...Enough said. :3

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How many Sunlight groups are there? Kinda wish they could all be condensed into one lol

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403401 I actually just made a Human Twilight and Human Sunset fic if you would be interested in it.

I am going to start a story. Who wants Sci-Twi and Sunset Shimmer or Sunset Shimmer and Princess Twilight to be the ship? Ooooh, how about two Sunset Shimmers but the other is a boy (Sunset Glare) and Two Twilights but you know... The human one and the pony one? That feels like a good one but I need a vote on it.

what about a human sunset/twilight where twilight share her soul with sunset, becase something took hers

Ok I don't really like the third one but the rest I love they are just so cute

Oooh, we need some Sunset Shimmer x SciTwi stories in this group! :heart: :twilightblush:



Those pictures

They are adorable
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