Not to be Queen Obvious; but how many Twilights can the coveres of your book actually contain?
(from the Unicorn filly, to the original Human of that realm??

Oh well, I hope you enjoy the little selection I added to the folder(Foal-Deer(or is that the Fawn?))


Edit: What?! "The Battle of Fort Book" is not in this group?! All right. I am soooooo adding that story into the Submissions folder.

I was surprised with that as well. Oddly, this is one of my favorite stories and I was really surprised seeing it in the incoming folder.

Edit 2: Whew! I'm done adding as many stories as I can to the Submissions Folder. However, I had to remove a few of them since some of the stories I wanted to add were already in some of the folders.

Geez. Someone is keeping me busy ^^

And yeah. What's bugging me with this new group filement is that you don't know if the story is already in the folder that's not accessible to you.


I'm unsure if stories with Twilight Sparkle as a side/supporting character should go into this group, but I'll add as many as I can find in my Favorites section (I have around 80 stories with Twilight Sparkle or the Mane Six in them).

Edit: What?! "The Battle of Fort Book" is not in this group?! All right. I am soooooo adding that story into the Submissions folder.

Edit 2: Whew! I'm done adding as many stories as I can to the Submissions Folder. However, I had to remove a few of them since some of the stories I wanted to add were already in some of the folders.

I have a group called Bronies for Life and I'm looking for new members. If you are interested, just tap the link. Thank you!

hey dark can you help me a dark with pinkamena and my ocp Solar Eclipse

Someone should do a Twilight Blaze/Aria Sparkle (Twilight Sparkle & Aria Blaze/TwilightXAria) Shipping! Because they both are Purple! :twilightsmile:

Members of the Twilight Sparkle group,
If you have a story with the main character as an unicorn or any other species, consider adding it to the group, Species of Equestria. It is a group designed for organizing all the fabulous stories with different species into smaller groups with other stories of their kind. Click the link and join!

Well I just updated my revised story about Luna and Twilight being mentors. I'm rather proud of the revision. I still feel honored that the original version was featured by this group, but I'm a little disappointed that the revised version has yet to end up on anypony's featured list yet. The first chapters that have Twilight and her new student interacting are already up, I just posted the first chapter for Luna and her new student interacting.

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