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i just wanted to join a site where people are friendly. i am medically diagnosed a suicidal, but i am getting help. "Hello everypony, please be gentle with me."


Anypony Curious? · 8:31pm January 28th

I’m glad to be with such a wonderful community that cares a lot about its members, if any of you have any questions to ask me or would like to know something about me let me know in the comments of this blog. Anything at all just ask away!

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Oh my gosh. Wow. Just one thing on top of another. :fluttershyouch:

To make matters worse my neighborhood just lost all its power. The wind knocked a tree down onto the generator that supplies us with power. I’m officially beyond screwed now.

That totally sucks. Sorry man.

Normally I would be ok but AT&T’s service isn’t helping with the house losing WiFi all of a sudden. Which sucks because my assignments are suppose to be done online. So currently even though classes just started I’m seriously failing all of them.

  • Viewing 99 - 103 of 103
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