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Sunset has been recovering in Equestria following the events of Entropy, rebuilding her home and watching Princess Twilight build the School of Friendship and Magic. She's also dreading an upcoming diplomatic dinner that her status as princess requires her to attend.

But the Cervyderian ambassador brings more than just news of his homeland. The hart also brings a decree for the arrest of Twilight Sparkle, charging her with magic crimes following a series of magic portals being opened and unleashing mythic monsters upon the Glenn.

Circumstances and friendship cause Sunset to follow, but not all is as it seems when they enter the foreboding wood the Deer call home.

Continuity: Homecoming

Edited by Gara-the-Author, Firimil, and Heartshine

Proofread by MySisterBroughtMeHere and Dave Bryant

Art by OverlordNeon

Chapters (22)
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Comments ( 70 )

Continuety needs to be updated. This doesn't seem to be on it. I'd like to backtrack and reread some things to remind myself of where I was at.

i could use a quick refresher Sunshine is human Twilight right, not princess of friendship Twilight?

And the ponies are like, "Oh sorry, we don't have a formal extradition treaty with your primitive species! Now get back to your hovels before we go Blitzkreig on your flanks!"

Lol, racist ponies are best ponies.


That ending makes me want to Dope Slap Sunset.

Good show, Aly. :twilightsmile:


Probably should keep that to yourself. I find it's better if they find out with the twist that they'd predicted it.


Strange rips in the air showing unfamiliar terrain beyond. [...]”

Refresh my memory: did Sunshine become Midnight Sparkle in this continuity?

Yes. It starts after Legend of EverFree

Yeah I figured it was post-FG.
That just makes me wonder if Sunshine is the one they're really looking for...

so why have they not thought that the cause was scitwi which makes twilight both the culprit and not.

Oh dear, they'd better not ever find out about Wallflower...

So far I hadn’t exactly been a paragon of compassion.

Sunset darling... I'll pretend I didn't read that.

This is really well done
I love Thea as a character too

Dunford smells dirty to me, he has the report that the stone did not react to Twilight, or to Sunset, and so has no reason to try them for anything. Especially Sunset as she was not the one under suspicion in the first place. :flutterrage:

I'm fairly certain the stone would have reacted in an...unfortunate way, had Sunshine touched it since I'm fairly certain this is an echo of Midnight Sparkle if not a full on manifestation of her in equestria causing problems for the cervids.

That being said, Dunford seems dirty, over aggressive, and shady af. I'm expecting an assassination attempt while the rings are on. Possibly a full on war with the sisters. To what end, I have no idea, the cervids certainly show no need for the ponies or anything they have.

I DO find it interesting that golden oaks keeps getting brought up...perhaps foreshadowing to this being a revenge situation for it being destroyed? Turek is in tartarus, so they punish the one they can access.

This breach of honor demands satisfaction :flutterrage:!

“Lets just say cheese was everywhere. Hot cheese.”

Ooooh so that's why you don't like quesadillas!

Oh and it's obvious Dunford assassinated or got rid of Lady Ivy in some way along one of the recent attacks. I don't trust him as far as I could throw him.

I have a crazy idea: these rifts are happening through time and space. The actions of the Deer in the future might be what causes the rifts to begin in the past OR they are caused by Sunshine going into labor without Sunset present, having a huge magic surge from pain and anger OR they are caused by their child having an extreme temper tantrum, looking for her mommies, tearing apart time and space in the process.

I was kinda expecting the deer to realize that Sunset is the princess of Empathy and Compassion, therefore she might as well be a "pony Heartmender" and stuff
But this is good though I haven't pieced together why.

Twilight: I have had enough! Sunset, pull this ring off of me. I am going to pull a Rainbow Dash on their little meeting.

Sunset: I'll try. But if it shocks me, you need to think of a plan b.

Twilight: Already got one. Pony way fail? Use Yak way!

Sunset: I never thought I'd be saying this, but... DISCORD! WE NEED YOU NOW!

Rose Quill, you are a very mean author.

*A message appears in front of EVERY Deer on Equis*

-in a small room inside and yet not inside Canterlot Library-
*groan* That took a lot out of me. The Nightmare Deer were just supposed to mindwipe them, not cause a new reality. So, all these spells I thought would help now won't.

“I’d be delighted to. Moondancer really needs to get out more often, but she’s so busy training that new archivist Rose Quill that she barely gets out. Did you know that she hasn’t been on a date with her stallionfriend for nearly three weeks?”

The goddess is amongst us

I'm confused but enticed and eager for the next episode
But mostly confused
What. I have an idea of exactly what but what nonetheless.

Reflections!Equestria perhaps?

I'm glad this came out, seeing Sunset loosing the connection with her wife hurts me deeply because it's like I remembered that she and Sci-Twi are married in this universe but are disconnected due to forced sliding... to another universe or a different universe or something like that. Yep, now I'm crying.

Those 6 words. You should know better than to utter those 6 words.

“After all, what’s the worst that could happen?”

Famous last words. Murphy, do your thing.

“C’mon, now,” she admonished. “Half the day is gone and yer still in bed.”

“Round ‘bout seven in the morning.”

You've got to be kidding me Granny

“After all, what’s the worst that could happen?”

And now it will
Way to go Sunset

Um, why did you need to say it's SFW? :rainbowhuh:
The cover shows the pic in full, and the site wouldn't allow it if it was NSFW at all.

Finagle, in this case.

9741762 Because sometimes I "link" the NSFW ones by stating the source and ID. And to reassure people I'm sending them somewhere safe. :twilightsmile:

Queen Luna? This may be the most foreboding and yet intriguing twist of them all.


I "link" the NSFW ones by stating the source and ID

Wait have the mods actually come down on you for that? :rainbowhuh:
That's not hotlinking, that's harmless and doesn't force the reader to view the NSFW pic if they don't want to.

9741987 Oh no! I asked the mods/admins and they said that linking is cool. Anyway, I just like to be upfront about what I'm linking people to.

9742003 I meant that style of linking (but not actually linking). We should probably take this elsewhere to not spam this fine story.

Actually I was gonna call it done right there since I'm satisfied with that answer.

Interesting twist, I like how K. Sombra is good in this timeline as well

IDW arc, "Reflections" you should check it out when you have time.

Having just re-read your initial comment, maybe you're already familiar with it.
In which case, my bad, but that's what I was talking about.

Oh yes, I know who Sorla is and exactly how she got there. My comment about the twist was directed towards the fact that Sunset and Twilight fell on the same dimension that she did, I'm also looking forward to seeing a non-villain K. Sombra.

Now... What is IDW? Internet didn't help me there


Oh, I thought you knew of the IDW MLP comic arc "Reflections" which also shows King Sombra as a good guy.

Well, I'll probably eventually look for it, thanks! Though I was mostly commenting towards the dimension Rose Quill created in... Was it Insurgence? I think so

That'd be correct.

Also, I happened to grab the Reflections trade and tightened up some things. I also have Seige of the Crystal Empire, so be prepared.

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