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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


Ugh... They Keep Piling On · 6:12pm April 2nd

Guys... listen. You've heard this one a million times already that I'd get my stories done as soon as I possibly can, yet in the DMs, I'm constantly bombarded with the same damn question, "When is this story gonna continue?" or "What's taking so long?" or "Is your editor available yet?" It's driving me NUTS!!! I'm only one freaking guy, okay? I can't work miracles under stress, I have a life, too! And for people to constantly DM me about a story nonstop, it's like they don't appreciate what

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Your Anthro Waifu Series

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Are you open for fic ideas?

Spike want twilight to use his as a chair to make her feel like a true princess. You can add licking when she sits on him.

I usually write straight clop, but if the face sitting involves 69 or licking...
I can add it into the foreplay action

Well my idea was a facesitting fic

yeah, but I always hear others out if they have ideas

  • Viewing 792 - 796 of 796
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