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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shipping?
Shipping is the act of portraying two characters in a relationship.

Where should I put my story?
There are a wide variety of folders in this group for your story. Stories to do with the main 6 should go in the relevent subfolder inside "Main 6 Pairings". Other folder names are fairly intuitive and it should be easy to understand where to put your story.

Can I put mature stories in this group?
You can, but it might be better for you to head over to the clopfics group for that kind of thing.

Why isn't there a folder for [insert my ship here]
I've selected a bunch of folders that I think cover most of the main ships. If you can make a good case for adding a new one, I might consider doing so.

Forum Rules

  • No roleplaying
  • No nsfw imagery
  • It's okay to like different ships, no chastising people because they don't like your ship (unless they hate Twidash, in which case have at them)
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Hey, I don't know who the admins are here, except for knighty, I just want to say I accidentally added one of my stories to the wrong folder (MainxOther), and I'm new here so I don't know how to remove it. Please don't ban me or anything like that, but feel free to remove my story from that one folder. It's called "Sweet dreams, bitter reality"

Whenever someone see’s a shipping fanfiction about a ship they dislike/hate

Try and think about which couple would make for the most engaging pairing story. If not engaging, funny :rainbowlaugh:

Can I place a story in more than one folder?

How do I write a good shipfic?

This group is missing a folder. Sunset X any-pony/person.

Sup everyone I have arrived here today

Can you features my group? It's for PinkieShy. You can find it here.

Please and thank you.

I hope you feature it. It would mean a lot.

I'm trying to that a lot of members, which is impossible because my fans almost never pay attention to my profile.

What about Lunbra? (Luna and Sombra)

Hi my name is ArtistFire

Ships I love :raritystarry::

Fluttercord (I ship multiple ships with the same pony over and over again, don't judge me)

Ships I hate :flutterrage::

TwiDash (haters gonna hate :trollestia:)
AppleDash (haters gonna hate :trollestia:)
FlutterDash (haters gonna hate even more :trollestia:)
All incest ships

Comment posted by Shadowlord deleted Apr 11th, 2017

hello I'm new here and I have alot in ships in my mind but most ship of all is ...

Twilight and ...... huh I never thought of one.

How can I submit my stories to this group?

412614 :fluttercry: it's not my fault I ship it... Why no one like it???

Wow...I just basically went on a five minute pilgrimage to fin the "firsts" of fimfiction.

So far I found this Sethesto dude who wrote the first story.
Brass Bell who made the first comment.

And now I find that Shipping is the first group. Made by our founder none the less!

I just feel such reverence right now.
So happy to be a part of this group.

  • Viewing 672 - 691 of 691