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wanted to join a site where people are friendly. i'm medically diagnosed a suicidal, but i'm getting help. "Hello everypony, please be gentle with me."


New generation mlp movie · 7:22pm Sep 24th, 2021

I saw it, hope others give it a chance too. don't know why some people are saying its bad. I liked it :twilightsmile:


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Ahh then my plan has worked! Using snuggles to draw y'all in!:raritywink:
I wuv me some snuggles too:scootangel:

but of course! I luvs the snugglez!!! :twilightsmile:

Hide! Just poppin' in to say a massive thank you to you, buddy, for favoriting my most recent peice of work Snuggles Are For Everypony!
Happy to see you enjoyed it:heart:

Thanks for the favorite on A Very Special Gift!

  • Viewing 340 - 344 of 344
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