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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


I wonder... · 4:20pm March 31st

You know how there exists multiple realities in the mlp world... or in any world for that matter? I'm not sure if you noticed guys, but most of the time whenever my OCs are introduced, it's usually in my friends' stories and not my own because I wasn't sure how they'd be welcome in my own. But when I started making Heirs of Grogar last year and it wound up being... somewhat good, I got to thinking about how you guys would like to see my OCs in another one of my own stories with a superhero

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Your Anthro Waifu Series

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:pinkiehappy: Nice. Can't wait to read it. Quite interesting to see who fleetfoot is being paired with.

We plan on doing Fleetfoot next, but my editor has college to finish

Do you happen to know who the next waifu is going to be. Really miss your stories about that.

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