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Homecoming Continuity Timeline · 3:18am Apr 23rd, 2017

Comments ( 34 )

thats alot of storys...

well i know what im gonna be doing this month

What an amazing series so far I'm hesitant to read after insurance until it is finished though.

Don’t be afraid to. They don’t contain spoilers as they were written while I was doing the scaffold for Insurgence. Most are just light fluff bits.

Ahhh I see! in that case I shall continue on without fear then.^^

It tickles me to see one of my stories in someone else’s timeline. :twilightblush:

I just counted how many non TV things were on there. 50. I counted 50. I've only read 21 on them. ALLONS-Y!

Closer to forty five. The Raison tags are all one story. But a few new ones went up and will be added soon.

What should I do about the stories with no links to them?

Most of those are standalone.

Those aren't stories. They're actual "episodes" that take place in the Equestria Girls universe. Please respond to this comment.

Ohhhhhhhh that makes sense.

by "Thankful"
its been about 25 years since "Homecoming"

Roughly. I had a flow chart on my laptop to better space the events before it crapped out on me. Should be closer to thirty so things need to be tweaked a little.

Comment posted by Dementia deleted Jun 23rd, 2018

So... I *just* discovered Homecoming, and saw it had three listed sequels that seem to follow different paths as well as found this page. I just want to ask which is the proper reading order, just pick a path of the sequels from the the Homecoming story page? Or follow down this list in order?

This list has the proper reading order.

Thanks! Looking forward to this. Homecoming was great, now to enjoy the rest of your work.

I have a new entry in Homecoming being worked on, so keep an eye out in a few month or three.

hmm... a span of 40-45 years all together... is there an end? cause i feel like it should be close considering.


I don't plan on ending it with finality but viewing it as passing from Sunny's time to their kid's time. I'll announce when I write the final Homecoming verse story.

I'll be honest. Right up to when the Sunlight romance started I read this. Quit after it started being hinted. Despise the ship. And I'm not sorry either.

But that's a lot of stories.

I mean, the synopses for most of the stories make no bones about the fact that it's a SunLight prevalent ship. If you don't bother to read those, that's on you.

The first story didn't to me in the beginning, which is why I kept going as long as I did.

And no I don't care what people may think of what I think of the ship. Not my problem if they don't like an opinion.

Dude, I don't care if you like the ship or not, I'm saying you having a whine at an author because you couldn't be bothered to read that it has a romance tag, and the synopsis on the first fic basically spells out that it's TwiSet is ludicrous.

Hi Rose Quill,

I noticed that two of these stories, The Right Way and Nostagic are part of the Homecoming Universe but are not written in the timeline here.

Where do they fall under?



Oh shoot.

Nostalgic would be just prior to Entropy, and Right Way would be right around Paint Job. I’ll tack them in place proper later today.

Should be right now...found a few others that were missed somehow and added them.

Great story. I really enjoyed reading it.

This might require a group collection to stay up-to-date...

Where does "The Day of Love" fit in the "Homecoming" and/or the "Equestria 616" timelines?

They don’t really. It’s just fun little bits of fluffy romance. I will likely try and position them eventually, but who knows.

Just finished reading all the stories. Enjoyed them very much.
Great work! :twilightsmile:

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