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This story is a sequel to Ghosts

Late at night, Sunset wakes up and watches as Twilight sleeps on next to her.

Continuity: Homecoming

Pairing: Sunset/SciTwi

Marked teen for a suggestive scene.

Now with an audio reading.

Revised 11-4-17

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Marked teen for suggestive themes and images

Could you explain for me please?


About halfway through the story, there is a rather...intimate moment between the two.

7899831 could you define, intimate


I'll pm the section to you, no sense in spoilers in the comment section.

Nice. Not sure if the dream was prophetic or simply wishful thinking. Either way, how do you see 2 women having a baby, magic or donor?

7899887 if donor, who and if magic, how?

7899887 Magic penor ofc. How else?

They get married!? Gah! Spoiled forever.

7899915 Not sure about the donor, but as for magic, I can think of a couple things. I had to come up with a magic workaround for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer series I was co-writing for Willow and her wife, Kennedy. Every cell of your body contains your genetic code, including saliva, the sex cells are simply optimized and designed for it. The spell would need to collect genetic material from one partner(Based on the dream, that would be Sunset) and transfer it to an available and ready egg in the other woman(Twilight). Assuming all goes correctly and the egg implants, baby successfully uploaded! :twilightsmile: As for the exact way it works, JPBM - Just Pure Bucking Magic! :raritywink:


Magic will have a bit to do with it, but there are studies going on right now that suggest that stem cells can be encouraged to grow in specific ways. The research is currently for growing replacement limbs or organs, but it has also suggested that any healthy stem cell could be altered into either gamete or zygote cells, so theoretically, they could use stem cells from Sunset to fertilize Twilight's egg. But that's going too pure science route.

Magic will merely make it easier and less doubtful. And the outcome will be interesting to see.

7899978 It's already scientifically possible to fertilize one egg with the contents of another, and a enzyme catalyst.


Last time I did research on the subject (a few years ago :twilightsheepish:) the success rate of a two ova process was something along the lines of 27%, has it improved?

7901256 up too about 35% now; and since it's SciTwi... figured she'd even her odds.


Very likely.

Then again, we are talking about a world where two Earth ponies had foals that were a Pegasus and a Unicorn

Sunny enjoying a sweet dream. :yay: :heart:

Twilight is like "I want to see your bathing suit."
And Sunset is like "You can't handle my bathing suit!"


Also, :yay:. You used Bahaymas. :rainbowlaugh:


SPOILERS. C'mon man...


It wasn't a huge thing this long after it's posting. It's all cool.

You're right. Especially after what I'd just said earlier. Wrong of me to deny that from someone else. Forgive me Senpai. :ajsleepy:


Pish-posh, darling. It's forgotten. :raritywink:

It's nice to see Sunset having a good dream for once.

Hmm. There were some curious details in that dream. Enough that it feels like it could be prophetic, especially given the riding ambient magic levels in this world. I suppose we'll have to wait and see...

It can be a fine line betwixt psychometry and prophesy. :twilightsmile:

Dang, this was just super cute. Loved it.

Wow Sci twi is pregnant already, that was faster than I thought it happen and those two aren't even married yet

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