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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shipping?
Shipping is the act of portraying two characters in a romantic relationship. Stories emphasizing platonic relationships should go in this group.

Where should I put my story?
There are a wide variety of folders in this group for your story. Stories to do with the main 6 should go in the relevent subfolder inside "Main 6 Pairings" and the same applies to the other subfolder trees. Other folder names are fairly intuitive and it should be easy to understand where to put your story.

Can I put mature stories in this group?
You can, but it might be better for you to head over to the clopfics group for that kind of thing. Generally, as long as your story has a romance tag, it can be added. Check the tag guide and the writing guide if you're confused as to what constitutes a shipping/romance story.

Why isn't there a folder for [insert my ship here]
I've selected a bunch of folders that I think cover most of the main ships. If you can make a good case for adding a new one, I might consider doing so. PM an admin if you want your ship to get a folder!

Forum Rules

  • No roleplaying.
  • No nsfw imagery or topics. Everything posted should fall under teen or everyone content.
  • It's okay to like different ships, no chastising people because they don't like your ship (unless they hate Twidash, in which case have at them).
  • Please try to keep threads on topic.

Other SFW Groups You Might Like

Let an admin know if you run a safe for work shipping group you'd like featured here!

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Humane 7 / EQG shipping folder under main character please

Please add Princess Flurry Heart and Misty Brightdawn to the Royalty and Main 5 folders, respectively.


โ€™s story Is It *MY* Fault Your Mom Is Hot? has created a need for mane-6/mom-6 centric folders! Maybe add a father/dilf centric folder (fatherโ€™s day!) as well, and group under โ€œfamilyโ€ folder.

Or maybe put young 6 x other

I have a Spike X Smoulder story. Where should I put it?

Uh where should I put other x shining and other x rainbow?

Comment posted by Princess Starflight deleted Feb 6th, 2022

Where do Twilight x OC stories go?

Spike doesn't have a folder? Wack.

Yโ€™all gonna add Zipp, Pipp, Sunny, Izzy, and Hitch permutation of subgroups?

Actually, I ship both but I'm more into gay ships that lesbian ships but I still support it nevertheless.


Shining Armour X King Sombra. (Please don't hate. Everyone has their own opinion)

So because I finally noticed the URLs in groups.
Of course this is the oldest surviving group. I should have expected no different.

Also. Have a lovely day one and all.

Can you remove "The Purest of Lovers" from the OC folder? I misclicked. ^_^;

Hehe, back when I ran a Lyra blog and cyoa, I actually would make shipping diagrams to keep track of love geometry that I was trying to add to the story. Shipping is a lot of fun, and multishipping just means more combinations to have fun with (or draw in my case, as it's been a bit since I wrote anything).

Anybody else a crazy multi-shipper like me? Do not ever ask me who I ship in the show. Things get hectic.

Comment posted by ZL33T deleted Nov 8th, 2020

I wrote a story that's ambiguous about whether it's friendshipping or might lead to something more. Is that ok to add in this group?

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