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This story is a sequel to Pinkie Pie's Problematically Private Passion's Parental Personages Presented Perpostorously Prior Publishing Previously Paraphrased Preoccupation

Pinkie Pie slumbers, unable to wake. This would be bad enough if she were ordinary, and even worse were she still merely Pinkie Pie, the partymeister of Canterlot High. But in this new world of magic, she serves a crucial role in helping Sunset Shimmer stabilize the cosmos.

There are minds

that shouldn't be read.

So it is that her closest friends agree to delve into her mind, find what has happened to their friend, and bring her back to the waking world. This delve shall be dangerous, but they must take the journey. For them... for her... and for all of reality. And yet...

There are dreams

that shouldn't be pursued.

Secrets in the waking world have taken hold of the sleeping self. An interweave of conspiracy and coincidence contrives to undermine the connections between friends, even as they struggle to stay together long enough to find out how to help the one they'd come to rescue.

There are thoughts

that shouldn't be considered.

Trapped within an already chaotic mind thrown off kilter by unseen forces, Pinkie's friends must navigate a delicate landscape of laughter and pastry riddled with emotional time bombs, all in the hopes of bringing her back... before she is gone forever.

Part of the Oversaturated World.

Cover art amalgamated from the following sources (Be warned, there be spoilers!):
Euphoria Pony
SketchMCreations again
SketchMCreations, a third time

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This should be very interesting indeed. And the lack of expertise makes sense. Sunset does arcane magic and, to an extent, divine. But this is a psychic matter, and the best authority they have on the subject is... well, Luna. This is, after all, a Sunset who not only turned down the telepathy geode but told off the Stump of Harmony for even existing. She's going to need some help on this one. Looking forward to seeing what comes.

I am 110% intrigued. I love what you're doing with Sunset here—there aren't nearly enough stories of the "God wants to help but doesn't know how" sort. Let's see where this goes!

Nice! I was so hoping this would get written... ^^ Onward!

I need to see what happens next! I need to see what happens next :pinkiegasp:

Oh, this is going to be bigger than I thought it was.

The bit with the didgeridoo was the highlight of my day.

Whoo! I inspired a fic! I think.

Well, the more important thing, is that there's a thing to read, and I'm reading it.

And wow, that is a complicated bit of cover art!

And Surprise Ruby, is indeed a surprise!

Nice mind-ship metaphors!



just not directing thing > just not directing things

through an anchor down > threw an anchor down

Mental dives are surreal enough when they're performed on "normal" people. Pinkie Pie? This is going to be awesome, in the Lovecraftian sense.

There are bits of my mind that I only go into with a lot of advance preparation. I can only speculate what's hiding in the dark corners of Pinkie's subconscious.

Scanning my feed for news, see this again...

IIRC, Oversat never confirms / denies an EQG!Pinkamena... And since we're going into Pinkie's mind... Hmm...

My soul is torn between ravenous hunger for more content and my own experience as a creator of people bringing attention to things I let fall by the wayside. It should be evident which side won.

more please *puppy eyes*


You literally set up a premise and give a hell of a good summary and then right when anything was about to happen you end the chapter.

"How about a didgeridoo?"

Don't think its gonna work. I've seen people play that.

Alright, let's see where this goes.

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