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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


My Poor Friend · 9:14pm October 9th

Everyone, I'm afraid I've received terrible news from one of my friends:

As of today, f1master45's mother has passed away. He told me this personally and wanted me to spread the word so he can get a little support, the boy's incredibly heartbroken and I wanna do all I can to make sure he's not alone.

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Your Anthro Waifu Series

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Help, I'm addicted to reading your stories...

But if you want to look at their art. Look up on Hentai Galleries. Pia-sama's work is on there. As well as power of Dragon Mating. I think you'll be able to find out how their art looks like and their story

Fair enough. Still pretty good though

I never even heard of that. Each character is either random, or based off the characters from certain anime shows that I've watched over the years, so there's that

Also I always wondered. When you wrote the mane 6 and friends as anthro ponies. Did you picture them from Pia-sama's art or Palcomix?

  • Viewing 676 - 680 of 680
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