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This is a Young Love of the six young creatures either for each other or other ones for the group here and also love is in the air for them. ❤️

There are rules of this group here
1. Respect everybody's shipping
2. No fighting and arguments and hate spam
3. And it has to be concentrated to these kids either other students or whatever
4. No NSFW

And that should be at hopefully enjoy this group

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Comment posted by Blue Ocean Wave deleted Apr 15th, 2023

Thank you very much for the invitation!

Gallus has lots of potential with whom to be shipped with. Smolder ocellus and especially silver stream. Yona and Sandbar are an OTP couple so I ain’t gonna mess with that. There are also Ocellus x smolder stuff that I like the idea of, given the closeness of the two in the show. Personally, there is no bad way to go about it.

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