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I write short little bits of words that somehow fit together into stories. Nice to meet ya!

Story continuity timelines

All my continuity encompassed stories have a suggested reading order*. You can find them in the following:


Bardic Lore

Equestria 616

They will also be tagged with the timeline in the descriptions. If they do not contain a tag, they are non-contiguous to othe stories.

*I don't always write in chronological order outside of major chapter works, so double check where a new work falls on the timeline before reading. E616 is still formative so some shuffling may occur.

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So.... · 7:24am 4 hours ago

I’ve been sitting on an idea for a while, but the good news is with some tweaking - and some research to flesh out a sequence - I can start uploading a new EqG verse story with characters not really fleshed out in the show. I’ll get back to the Crystal Prep Girls soon too, and these two were the hardest to characterize internally so you’ll forgive me for the wait I hope.

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Comment posted by Brickbrock24 deleted Yesterday

Thank you for the answer :twilightsmile:

Chronologically. It will follow better narratively that way. But you can read however you wish, it is your choice! :twilightsmile:

I start to read your stories few days ago and I want to tell you: I love it!
English is not my first language but your work give me the desire to continue, so you give me a good time reading a good story and a training in english
Thank you

I just want to know. For you wath is better : read with the chronological order or with the release order?

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