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Rose Quill

Author of the Homecoming series, occasional contributor to Bodyguard!AU, and food aficionado.


We all have our own small worlds. Our offices, our dens, our sanctums, and our havens.

And in hers, Sunset Shimmer is creating new life.

Continuity: Homecoming

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Aw, cute. SunLight is OTP. Thank you for this story. 👍

So how long has comic artist Sunset been canon? Also, the writing style wouldn’t be too out of place from Alikitty and Blackwater’s works.

Summertime shorts established it in Squad Goals and since I alluded to her being a painters daughter, I ran with it.

8885760 I’m guessing the shorts are a way to expand Sunset’s character, and it’s working so far. Is Flanksy retired?

Fantastic slice of life peek into your character's lives. Love it

That was great! Good references to Entropy as well. One question though. Will we ever get to read Dawnguard?

Maybe, but don’t look for it on here. :raritywink:

Another cute little story Rose Quill, I really love this series of yours. Quick question though, what will the baby be named?

Keep reading, She’s already shown and had some stories. I’m just threading them together now.

Comment posted by ScisetShimmerEvan deleted Jun 8th, 2021

Sunset sure is determined to continue her future as an author, velvet must be very happy for her since she's one too. :twilightsmile:

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