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This story is a sequel to Into the Sunset

Pinkie and Aria have been dating a few weeks now, and now it's time for her to meet the sisters. This seems all well and good until you take Limestone into consideration.

Continuity: Homecoming

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With a reading by Allykitty

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While PinkiexAria is still kind of an odd ship to me, I do like seeing the human versions of the Pie sisters. You've written them pretty well, so no complaints here. Also, that is a great piece of cover art!


Ideas for Marble came to life tonight, so......

I admit pairing Aria and Pinkie together at the end of Chaos Theory did surprise me, given the fact I was suspecting you were setting Pinkie up with Sonata instead, but I like where you're going with this. Maybe you could do a story where the Pie family invites Aria and her sisters over for dinner or something like that that also doubles as Aria meeting Pinkie's parents for the first time?

Where did you find the cover art?


I went on Derpibooru and was clicking the random button for a while. I keep images I like in my desktop theme folder, and I just happened to have a story idea that matched it. The artist's name was Orca, I believe.

An unusual pairing but makes a lot of sense if one reads the stories leading up to this. Oh, Limey being Limey. :ajsmug:

She had that serious defensive mood when I made her as a plushie too. :rainbowlaugh:

Love that Pinkie reads her like Maud. :heart:

Limestone and Aria in a shouting contest.

Now that's something I want to see now...

Huh, here I thought Pinkie Pie and Aria Blaze as a couple wasn't a good match. But after reading this I can totally understand! :pinkiehappy:

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