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On the surface, Aria Blaze and Pinkie Pie seem total opposites and an odd pair. But looking closer, you can see the similarities. And each of the Pie sisters have had their input on the relationship as well.

Continuity: Homecoming

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Once again, you make this unusual pairing work incredibly well. :pinkiesad2:

So that's how it started. I've always wanted to know.

I put a "I like" this story and put it in my favorites. Do I have to add more?:pinkiehappy:

Not if you don't want to:pinkiehappy:

Glad you're enjoying it though!

The only thing I can add is: This story has finally been published. I'll explain. Since I started to visit this site as an anonymous user about one or two years ago, unfortunately I do not remember well, I read several stories, including homecoming that is my favorite of this continuity, where Pinkie had a relationship with Sunset, with Fluttershy, with Sonata (which together with SciSet is my favorite pairing) and with other characters I'm not listing. But I had never read a story with PinkieXAria and this honestly made me curious. That's why I could not wait for this story to go out, because I wanted to see how you would have made the threads of this unusual pairing and so far I have not been disappointed.

Aria and pinkie are so adorable :yay: ,great chapter :pinkiehappy:

fantastic and an extremely fun story! well done !pinkie and aria are a great couple .

Wait wait wait! SUNSET'S DEAD?!?!?!?! WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN? *searches through the continuity but finds nothing* AAAGH!!! *confused screeching*


At the end of Chaos Theory she was believed dead when the portal exploded.

Liking the development and backstory of this relationship more and more.

this is one fun read and story! congrats to you!fantastic writing ,and making pinkie and ari such a great couple, outstanding!

Guess someone's been getting driving lessons after all. 😏

I think I will die of diabetes. Great job, keep up!:pinkiehappy:

I continue to be impressed with how well this pairing works. Could you maybe give us an image or drawing of Aria with her haircut?

this is simply a fantastic story with such incredible chapters!

I love every single bit of this chapter. :pinkiesad2:

Can you imagine that, me still with a curfew!

:rainbowlaugh: Oh, I can imagine, Twilight. I can imagine.


Little late, but Darling New Style

This actually prompted most of this story.

“It sure was, Pinks,” I said, smiling down at her. “Where did you pack all that cake though? I was sure you were going to be sick.”

“Don’t worry,” she slurred, drifting off to sleep. “I have a separate stomach for cake and ice cream…”

:rainbowlaugh: Reminds me of a line in one of Reality Checks stories about Pinkie.

. . . Thus far the magical expertise on the team has been me – and a seamstress.”

She(Twilight) looked up.  “Come to think of it, we’re lopsided all the way through.  We’ve got the best flier in Equestria, and a pegasus who almost never flies, plus an earth pony who’s as strong as a team of oxen, and another who’s fifty percent cake by body weight.  It’s a miracle we haven’t been squashed like bugs half a dozen times.

* * * *

Really great job on this one, AK. Fortunately, I rarely cry at weddings! :raritywink:

This story is an incredible eye-opening look into the relationship I once told you I could never picture. Now, because of you, I really cannot think of anyone better for EGPinkie Pie or Aria than the two of them.

This is an odd pairing. Maybe not as odd as Twipie, but still fairly odd.

Odder still is that it actually works.

Chaos Theory? Is that a past story you wrote or part of a canon comic arc?

A past fic. This is part of a series.

Ah. That aside, I'm sold. This was a pretty odd yet interesting pairing. I loved the whole self narration and the flashback scenes. Though I will say the order was a bit off I still got into. If I had to grade this on my scale, given the random order yet interesting appeal, I'd have to say an 8.5 / 10. Mostly because it's a new ship and I've yet to to see much else to compare it too.

I super enjoyed this story ! Very well written.:heart::pinkiehappy:

This somehow works so well!

Dawwwww so cute. Ari flashing back to her day of proposing

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