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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shipping?
Shipping is the act of portraying two characters in a relationship.

Where should I put my story?
There are a wide variety of folders in this group for your story. Stories to do with the main 6 should go in the relevent subfolder inside "Main 6 Pairings". Other folder names are fairly intuitive and it should be easy to understand where to put your story.

Can I put mature stories in this group?
You can, but it might be better for you to head over to the clopfics group for that kind of thing.

Why isn't there a folder for [insert my ship here]
I've selected a bunch of folders that I think cover most of the main ships. If you can make a good case for adding a new one, I might consider doing so.

Forum Rules

  • No roleplaying
  • No nsfw imagery
  • It's okay to like different ships, no chastising people because they don't like your ship (unless they hate Twidash, in which case have at them)
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Whenever someone see’s a shipping fanfiction about a ship they dislike/hate

Try and think about which couple would make for the most engaging pairing story. If not engaging, funny :rainbowlaugh:

Can I place a story in more than one folder?

How do I write a good shipfic?

This group is missing a folder. Sunset X any-pony/person.

Sup everyone I have arrived here today

Can you features my group? It's for PinkieShy. You can find it here.

Please and thank you.

I hope you feature it. It would mean a lot.

I'm trying to that a lot of members, which is impossible because my fans almost never pay attention to my profile.

What about Lunbra? (Luna and Sombra)

Hi my name is ArtistFire

Ships I love :raritystarry::

Fluttercord (I ship multiple ships with the same pony over and over again, don't judge me)

Ships I hate :flutterrage::

TwiDash (haters gonna hate :trollestia:)
AppleDash (haters gonna hate :trollestia:)
FlutterDash (haters gonna hate even more :trollestia:)
All incest ships

Comment posted by Shadowlord deleted April 11th

hello I'm new here and I have alot in ships in my mind but most ship of all is ...

Twilight and ...... huh I never thought of one.

How can I submit my stories to this group?

412614 :fluttercry: it's not my fault I ship it... Why no one like it???

Wow...I just basically went on a five minute pilgrimage to fin the "firsts" of fimfiction.

So far I found this Sethesto dude who wrote the first story.
Brass Bell who made the first comment.

And now I find that Shipping is the first group. Made by our founder none the less!

I just feel such reverence right now.
So happy to be a part of this group.


You just gotta keep working on it. Trust me on this.


  • Viewing 671 - 690 of 690