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wanted to join a site where people are friendly. i'm medically diagnosed a suicidal, but i'm getting help. "Hello everypony, please be gentle with me."


Realization About My B-day · 3:03pm May 25th, 2022

So like I’ve only genuinely been able to celebrate my birthday the way I wanted to like 3 times out of all my life. Just this morning I woke up thinking why does it just feel so empty to me when it’s my birthday. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of those who are my friends here in fimfiction wishing me a happy birthday, however there is a constant thing that kinda bothers me. Why does practically everyone who is able to spend time with me via internet seemingly so.....unavailable? I’m not

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Nice! Hope your novel goes well. :twilightsmile:

Maybe one day. I don’t have anything planned yet since I’m currently working on a novel

They were both great reads! :twilightsmile: Will you be continuing them with more sequels?

Thanks for adding A Midnight Stroll and Shenanigans on Hearth’s Warming to your favorites!

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