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Sunset Shimmer gets shipped with ponies? Not humans? Right? Yeah...

Here, in this group you could discuss shippings of Sunset Shimmer and promote your Sunset Shimmer stories!

This week's pair goes to a pairing that's actually the most common of the Sunset Shimmer ships. SunFlash...


1. Threads are not allowed to have NSFW content without a warning in the title. Anyone who does this will be banned for a week.

2. You may post your story if it contains Sunset Shimmer shippings. Also, shameless promotion for any of your stories with Sunset Shimmer as an important character are allowed. Also, please warn if it is GrimDark or Clop.

3. Foalcon must be placed in its folder. Please, also warn if you are promoting your story.

4. Be kind to every user on this group. I don't want to struggle with stopping a flame war. :ajbemused:

5. Every shipping with Sunset Shimmer is allowed. It only needs to have Sunset Shimmer and it's allowed in this group.

6. No random threads. The threads allowed are shippings with Sunset Shimmer, discussions, or any post from me or ShotgunNeko. Any thread not resembling or just about you being bored will be deleted.

7. Have fun and I hope you enjoy this group!:twilightsmile:

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Please I'm trying to get to a million reads I would really appreciate it

Comment posted by Flashlightmlp deleted November 12th
Comment posted by Flashlightmlp deleted November 12th

After Mirror Magic, I have a feeling Sunset x Starlight will be the next one she is shipped with.

Sunset√órarity I thought about this and look them all over and this one just makes most sense to mee

WARNING: I'll be posting my story to your group, Sunset Shimmer x OC soon. Rated T, I believe there will be no NSFW content in it.


Lol, Trisun sounds like Trigun :pinkiehappy:

Woo-hoo! 100th member! :pinkiehappy: :moustache:

This deserves a mustache :moustache:

can we get one for snips and snails already!!?

I came here expecting a Navy in honor of Sunset Shimmer.

I am disappointed.

That is all. Equestria is ours.


Yaay 50 members!!!!! Ohhh yeah!

327319 Definitely SS for the win. Twilight would do something dumb, like turn her back on SS and then SS would go for the dirty tactic win.

328858 i too was lured with the promise of delicious gropes! But I LOVE SUNSET SHIMMER so :moustache: thank u Neko-Sama!

shotgunneko lured me here with the promise of a sunset shimmer i see....its a group :rainbowlaugh:

328848 hehehe first day as a mod in this group...
added some stories---check and double check:twilightblush:
got one hot girl to join--check and triple check....:moustache:

yep life is good....hehe:rainbowlaugh:

p.s. Blue is are amazing and ill never stop saying nice things about u....:heart:

327305 me too,,,,it seems there is quite the desire for this as well and the few good fics that there are have gotten upvotes yes....we just have to find authors to set sail on some sunset shimmer shipfics!:pinkiehappy:

328847 Haha, well, you tell me that everyday soo yes :derpytongue2: I don't think I can get enough compliments from you :twilightblush:

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