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Israel Yabuki

I like drawing. I've been writing stories for about a year now and I've been getting a lot better thanks to everyone's support. Like I always say, brony on everypony.


What do you guys think · 1:02am Saturday

Hello everyone, me again. I've been thinking about it for quite some time now. Recently, I've been hooked on this show called Code Lyoko ever since I was just a child. This idea popped into my head where Sunset and her friends aren't in high school anymore and now face a new threat that they didn't know was destroyed once before. They trace this threat to this old abandoned factory where they meet this other group of young adults who've had an encounter with this evil program called X.A.N.A.

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Your Anthro Waifu Series

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Mayor mare looks great for her age. Maybe someone who likes older gals?:moustache:

Sure, but it'll have to be someone who's a least her age

How about one with Mayor Mare?

Do you think you will do Limestone or Marble Pie?

Even you're titled to your opinion and if character development is what you're looking for, then I'll try my hardest to make sure it happens in maybe my next story

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