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MOVIE SPOILERS! Do not read ahead if you have not yet watched The Movie!

After the events in Canterlot, Twilight seeks to strengthen her new bond of friendship with Tempest Shadow. There’s something special Twilight is interested in, however. A certain something that’s being hidden beneath the armor. And she has to find out even if it takes some clever suggestion.

Like taking a bath!

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This was adorable :)


Yes. Yes it is.

Interesting idea with how to interperate her name.

Is it regret to say Twilight's a sexist?

Adorable, just adorable. And funny as well. A winning combination!

Thank you.
You managed to make my happy.

adorable and funny and it seems like a relationship might be brewing

You're welcome~ :raritywink:

Tempestlight has quickly climbed to one of my favorite Twiships. :pinkiehappy:

I'm tempted to draw it myself. :ajsmug:

I agree twipop is one of my favorite relationships

Oh, hilarious! Good job making Twi uncomfortable!

It always fascinates me how two authors can write the same thing but have them be completely different.
I wrote a fairly similar story and you took yours in such a fun, silly route- loved it!
Very cute and funny :twilightsmile:

She just wants a taste, is that so wrong?

Regret? No but it makes no sense what so ever.

Heh. Cute.

Reads like a Chapter 1.., part 1).

Very charming.👍 Pretty good creativity with using her name to think of a cutie mark for her.

What's the better name for this ship, Tempestlight or Twipop?

Either way, that was adorable.

This was simply wonderfull.:twilightblush: I'm sure you get this a lot but I'd love to see a sequal to this.:derpytongue2:

I want a sequel to, that is funny enough. I'm just not sure if I want a situation in which Tempest isn't really knowing that she kind of flirted there or if I wanted her to just wing it.

I vote for a sequel as well.

I wasn't expecting this to become shippy when I clicked on it, but I guess I'm not surprised...

Huh, no wonder grubber is such a kissass. He wants tempests sweets.

Uh, not in the sexual way. I mean actual candy.

You have spoken. Sequel is planned!
Announcement. :raritywink:

Also, near 3k views. Glad y'all enjoyed~! <3

“Are we going to...bathe together?” Fizzlepop could do nothing about the blush on her face this time.

They're horses. Social bathing is a thing.

Grubber's not a kissass. He's intimidated by her because she's either dead even or REALLY LOSES HER SHIT, but he's repeatedly implied in the film to genuinely like her and think of her as a friend.

“You can stay with me,” Twilight leaned closer with a face ever more eager for a yes. “I’ve got way more rooms in the castle than I know what to do with. You can have one, Fizzlepop!”

...Lalatina :trollestia:

“What is there for me now?” she asked the full moon that the balcony faced, suspended over the perilous depths the railing prevented ponies from falling into. “I’m just a pawn without a queen.”


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