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I love ponies, bronies, and matrimonies! I'm an author, artist, and plushie-maker. I create stuff and I try to make it awesome. Relax. You're in good company. ❤

Twilight's Quote Corner

"I don't know what we're going to face in there but, whatever it is, I know we need to face it together."
Season 4, Episode 2, Princess Twilight Sparkle Part 2

Quote of the Year

“If someone thinks that peace and love are just a cliche that must have been left behind in the 60s, that's a problem. Peace and love are eternal.”
― John Lennon

Quote of the Month

“Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength, while loving someone deeply gives you courage.”
― Lao Tzu


Queen of Equestria Special News (Issue #21 Update) · 6:56am October 12th

Hiya everybrony~! :pinkiehappy: This is a special announcment for Queen of Equestria. No new chapter tonight unfortunately. A combination of heavy work schedules and family problems has put a roadblock on my writing opportuntities. I'm really looking forward to getting past this and being able to do more of the writing I love. In the meantime, THERE IS STILL AN UPDATE WITH NEW MATERIAL! :yay:

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Novel Size

Many people are curious when it comes to how long a typical novel is. It used to be that we judged this by page count because books were physical and had pages. Mass market paperbacks tend to have 250-500 pages depending on formatting. But how does this translate to the new digital way of measuring?

I've used OCR technology to discover the average adult novel will have 80,000 - 140,000 words. 80,000 will be the low average for short novels typically 200-300 pages. 140,000 will be the high average for thick novels typically 400-500 pages.

These numbers are by no means a strict rule. Just because a work is 79,000 words long does not mean it is disqualified as being a novel.

I thought I'd share this info for those who were curious.

BlackWater out!

Welcome! I'm commonly known as...

I'm an author, artist, and plushie-maker. I'm many other things too. I always work hard to make sure my work is the best it can be, which is probably why I don't shoot off stories from the hip. As the old saying goes, you can't rush art. I may not be perfect, but I try to improve over time. Thanks for reading...

Now go enjoy some of my highly-rated work!

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Yeah, kinda figured ya wouldn't get it. More common to hear it in the bayou, down 'round Red Stick. Stayed there for a while. Learned to make some mean gumbo, speak a little creole, and do a little hoo-doo, too. Heh. Know my fair share of magic, comes from livin' in the mountains.

Never heard that one before. :rainbowlaugh:

Shucks. Just comes natural I s'pose. But, ya know what they say: secrets in the sauce. :ajsmug:

You're full of jokes and puns. :rainbowlaugh: It's awesome. :rainbowdetermined2:

Sure thing, sugarcube. 'though, I like horse-awesome-ish just a might more. :ajsmug:

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